The Lamia: A Book in Ten Parts
by Jim Heter
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PublisherJim Heter
Release Date2016-07-02 (added to CC 19 Mar 2017)
Amazon Sales Rank2,052,597
Dema Culver is aware of her shaman ancestry, but thinks it irrelevant to modern life...until the circumstances of her job as a field agent for the Drug Enforcement Administration prove otherwise. Suddenly her very survival depends on shaman abilities long dormant within her.
Life is turned upside down by the changes that occur, when the ancient oath of the Lamia to avenge the blood of the innocent cannot be denied. How can she reconcile the use of her new-found shaman talents with the expectations of her fellow agents, to whom her experiences in the shaman dream would seem like drug-induced hallucinations? As she walks the shifting line between modern reality and ancient wisdom, she becomes ever more aware of the spiritual realm, and the invisible impact it has on even those most intent on denying it. Her growing awareness draws her into encounters with evildoers who twist spiritual influences to prey upon the innocent. All this while dealing daily with deniers who would hamper what progress she can make out of their own ignorance.
But the will of the Lamia is strong, and not easily defeated.
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(19 Mar 2017)
Most readers classify this as a fantasy story. I wrote this book because nobody else had written it yet. I wanted this story to be told and it was up to me to tell it. I think it came out okay. I'd love to know what you think.
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