Hollywood Shakedown: an Allyson Legends novel
by DB Rhys
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PublisherDB Rhys
Release Date2016-01-16 (added to CC 28 Apr 2016)
Amazon Sales Rank1,296,060
Protecting Hollywood and its elite is a full time job for Allyson Legends. But when a Mexican drug cartel, aided by a rogue double agent, tries to kidnap America's Sweetheart, steal a $300 million dollar movie and blowup a national landmark, it turns into a deadly game on the Walk of Fame. With the stakes so high, Allyson Legends turns to reinforcements. Among them, a retired CIA enforcer she calls Dad,who's redacted past just might be the key to unravelling the mystery of what's really going down in T-town, and that means Hollywood, Baby! Allyson Legends, I'm not the girl you played kissy face with on the playground, and it really has been one of those hell of a day, days.
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