Chase Me (Friend-Zone) (Volume 1)
by Rachael Tamayo
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PublisherSolstice Publishing
Release Date2016-07-01 (added to CC 16 Oct 2016)
Amazon Sales Rank6,039,296
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(2 Jan 2017)
I really enjoyed reading the first book, Chase Me in the Friend-Zone Series. I loved how the book started as a friendship that was a lie to please Adrienneís judgmental mother. Later through the book, the friendship was turning into something more that Adrienne tried to resist because she didnít want to lose her friendship with Clint. On the other hand, Clint continued to make it very clear that they were more than just friends. His feelings for her showed stronger by the day. I loved how the author paced out the story to where their romantic feelings and actions deepened as you read the book.

You then continue to read the romance between them getting steamy and hot. Later the likeness more than just friends for one another changed into love, however Clint was already feeling the love for Adrienne since they were young, but he never told her.

Then near the end, the story takes a turn that you wouldnít expect and all drama begins to escalate between Adrienne, her sister, and Clint. This is when Adrienneís love was really tested. From hearts breaking to all relationships between them coming together, Adrienne seeks out for the truth and it isnít all of what she expected. On another note, the pieces of the relationship between Adrienne and her sister couldnít be mended completely, however Adrienne finally letís love prevail. I look forward to reading the next book in the series, Reach for Me.
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