Outbound: A Time Travel Adventure
by John Maffia
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Release Date2016-09-27 (added to CC 15 Jun 2018)
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Dr. Laura Petrone has a big problem. Something has gone wrong during a routine test of a secret government project. Dubbed, Orion, itís a device capable of generating unimaginable energy on a planetary scale by producing wormholes in spacetime. When an overload occurs, Laura attempts a manual shutdown. She succeeds, but at a price. Laura vanishes and the two remaining scientists canít determine if she is dead, or lost somewhere in time. In an effort to find the answer, they seek the assistance of Dan Prescott. Danís equations, stolen many years ago, sparked the creation of Orion.

Recently divorced and with nothing to lose, Dan volunteers to use Orion to locate her, but when he arrives in the future, he finds the United States embroiled in yet another civil war between the North and the Southóa time where groups of soldiers are sent on dangerous OUTBOUND missions to secure locations for their respective sides. Discovered by an OUTBOUND group, Dan is told that Laura may have built a bomb using Orionís technology. With an inner strength he never knew he possessed, Dan is determined to find Laura, find the bomb, and go on one last OUTBOUND mission and return to the present to prevent the futureóa future that he helped createófrom coming to fruition.
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