The Quest for the Enchanted Stone
by Christine Johnson
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PublisherStrategic Book Publishing
Release Date2012-08-15 (added to CC 5 Sep 2018)
Amazon Sales Rank10,243,363
In The Quest for the Enchanted Stone, Fionnaghal travels with two friends to Dartmoor in the United Kingdom to search for her parents. When she arrives, she enters a world where nothing is as it seems. Being a science major means Fionnaghal doesn't believe in the paranormal, but from the moment she steps off the train, things begin to happen. A forest looks like it will eat her alive and a woman at her hotel sniffs at her like a dog. When her college professor shows up, his eyes change color whenever he feels strong emotions. After one of her friends disappears from her ransacked hotel room, Fionnaghal's second friend attacks her. Fionnaghal doesn't know who she can trust, and she still hasn't gotten any closer to finding her parents. She learns she has magical abilities and that her professor hasn't been truthful with her from the beginning. On her journey of self-discovery, Fionnaghul learns her parents weren't who she thought they were. On The Quest to find her parents, something else is dropped in her lap. How can Fionnaghul possibly save mankind from something she doesn't even believe in or understand? About the Author: Christine Johnson lives in a small town in Maine with her husband of 10 years. She is the mother of four and is penning her next paranormal novel. "I enjoy drawing, and I have enough books in my house to start my own bookstore. I also enjoy horseback riding, singing, and as strange as this sounds, yard work. I've traveled all over as an ex-military brat." Publisher's website:
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(5 Sep 2018)
I wrote this book with the help from my three kids. I don't live in Michigan. I'm from Maine, live in a big rig with my husband, while he drives all across the 48 landlocked states of the US. Unfortunately, they confused me with the other Christine Johnson author, and I wouldn't wish my first book on her. It wasn't edited, or advertised. I'm hoping my next book will do better, as it will get the full treatment.
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