by Siegfried Walther
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PublisherSiegfried Walther
Release Date2013-05-30 (added to CC 26 Sep 2013)
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What is a king to do when learning that a neighbouring king has been beheaded by revolutionaries?

Montuga exists as a kingdom on French soil in terms of a Treaty concluded with the king of France in 1592. But 200 years later in France, the Republicans have executed and replaced the king. Will King Julien III heed advice to evacuate Montuga or is there some way for the Garibaldi family to weather the approaching storm?

The Marquis d’Artois and his son follow other French nobles trying to flee to Montuga in order to escape public execution by means of the dreaded guillotine. They are relentlessly pursued by the French revolutionaries. The French aristocrats who manage to reach Montuga soon discover that their troubles may not be over. Having removed one king in Paris, the Republicans will not be inclined to permit another kingdom to persist elsewhere on soil which they claim is French.

King Julien, fearing that France might revoke the Treaty, is under pressure to seek an alliance with other European monarchies. But it may all be too late. Inspired by the success of the revolution in France, Montugan peasants commence a daytime siege of the palace in Monte Vista.

Although the king has armed royal guards at his command, he is reluctant to order them to end the siege by force. This will surely serve as an invitation to French republicans to invade his kingdom on the pretext of saving fellow republicans from royal oppression.

Complications arise when the king is tipped off about a surprise opening gambit planned by France. One of the clauses of the Treaty of Montuga precludes either signatory from providing sanctuary to the enemies of the other. In pretending to adhere to the treaty and to international law, France intends to demand that the Montugan king arrange for a handover of all the French nobles who fled to Montuga.

If the King agrees to deliver the French refugees to their republican compatriots, he does so knowing that they will surely ...
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