The Kinshield Legacy
by K., C. May
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PublisherArcheBooks Publishing
Release Date2005-12-20 (added to CC 24 May 2010)
Amazon Sales Rank4,513,500
The Kinsheild Legacy From the very first page, The Kinshield Legacy grabs you by the throat and propels you into a world of magic, sorcery, jeweled-eyed gargoyles and a sisterhood of fe-male warriors. A world where beyonders savage unsuspecting travelers; where a dark, yet charismatic, wizard covets the king's throne for his own and will let no one get in his way-including the rightful ruler. He who claims the King's Bloodstone shall reign as king. Enter Gavin Kinshield, warrant knight and rune solver, a man haunted by his past, and a hero like no other. A rousing debut from K. C. May, an author worth watching. Carol Davis Luce Author of Night Passage It's been two-hundred years since the death of King Arek. Warrant Knights and the fierce warrior guild of the Viragon Sisterhood preserve order amid the city-states of Thendylath. However, the peace of the kingdom is soon shattered when scholars studying King Arek's stone tablet suddenly discover its magic gems, one-by-one, have gone missing-which can only occur if the prophesied Rune Solver, the next King, is at last in their midst, preparing to claim his throne. Yet for Warrant Knight Gavin Kinshield, becoming King is the last thing in the world he wants, despite the visions compelling him to Arek's Cave and the sacred tablet to solve the runes and claim yet another magical gem. Meanwhile, the evil wizard Bro-das Ravenkind desperately wants to be king, and will destroy anyone in his way to claim the throne for himself-but only if he can find the Rune Solver before he claims the final magical stone, the King's Bloodstone. For Daia Saberheart, elite warrior of the Viragon Sisterhood, she is content to have left behind the pampered life of a noble's daughter to fight for her new king, whoever he might be. But she has enough troubles of her own when her guild brands her a traitor and falsely accuses her of murder. Come along on this epic adventure. It's a breathless non-stop ride from beginning to end. K. C May's characters are gritty and honest, ...
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