Piece of Mind
by Barbara E Henning
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Release Date2015-05-22 (added to CC 12 Jun 2018)
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Piece of Mind is an insider's view of the unimaginable. When Tara Douglas is raped and subsequently stalked by her attacker, she develops PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder); the effects of which she is determined will not define her. When Tara was only eight years old, she witnessed a murder that she does not remember. Now, at the age of 33, she is not only fighting for her life, but her sanity. She is joined on this journey by her two best friends, Lydia Brandon and Sam von Rentzl, who try to help her cope with what is happening to her. Psychologist Jaye Hanover suspects that Tara may have known this man at some point in her life, so the Denver, Colorado police search for someone from Tara's past. As Tara struggles with the reality of her present, Lt. Dominic Verletti frantically tries to discover what part of Tara's life may have produced this homicidal maniac. When things become too terrifying after a third attempt to murder her, Tara goes to Evergreen Manor, a treatment center for PTSD that is run by Dr. Leslie Barr. But even as she gains emotional strength and makes plans to go on with her life, Mr. X finds her again!
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