Anvil of Stars
by Greg Bear
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PublisherOrb Books
Release Date2008-03-04 (added to CC 28 Jan 2016)
Amazon Sales Rank204,309

Greg Bear's The Forge of God described the destruction of Earth itself by self-replicating robots, Von Neumann machines designed to use the planet's mass to create more robotic creatures and spread throughout the Galaxy. In Anvil of Stars, only a few humans have survived, aided by a mysterious alien race known only as "The Benefactors", who arrived at Earth too late.

Now the small group of human survivors is determined to track down the criminal race who launched the planet killers. Humanity is given a starship by The Benefactors, and driven only by revenge they set out to find the unknown beings who are responsible for the destruction of Earth, and many other worlds.

Member Reviews
(28 Jan 2016)
Definitely read the precursor to this book "The Forge of God" before you read this book, or "The Forge of God" plot will seem less mysterious and enjoyable. "The Forge of God" is a bit of a mystery, so you don't want to spoil that by reading this first. This book is not a mystery, however. It's more of just a detailed, creative, journey through a science fiction environment. That makes it, on average, more dull in my opinion. It definitely drags through the middle for a ways. The Forge of God never gets dull, in my opinion, so this is the less skillfully written of the two in my opinion. However, it's still a very well-written book. If you like science fiction-ish concepts like spaceships and futuristic technology, this contains much more of that sort of thing than "The Forge of God." It's still Greg Bear doing his skillful depiction of extraordinary environments.
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