Liar, Liar: The Omnibus
by Suzie Quint
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Investigative reporter Cleo Morgan believes the only qualification one needs to work as a tabloid is the ability to lie. Now that she’s working for one herself, she’s getting a lot of practice.

She’s lying to everyone in her hometown, letting them believe she still works for a reputable paper. She’s lying to Alec Ramirez, the tabloid’s star reporter, who is training her to write their kind of story their way. He doesn’t know the woman who’s been arrested for murder in the story they’re covering is her mother. Or that she’s conspiring with her old boyfriend to steal that story out from under him and using it to buy her way back into her old life.

Perhaps worst of all, she’s lying to herself that she can leave Alec behind once she’s made everything right.

This contains both of the Liar, Liar romances:
Liar, Liar, Tabloid Writer
Liar, Liar, Heart's Desire

Cleo Morgan's dream of being a respectable member of the mainstream press is waylaid when her mother, a retired Las Vegas showgirl, gets into a financial jam. Instead of following up her Pulitzer-nominated story with more hard-hitting news, she’ll be writing a different kind of exposé. Soon it will be stories about Bigfoot sightings and alien abductions and having dinner with Elvis. And the day her byline appears in the tabloid, The Inside Word, her hopes of a bright and shiny career will be over.

Not everything at the tabloid is repulsive however. Cleo certainly never expected anyone on the dark side would have her thinking wicked thoughts. But Alec Ramirez is more than a pretty face (or even an enticing hardbody) as he proves when Cleo’s mother is arrested for the murder of a Las Vegas casino owner.

Together, they work to find out what really happened, who had the most to gain and, most importantly, to clear Cleo’s mother of the charges. That should be enough to keep anyone busy, but life gets even more complicated when Cleo’s very rich e...

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