Fellowship of the Ringtails (Lemurs: A Saga)
by Angela Oliver
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Release Date2013-06-12 (added to CC 31 Dec 2017)
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The kingdom of Madigaska is in turmoil. The King has died under suspicious circumstances and now his Queen has usurped the throne. The only remnant of the last ruler is an illegitimate orphan. Born many miles away, and raised by a peaceable fishing tribe, she knows little of her heritage, her destiny. But with the fierce Hunter, Noir, on her trail, what hope does she have? Set in an alternate world Madagascar, where the dominant life forms are lemurs with a level of technology equal to primitive tribes, "Lemurs: A Saga" contains true elements of Malagasy history and culture, intermingled with a heavy dose of pure fantasy. It is, indeed, epic fantasy, with lemurs.

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(31 Dec 2017)
I'm actually friends with the author! I love this book. The story has good pacing, and there is always something that keeps me turning the page - oftentimes with my heart in my throat. I like that there is a deeper reason for the plot, with the complicated lemur politics that Angela has concocted. There has been a wealth of research that has gone into this story, and that is evident on almost every page, I think. Angela described this to me as "like Game of Thrones, but with lemurs", and I think her assessment is not far off. There's also shades of what appealed to me about my favorite book, Watership Down: that the story is entirely composed of animals, anthropomorphized to the point where they HAVE a society (and mythology, and legends, and culture) of their own, but not to the point where they're wearing little waistcoats and driving motorcars (and have therefore become little more than humans in animal form. Ahem. I'm looking at you, Wind in the Willows.)
All in all a very satisfying read, A+, will definitely buy and read the sequel.