Understanding Show, Don't Tell: And Really Getting It
by Janice Hardy
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PublisherJanice Hardy
Release Date2016-10-01 (added to CC 20 Jun 2017)
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Do you struggle with show, don't tell? You don't have to.†
Award-winning author Janice Hardy (and founder of the popular writing site, Fiction University) takes you deep into one of the most frustrating aspects of writing--showing, and not telling. She'll help you understand what show, don't tell means, teach you how to spot told prose in your writing, and reveal why common advice on how to fix it doesn't always work.
With in-depth analysis, Understanding Show, Don't Tell (And Really Getting It) looks at what affects told prose and when telling is the right thing to do. It also explores aspects of writing that arenít technically telling, but are connected to told prose and can make prose feel told, such as infodumps, description, and backstory.
Her easy-to-understand examples will show you clear before and after text and demonstrate how telling words change the prose. You'll learn how to find the right balance between description, narrative, and internalization for the strongest impact. These examples will also demonstrate why showing the wrong details can sound just as dull as telling.
This book will help you:
  • Understand when to tell and when to show
  • Spot common red flag words often found in told prose
  • Learn why one single rule doesn't apply to all books
  • Determine how much telling is acceptable in your writing
  • Fix stale or flat prose holding your writing back
Understanding Show, Don't Tell (And Really Getting It) is more than just advice on what to do and what not to doóitís a down and dirty examination and analysis of how show, donít tell works, so you can adapt the ďrulesĒ to whatever style or genre youíre writing. By the end of this book, youíll have a solid understanding of show, donít tell and the ability to use it without fear or frustration.

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