General Research
Charlotte's Web
Loads of useful info, such as an extensive list of romance publishers, how to write query letters, how to prepare manuscripts etc.
Coroner Stories
The real-life world of death investigation.

Discusses working a death scene, common questions about bodies, and compares and contrasts reality with TV.
D Marie Time Capsule
This day in history. Pick a date and the site informs you what happened that day in history.
Dictionary of Victorian London
This site by Lee Jackson includes extracts from Victorian newspapers, diaries, journalism, memoirs, maps, advertisements etc. and the full text of several dozen books. These sources are arranged by subject area and can be browsed and searched at will.
Fictional Telecom
Phone numbers for use in movies, books, TV and radio dramas.
Find Articles
Finds articles, published on the net, about a chosen subject.
Google Books
A great place to research. Many partial and full books including textbooks.
Google ngram viewer
View ngrams (word chains) trends in most books in the world through the years.
Kilts and Scottish Clothing
Mel Gibson got it totally wrong and it does indeed upset readers. A historical look at when kilts were worn, how they developed, and what was worn in Scotland during various periods with supporting citations.
Lorem Ipsum Generator
This is useful for creating pro looking boilerplate text.
Measuring Worth
This is a really good website that calculates how much money was "worth" back in the past - going back as far as 1264 where a pound back then had the same purchasing power of £500 today. Great resource for historical writers, or even when reading those old classics that made out that 50p was quite a lot!
Medieval Recipes, Food & Cookery
Medieval cookery is a fascinating subject, encompassing the foods, eating habits and cooking methods from various ways of life during the Middle Ages. Medieval history spans several centuries and it was a time in which diets and cookery changed across many countries, laying the foundations of modern eating habits.
Melderman's Horse Guide for Writers
Everything horsey from 1700's and up. Famous horses, breeding, colors, foaling, carriages, reactions, little known facts and MORE.
Octavia, her domain
A great resource on the daily life of Anglo-Saxons.
Our Timelines
A great site for generating historical concordances. From the home page, navigate to a page that lets you enter the start and end years of a character's life. Then press the button, and presto! a list of historical and cultural events is graphed against the lifespan of your character.

If you are trying to decide which era would be more interesting for a story setting, you can test several timelines very quickly through this site. It will also generate timelines for spans much longer than a human lifetime.
Punctuation from both sides of the pond
A site for grammarians exploring punctuation in the English speaking world and its inherent differences between countries.
Lots of info on markets, contests etc. Ask the Experts.
This site acts as a gateway to links where you can contact experts in various fields such as music, sports, science or law.
Renaissance Learning
Word count for all books published in the english language.
Rosalies Medieval Woman
All you need to know about the medieval woman: what she wears and why, how to be beautiful according to medieval standards, her personal hygiene and a little about a medieval woman's life-celebrations and the customs associated with key events in her life: births, deaths, marriages, employment and education and how she spent her days.
Spelling in the English Speaking World
In examination of spelling from a world-wide viewpoint.
Starting a Writing Business (UK)
Great site for a series of articles on everything from gaining a literary agent to royalties, fees, getting interviews and other ways to successfully turn your writing into a business.

Please note the content is from the UK.
Where science meets fiction
Tektek Dream Avatar Creator
This is very useful for creating and visualizing your characters all in a cute, chibi form. There are thousands of items and clothing pieces to choose from to customize your character.
The Domesday Book Online
Information on Medieval England and of course The Domesday Book itself. Much better then buying that hefty tome itself.
The Literary Times
An e-zin, magazine and a web dedicated to books and writing. Aimed at women. Articles, links, chatrooms etc.
The Middle Ages
Looking for info about religion, homes, clothing, and much more during the Middle Ages? Try looking here. Great site for information about it.
Hundreds of hand-picked links to help writers.
TV Tropes
A wikipedia style data base of common tropes and cliches found in media. Written in a jazzy, often snarky style, it's very addicting to read. Helps with spotting cliches and learning how to set yourself apart.
Unofficial CC chat room
Some of our members have taken it upon themselves to set up an IRC chat room for CC, offering realtime crits, brainstorming, writing and editing sprints, and a fun place to procrastinate with fellow writers

Visit the critique circle chat at To join, all you have to is enter a nickname for yourself in the "Nick" box, and where it asks for "Channel", put: #critiquecircle

That's it! No need to sign up or register for anything else

Verla Kay's website
This is a valuable resource for Children/YA authors. The site features live workshops, archives with all kinds of information about the world of publishing children's lit, editor/ agent interviews, responce times and contact info for gabillions of publishing houses, magazines and agents.

