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The Descent of the Nascent (Nascent Worlds Book 1)
by Julian Dexter
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Release Date2017-09-01 (added to CC 18 Oct 2017)
Amazon Sales Rank599,555
Acele, Ciailos, and Kannon have lived normal lives in their respective worlds, oblivious to the countless other worlds that surround them. However, everything changes when they are plucked from their homes by strangers claiming to be relatives of theirs, nobility from a universe called the Nascent. The three of them have narrowly escaped an attempted multiverse-wide purge of their bloodline, and they are recruited by their new-found family to fight back against whatever force is behind these attacks while armed with only Chimeras, portable supercomputers that have fused to them and run on the power of imagination. However, signs start to point to a possible traitor among their kin, and the approach of the 100-year anniversary of a war revolving around a similar event has the king on edge.
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