Dune (Dune Chronicles, Book 1)
by Frank Herbert
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Release Date1990-09-01 (added to CC 5 Mar 2006)
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Paul Atreides moves with his family to the planet Dune and is forced into exile when his father's government is overthrown. The first book in the series.

Member Reviews
(29 Feb 2016)
(23 Jul 2015)
I have never read through a book of this size, in so short a time. Extremely accessible and intriguing. Couldn't put it down!
(18 Feb 2015)
(21 Dec 2014)
I thought the story dragged a little bit in the middle. However, I think the world Frank Herbert created in this story is fascinating.
(17 Dec 2014)
(17 Jun 2014)
(12 Nov 2013)
A complex story with believable characters, written by a science fiction author of truly awesome talent- superb!
(5 Jul 2013)
(23 Jan 2013)
(8 Dec 2012)
(28 Oct 2012)
A little complicated for me, maybe that make me sound stupid as I know this book frequently tops the best sci-fi book charts. The story itself was interesting and the universe which Frank Herbert created is detailed and believable. My only problem is the constant switching of character perspective. I'm pretty sure that if I was to submit a piece here with that sort of jumbled approach to a story I would be flayed alive. Took me ages to finish, and sort of gave me the blues about writing.
(24 Oct 2011)
Didn't get it.... the same way I don't get Lord of the Rings or Star Wars. Why does everyone speak like they're in some second-rate Shakespearean production??
(8 Apr 2011)
(13 Nov 2010)
(21 Oct 2010)
(26 Jun 2007)
One of my all-time favorites!
(6 Mar 2006)
This is an incredibly well written book. If you love science fiction, you cannot do without this book. If you don't, you will still love it for its universal themes and literary value.
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