This site is run by the renowned author, Verla Kay. If you need information about this genre or the industry, you will find it here.
Which and That discussion
A discussion by grammarians on the rigidity of the "that" and "which" rules for restrictive and non-restrictive clauses and phrases. Worth reading if you have an open mind on grammar.
It's a free and easy way to create your own website. You can pick from hundreds of templates, widgets, and apps to customize your site. Surprisingly, it is very easy to use. It doesn't take a computer genius to use this site. They give you a step by step tutorial. While it is free, if you want your on domain name, apart from the wix add-on, you do have to pay. I have used this site and my friends and family were amazed when I told them I designed it myself. Hope you check it out it's worth it.

~ rreck28

UK based writers’ resource site for creative writing, linking to paying markets, competitions, reference sites, software, and more ...
Writer's Free Reference
This is an extensive list of free reference web pages
on the Internet useful to writers and anyone
looking for free information.
Writing World
A good website with lots of useful information for authors, articles, columns, newsletter, links etc.
WW2 People's War
Personal stories and information on many various aspects of the second world war in Britain.

On writing
Absolute Write
Lots of information about writing, publishing, and an extensive forum. A bit heavy on the Ads, but looks like it houses some great information.
Authors Register
This is a site for writers to work together to promote their books, poetry, writing, whatever. Each member gets their own internet webpage. There is a good database of writers resources, an active discussion forum, and other useful tools.

This is a membership site (£12 GB pounds - about $24 a year)
Bella on-line
A site with articles, chat and advice for fiction writers.
Caro Clark's Advice for Novel Writers
Caro Clark has written a series of articles on how to write a novel for one of the leading on-line writers' magazines, NovelAdvice. She reproduces them here, and will add to them from time to time.

Great source for "novice" novel writers!
Cliche Finder
Search for cliches on a keyword. For example, a result for 'sun' is A month of Sundays.
Confusing Words
A collection of 3210 words that are confusing to readers and writers, such as affect and effect or affluent or effluent.

Never be confused again.
Creative Writing Prompts
Creative writing prompts, creative writing tips, creative writing ideas, creative writing topics, journaling prompts,how to write a journal,writers resources,argumentative essay outline,classic brainstorming,essay help
E-novel-advisor is a step by step guide for those who not only want to write a novel but to publish it and market it online. From articles on all aspects of the writing process, to articles on how to publish your novel independently, to all sorts of information and marketing ideas on how to attract readers, this is your one stop shop for all you need to know.
Emotion Thesaurus
A list of cardinal emotions (fear, happiness, unease, relief, etc) and the coresponding physical reactions to it.

So if you get stuck on how to show your character's fear, unease, etc. in your story, have a look at this thesaurus for ideas. New emotions and physical actions are added each Thursday, so keep checking back!
Fiction Addiction
A site for both writers and readers. Articles, info about contests, list of publishers, book-reviews etc.
Flogging The Quill
This site provides insight and tips on how to achieve immediacy in a first chapter. Focuses on engagement and launching a story. Writers are able to submit their own work and see if the blogger will turn the page based on the first eighteen submitted lines.
For Writers
A site for writers and poets. Articles and useful links.
Free Worksheets for Writers
Huge selection of worksheets for writers on everything from Character Creation to Plotting to World Building
Grammar Snobs
This is a link to a book that might just fall prey to its own title, but worth looking at if the whole subject of grammar and its inherent inflexibility irks you.
Great Motivational Site
This site is great for those who need motivating into a daily writing habit. Writers are awarded points for writing each day and badges for writing streaks - i.e. five days in a row, thirty days in a row, etc., and there is the monthly writing challenge to spur you even further. Plus some quirky extras to make things a little more interesting.
Helping Writers become Authors
Katie Weiland is the author of 'Outlining Your Novel: Map Your Way to Success' and 'Structuring Your Novel: Essential Keys for Writing an Outstanding Story'

