The Chimp
by Nathan Godwin
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Release Date2019-01-28 (added to CC 2 Feb)
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The Infinite Monkey Theorem is a principle that states that, given an infinite amount of time, a monkey randomly typing the keys of a typewriter will almost certainly type any given text, including a play of Shakespeare. But we don’t have an infinite amount of time. Yet, strange things occasionally happen that would seem to have required an infinite amount of time. What would you do if one day you found a paper that had been typed on by your pet monkey or chimpanzee, and upon this paper you saw the following sentence:“I am going to kill [insert your name], and no one will blame me for it since I am only a chimp.”Perhaps someone is playing a prank on you. But no one else lives in the house. But perhaps someone might have obtained a spare key to your house and stolen inside in your absence. Or perhaps you had typed it yourself and suffered amnesia and forgot. Or perhaps, by a strange and phenomenal accident, the unthinkable had happened and your pet had typed it unwittingly, thus confirming the Infinite Monkey Theorem. Or perhaps…
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