Parenting Guide for Teaching and Raising Responsible Well Behaved Children: A book to teach values and practical positive reinforcement methods, to ... problems, bad habits and fixes are listed.
by J R Cummins
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Release Date2014-11-25 (added to CC 2 Dec 2015)
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HEY! Don't buy this book to teach yourself parenting - read it to have some fun enjoying little tidbits of life either already a memory or that you are up to your neck in right now.

More sales poop below: If you are new to parenting or if you have been at it awhile, this guide book will cut through some of the gobbledygook and psycho-babble being tossed around. For many of us we just need some assurance we are on the right path, and maybe a push now and then. This book will validate your parenting, and help you be the best parent you can be.

This is a guidebook for all parents, and is written for parents that really embrace the, "Family is permanent," attitude.

Good parenting requires good parents, (it’s on the cover) if you are new to parenting, this book will provide you with practical answers and strategies to take on the most challenging and rewarding job you will ever have.

For new parents, sage advice is offered for the first day when you come home with your new baby. (the author has been there seven times) After that, parenting gets easier and better, and “Parenting Guide” will give you heads-up alerts, along the way.

If you are a seasoned parent, expect to enjoy reliving the best times of your life, and then put to use timely tips for parenting your flock.

If you have an open mind, prepare to be, engaged. If you are a closed minded ideologue, expect to be offended, iron-fisted methods are not suggested.

Begin by tossing out the notion that any book has all the answers, and realize you already know what's best.

The parenting mindset is key to good parenting, and embracing it fully, is all it takes to make a parent, a great parent. Simply stated, parents must look at parenting from their children’s viewpoint. How their children react, learn, grow, and see the world. Empathetic compassionate thinking should come to mind, but let’s leave that for the book.

Parenting Guide, includes over fifty proven, positive, and practical strategies for raising wonderful kid...

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(2 Dec 2015)
This is my book based upon trials and tribulations raising seven kids. It's fun and funny and hits the spot. Parents will enjoy it as a fast page turner and throw it in the face of their kids - just kidding - use a rubber hose - still joking.
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