Her blog has many short articles about writing issues from plotting, character development, almost every aspect of writing and publishing and she welcomes questions.
Holly Black's Writing Resources
The author of the Spiderwick Chronicles offers advice and links to aspiring writers.
Useful articles written by Holly Lisle, published author.
The site is recommended by CC members.
How to Write a Great Query Letter
Noah Lukeman offers a FREE E-BOOK on how to write a great query letter! It's his way of giving back to the writing community.
Jim Butcher's Livejournal
Very helpful advice if you're trying to work out how to create a plot.
Limyaael (via curiosity quills)
Excellent resource for aspiring fantasy writers.
Market List
A site with various information for writers, such as a list of competitions, publishers (info on how much they pay and what they're looking for), articles and interviews.
National Novel Writing Month
You have to write a novel (50,000 words) in the month of November. It's a lot of fun and I believe it is responsible for more fiction every year than every other writing program in America combined. The entire thing is just crazy enough to get people to put out a lot of writing without slowing themselves down with over editing in the first draft.
New Novelist
A software that helps you develop and write your story.
New York Times - Books
Bookreviews, excerpts, best-seller lists etc.
Once Written
Once is a great site for first time writers and in fact only promotes freshman releases of new books. It offers several quarterly contests, weekly news letters, writing prompts and information for writing, and publishing.
Randy Ingermanson's Home Page
Lots of great information about many aspects of the Writing game. If you have problems plotting out a story, be sure to check out the Snowflake.
Rejection Collection
A place to post and commiserate with other authors if you're having the rejection blues.
Rhyme Zone
Resource for poetry.
The Burning Void
A site with articles for writers and role-players alike. Links and excercises, blogs and reviews. Have a peek!
The Snowflake Method
How to design a novel by starting small and building it up so that it actually looks like a story. Ten steps to make your novel elaborate, organized, and not kill your desire to write the actual manuscript.
Website for Young Writers
This website is filled with articles by young writers with advice for young writers. Plenty of publishing opportunities and many prizes.
Write Rhymes
Helpful little website that will help you find the the right rhyme for your poem.
Write to Inspire
A site with articles for writers and info about publishers.
Writer Block
A Canadian E-zine published quarterly specifically for writers.

Includes articles and detailed writing tips section.
Writer Gazette
An informative website with all kinds of info and stuff for writers. Also a weekly newsletter.
Writers Net
Information about agents, editors, publishers, as well as active message boards.
Writers write
A site with various things for writers, e.g links for publishers, jobs etc.
WriteWords Word/Phrase Frequency Counter
This is offered by an online writers' group based in the UK. You can paste text into the provided area and receive a frequency word count or use the phrase frequency count. A great way to help spot those pesky repetitions.
Writing a great query letter
A short article about writing a query letter that will grab the reader's interest.
Writing Children's Books @
A useful site with advice on your writing career as well as active and helpful forums.

Agent Query
The best place to find agents quickly.
Literary Agents
A low-tech, straight-forward guide to literary agents. This site is designed to give writers accurate information on literary agents. Here you will find News about Agents , Book Sales and Addresses for Top Agents.
Miss Snark, the literary agent
"...In which Miss Snark vents her wrath on the hapless world of writers and crushes them to sand beneath her T.Rexual heels of stiletto snark."
Predators and editors
Look a prospective agent up here...

Jacket Flap
A site with a wealth of publisher information for Children's Lit. Includes a message board and search engine for finding books published according to subject, reading level, publishing date and house/imprint.
Jacqui Bennett Writers Bureau
A UK based publisher. The site also contains information on writers' markets and writing competitions.
James Russell Publishing
Free advice for authors, screenwriters and playwrights on how to get published - articles written by a book publisher.
List of journals that accept electronic subs
This is a list of fiction and print journals that accept electronic submissions. Online journals are not listed because it's the assumed format.
A wonderful site, with contests, and chances to get published!
$10 fee for 8 month trial.
Pheadra Magazine
A new Magazine for short stories, artwork and poems. Fiction of the darker kind.
Publishers Weekly
Everything about books, writers and publishing...
Seventh Quark magazine
The Seventh Quark is a bi-monthly A4-format magazine similar in look to The New Writer, MsLexia and Writer’s Forum. Its aim is to publish short stories but also to teach.
Spicy Green Iguana
This is a great list of markets for F/SF/H short stories. It includes both print and online markets, at all levels (pro/semi-pro/zines).
Top Short Story Journals
A list of popular short story journals. The ranking is based on a formula, with points awarded for Pushcart Prizes (5) and Special Mentions (1).
Writer's Digest Magazine
Probably the most popular writing magazine out there, Writer's Digest has a broad spectrum of articles each month that deal with a variety of issues, like the state of the publishing industry, to a monthly author profile, to how-to articles.
Writing Links
A human-edited directory of UK writing-related links. Includes lists of UK book publishers, agents, competitions, organisations, bursaries and more.

