This Time
by Joan Szechtman
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PublisherCollected Stories/Basset LLC
Release Date2009-12-22 (added to CC 3 Aug 2009)
Amazon Sales Rank615,288
This Time is a novel about Richard III in the twenty-first century. It rediscovers the fifteenth-century Richard III through the travails he must endure as he attempts to unravel the mysteries of this century. Not only must Richard III acclimate himself to this whole new world, sometimes with comic effect, he must try to undo the damage done to his reputation through five hundred years of history.
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Member Reviews
(3 Aug 2009)
A delightful read. I am not normally a fan of mainstream fiction, or novels that have conspiracy theories, murder, overthrow of the government, etc., as part of the main plot. This Time has none of these elements. This story is so smoothly written that I immediately became attached to the main characters. Joan Szechtman has taken historical facts, and legends, and cleverly woven them into modern day life in a manner that captivates the reader. A refreshing read.