Lucifer's Game
by Rachael Tamayo
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PublisherSolstice Publishing
Release Date2017-11-03 (added to CC 7 Apr 2018)
Amazon Sales Rank4,942,221
Iíve become obsessed with her. Cora. It wasnít our intention when we started this, but as soon as I got my hands on her I feared this would happen. He dragged me here, to stop a child from existing that might bring an end to our reign on Earth. I have my orders from the one that watched as this prophecy was scratched on the scroll. He became the whisper in the ear of Judas, betrayer of Christ, laughing as they hammered the nails into his holy flesh. Satan himself. Of course, we lost that battle, but there is always the next. So, here we go, once again. Lucifer is determined to win this one, and all Iíve come to care about is tearing Cora away from her husband, from him, make her mine. Who I am? Youíve met me, felt me in your very loins. Iím the demon of lust. But you can call me Devin.
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