Self-Editing for Fiction Writers
by Renni Browne, Dave King
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Release Date16 February, 1994 (added to CC 20 May 2004)
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(5 Aug 2010)
Absolutely a must have if you are serious about cleaning up your prose!
(8 Aug 2008)
This is the best book on writing I have ever read. It's such a great reference and I've learned a lot while reading it. It's always in my handbag.
I highly recommend it.
(10 Oct 2007)
Excellent and practical. Yes beats, but also pacing, narrative distance, proportion, sophistication, and other skills. This book teaches how to make our words flow.
(3 Apr 2007)
I just completed this book, it took me a month to finish it. That complicated? No, that good. Every three four pages I stopped and edited chapters of my WIP, and this was after already editing it four five times previously. Everyone talks about the "beats" chapter which is great but so are all the others. So write your story (chapter) and then read a chapter of this book, edit your story and then read chapter two and edit again. by the time you finish this book, your story will be publishable and isn't what w all want. If you don't care if your published ever then save your money.

For me, well I borrowed this book from the library, I am returning on my way to the bookstore.
(12 Mar 2007)
A definite keeper! Incredibly good advice here, and straightforward advice for writers. They mince no words when it comes to what is good and what just plain sucks
(3 Aug 2005)
the best thing about this book is the examples and explanations that follow are well thought out. there is not other edit/writing book you should use.

(31 Mar 2005)
One of the few books on writing fiction worth owning. Read the chapter on "beats" to improve you dialogue scenes.
(26 Sep 2004)
I would highly recommend this book. It's chock-full of great ideas and useful tips. This can help any writer prepare a more professional and readable manuscript. It's down-to-earth and fun to read. Ginidee
(3 Jun 2004)
I wish I would have read this book before I began writing my first novel! This is a keeper. It's easy to read and filled with great tips and advise that you will come back to... time and time again.
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