12 Saturdays
by F.P. Lione
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Release Date2016-12-05 (added to CC 12 Jan 2017)
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Homelessness on the streets of New York was the last thing on newly engaged, advertising executive, Jenna Russo's mind. A family heirloom and her alcoholic father's dying wish turned out to be a powerful incentive to take notice. Jenna has to either spend 12 Saturdays on the streets of New York City feeding the poor with a Christian outreach, or risk losing her beloved grandmother's ring to an estranged and manipulative sister. Will she see the lost through the eyes of faith and learn that there are blessings beyond the family heirloom? Or will she fall victim to her past and crumble under the great expectations of her deceased father?

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(2 Feb 2017)
12 Saturdays is a touching story by former police officer Frank Lione and his wife, Pam, a homeless advocate. It portrays the change that is possible in people’s lives, rather they were addicts, victims of abuse, caused the destruction of their families, or just living their lives for themselves, without regard to how they can affect others for the better.

The characters are real and their stories affecting. Jenna is a tough, independent woman who loves her work (though not her job), her apartment, and her fiancé. All is fine in her life, until she learns otherwise when her estranged father, at his deathbed, blackmails her into working for the homeless for 12 Saturdays. Her decision to work in the cold of winter, for those who caused their own problems, as she sees it, rewards her with more than just her grandmother’s wedding ring. It changes her life, as well as the lives of her best friend, another young woman who’s run away from her abusive family, and her future mother-in-law.

I felt the story could have progressed a little quicker. But once I got well into the stories of the homeless and Jenna's and her best friend's lives, I was hooked. This is a worthy read that will move the hearts of Christians and, hopefully, non-Christians alike.