Slave Mind (The Terran Legacy)
by Rob Dearsley
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PublisherIndependently published
Release Date2019-04-03 (added to CC 14 May)
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It was supposed to be a simple – if hugely lucrative – job.

Captain Michael Dannage and the crew of the Hope’s Folly can’t pass up the opportunity to salvage a fleet of warships from the long dead Terran Imperium. Things never go right for Dannage, but he never expected them to get this out of hand.
The Terran ships aren’t as derelict as everyone thought and the malicious force that destroyed the Terrans thousands of years ago is still alive and still bent on humanity’s annihilation.
This could mean the end for all Dannage holds dear, and he’ll do whatever it takes to save the people he cares about.As enemies – both ancient and modern clash – it will take all Dannage’s skills and more than a little luck to survive.

They say ‘hope is not a strategy’, but it’s all Dannage has left.

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Member Reviews
(14 May)
I can't think of anyone who writes action better than Rob Dearsley. Slave Mind hooked me at its dreamy opening, until its white-knuckle conclusion. This is what a book should be: FUN TO READ! Big thumbs up.