Good Naked: Reflections on How to Write More, Write Better, and Be Happier
by Joni B. Cole
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In Good Naked, acclaimed author Joni B. Cole shows readers how to make the writing process not only more productive, but less maddening, more inviting, and even joyful, at least a good part of the time. She explains how sharing early drafts is “good naked”—you’re exposing your creative process in all its glory.

Through a mix of engaging stories and practical wisdom, all delivered with sheer good humor, Cole addresses the most common challenges writers confront and offers disarmingly simple but effective solutions. She debunks popular misconceptions about how we are supposed to write and replaces them with strategies that actually work to get us started and stay motivated. (Searching for your muse? Try looking in the fridge.) With a do-this-not-that directness, she sets writers free from debilitating attitudes, counterproductive practices, and energy-draining habits that undermine confidence and creativity.

Equipped with experience and a refreshing respect for anyone who wants to write, Cole also infuses every chapter with insights into craft and narrative technique—because the truly happy ending is not just that we write more, but that we write well.

If you have ever experienced a sense of dread or intimidation at any stage of the creative process, or even if you simply want to write more, write better, and be happier, this intelligent, funny, and generous guide will not only inspire you to head over to your desk, but will also cheer you on once you’re there.

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Member Reviews
(5 Sep 2017)
I found this book extremely helpful, just from the sheer fact that the author agrees with me that outlines are pure evil. Being a panster, I've never been able to outline and if I was lucky enough to create one, then I pulled my hair out trying to coral the words from the outline onto the page. In "Good Naked" Joni B. Cole has many good tips on what has gone wrong when instances like the above happen and how a change in your perspective can help smooth over the problem. She doesn't use that many exercises, as her book is more a guide in which she shows you a different way to think about writing, a different way to approach your writing. For me the biggest help came in her idea that when it comes to editing, come to the page looking, not for the bad stuff, but for the good stuff. Find the things that are working and see that these things are the foundation for the next chapter, for the book as a whole, etc. This way you are coming to your work thinking of it positively, instead of grumbling and getting all panicky because you're about to pick your soul apart. The change in perspective may be a small one, but anything that gets me closer to sitting down at my desk and seeing my work as something good is awesome in my book.