by Dana Haynes
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PublisherMinotaur Books,US
Release Date2010-06-23 (added to CC 14 Jan 2018)
Amazon Sales Rank1,423,981
This is a brilliantly conceived, high-energy thriller that seamlessly combines cutting-edge "CSI"-style investigation with a straight out of 24 ticking-clock chase. Whenever a plane goes down in the U.S., a 'Go Team' made up of experts is assembled by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) to investigate. Those people - each of them a leading expert in a specific area - are known informally as 'Crashers'. When a passenger plane, a Vermeer One Eleven, slams into the ground outside Portland, Oregon, 'The Crashers' quickly assemble to investigate the cause. Under the leadership of the IIC (Investigator in Charge), Leonard 'Tommy' Tomzak - a pathologist who recently quit the NTSB - the team gets to work as fast as possible. Usually the team has months to determine the cause of a crash. But this time it's different. This time, the plane was brought down deliberately, without leaving a trace, and this was only a trial run. In L. A., Daria Gibron - a former Shin Bet agent, now under the protection of the FBI - spots a group of suspicious-looking men. Missing her former life of action, she attaches herself to them only to learn that, somehow, they were responsible for the plane crash and are preparing for another action. While her FBI handler tries to find her and save her, Daria risks her life to try to get close enough to learn what's going on and thwart the coming terrorist action. But time is running out and her cover story is running thin. This is a fresh and utterly compelling thriller, an original mix of action, investigation, and a brilliant cast of characters that grabs the reader in the way few novels can and fewer do.

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