A Dead Man's Tale (Charlie Moon Mysteries)
by James D. Doss
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PublisherMinotaur Books
Release Date2010-11-09 (added to CC 12 Jun)
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Charlie Moon, Ute rancher and investigator, isnít afraid to throw the dice even when a manís life is at stake, but when that man is betting against himself and Moonís ability to save him, that makes for some awfully high stakes.

Hard times have come to Colorado, and Moonís ranch is feeling the pinch. Investor Samuel Reed has never had that problem. He seems to have a special intuition when it comes to picking stocks and claims to be able to remember the future, which gives him quite a†leg up†on Wall Street. So itís no surprise†that Reed is confident when he makes a wager with Moonís best friend, Granite City Chief of Police Scott Parish, that†Parish canít keep him alive.

Even when Reed doesnít give them any†details beyond†the date and time of his impending demise,†thatís more than enough information for Moon who wants in on the action and is just as confident that heís well on the way to saving his ranch. But Moonís best†plans go awry when instead of one homicide on his hands, he†ends up with two.

James D. Doss infuses the pages of A Dead Manís Tale, the fifteenth in his popular series, with†his†potent†brand of high spirits and homespun humor that has made him a favorite among mystery readers.

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