The Earth Experience
by C.O. Hunter
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PublisherImpact Change Now INC
Release Date2016-08-15 (added to CC 19 Aug 2016)
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The purpose of this book is to examine the Earth Experience in a way it has never been examined before. This book will address questions mankind has always pondered but will never actually discover the answers to during their lifetimes. I will provide possible answers to these questions, or as a minimum propose ways of looking at these questions in a different light then traditionally viewed, that will hopefully help you look at these questions in perhaps a different perspective then you currently do, and may begin to help you process information, questions, and your own thoughts from a different light.
Hopefully this book will help you determine your own perspective on life. I will not give you answers but hopefully spark your path to determine your own answers. Information and evidence surrounds us every day which can help provide us with the best possible logical conclusions to many of life’s questions. So while we may never receive unequivocal answers to questions like whether there is life after death, or is there a Supreme Being or God or whether we return back to this life and World again after death or continue to exist in another form or in another realm. Every individual can and should make their own determinations and personal beliefs regarding these questions and do so with conviction and with relative certainty. Everyone must make their own determinations about what they chose to believe. Once you do determine your beliefs you will find a level of peace and serenity you may not currently have. You will value, appreciate, and enjoy life more. You will have more good days then bad days. You will find depression and personal happiness can sometime be a choice that you can control. And you will stop letting others control how you feel and better yet how you think.

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