Story Climax: How to Avoid Disappointed Audiences and Craft a Screenplay or Novel Climax That Thrills & Delights (Story Structure Essentials)
by H. R. D'Costa
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Leap to the top of a reader’s “auto-buy” list. Be added to Hollywood’s speed dial.

These dreams don’t have to remain idle fantasies.

They can become reality.

You can be an auto-buy for thousands of readers.

You can be on Hollywood’s speed dial.

But, to accomplish these goals, you have to possess a very special writing skill.

You have to be “a closer,” the kind of novelist or screenwriter whom readers and studios can count on to deliver an ending that isn’t merely satisfactory, but instead, deeply satisfying.

See, the ending of your story has an additional burden to bear, one which the beginning and middle do not. The ending is audiences’ last experience with your film or novel. Their memories of it are the ones that really stick out in their minds.

Consequently, these are the memories they rely on most when making their final evaluations (thumbs down or up; recommended or not) of your story.

That’s why it’s so important to know how to write a story with a spectacular ending. That’s why being a closer is a coveted status for novelists and screenwriters alike.

Whether you’re writing a novel or a screenplay, this book will help you master this critical component of story structure. Specifically, this writing skills guide will cover:

How to Use 4 Categories of Antagonists and 8 Rules of Engagement to Build Your Story Climax on a Sturdy Foundation

The climax is the decisive encounter that resolves the conflict between your protagonist and the antagonists who’ve thwarted him every step of the way.

Hence, its power will depend upon scenes that occur (and storytelling decisions you’ve made) long before the climax of your story actually begins.

Follow the guidelines discussed here, and you’ll avoid writing a novel or screenplay whose climax is constructed on quicksand.

2 Criteria at the Core of the Climax That Are Crucial to Fulfill to Avoid Disappointed Audiences (But Which, Oddly, Are Often Overlooked)

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