Crit sites
Authors by Design
Authors by Design, or as known by its members “AbD”, was founded on July 2005.

Our goal was to create a home for the struggling as well as the veteran authors.
AbD is a friendly, welcoming environment for all authors to learn, teach, share, support, motivate and create strong bonds with other authors.
Auto Crit
AutoCrit is a free online text-analysis tool that automatically identifies weak words and structures in your fiction writing.

AutoCrit can never replace a human critique partner. But AutoCrit is faster, complains less, and never gets tired of seeing the same chapter over and over again!
Boot Camp Writing/Critique group
A crit group that will work in batches of two week schedules with a one week "catch-up" break per quarter.

Stories will have a maximum three-week "life". They will have one week in the Urgent First Crit Section, one week in an interim section and a third week where critiques of the first draft will NOT be accepted, but discussion may continue on REWRITES or rewriting issues.
An American crit circle for fantasy, sci-fi and horror.
Free Falling
A new site. Post your stories so other members can crit. A bit of randomness on the site, so if your uptight don't bother. Really looking for some good critters right now!
Online Writing Workshops
This is a great commercial workshop which specializes in sf/f/h and romance.
The Cult
This site is a fan site for author Chuck Palahniuk but its also a great site for writing, critiquing and learning all there is to know about the craft.
Young Writers Society
A forum for 13-25 year olds. Critique 2 pieces then submit your own, earning up to 50 points for every critique. Get detailed critiques, meet new friends, and read others work!
Submit and critique flash fic, short stories, novellas, screenplays, poetry, short scripts, basically the whole writing enchilada plus music, costumes, photos, storyboards, film scores, and everything else Hollywo-o-o-o-od.

Authors and stories
An English site with loads of stories, poems, interviews and articles.
Classic stories
A collection of classic short-stories.
Short stories
An english site publishing short-stories.
The Legends of Mernac
The Legends of Mernac in short is an online never-ending High Fantasy saga expressed by prose, art, music, gaming, and more. For people whose escape into Fantasy is reading, then this site will provide the ONLY truly ongoing saga.
The Neal James Website
The website of one of the UKs newest writers.

Established in 2008
The Writer At Work
A Cartoon that describes the work of a writer. The author has amongst other things worked on Star Trek shows.

Writer's organizations
American Crime Writers League
Membership requirements: one novel or three short stories
Membership fee: $35
Book Awards list from the Bauu Institute
A complete list of book awards for Authors, Writers, and Publishers.
Historical Novel Society
The Historical Novel Society, founded in 1997, promotes all aspects of historical fiction.
Historical Novel Society--Discussion Group
Discussion of historical fiction, for writers (published and unpublished) and readers.
Horror Writers Association
Membership requirements: published work.
Associate membership requirements: anyone can join.
Membership fee: $65
Mystery Writers of America
Membership requirements: published
Associate membership requirements: open to anyone
Membership fee: $80
Novelists, inc
Membership requirements: Two published novels
Membership fee: $65
Romance Writers of America
Membership requirements: Open to anyone published or pursuing a career in romantic fiction
Membership fees: $75
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America
Membership requirement: One published novel or script OR three published stories.
Associate membership requirement: one published story.
Membership fee: $50
Society of Children's Books Writers and Illustrators
Membership requirements: published work for children
Associate membership requirements: open to anyone interested
Membership fee: $75
Writers Guild of America
Membership requirements: Certain amount of publication "credits". See details on website.
Membership fees: $2500


Writing software
This works like OneNote, but is free. I love the interface.
Novel Factory
A cool bit of writing software that helps organize your novel - it breaks up the work into manageable chunks and keeps track of your scenes and characters and things - There's a free trial to play with and lots of interesting articles and little bits on the site too
Pro Writing Aid
We're ProWritingAid. Our software is a free online program for helping you in the editing phase of a novel. It produces a set of reports that highlight possible problems in your writing such as: overused words; cliches; redundancies; sticky sentences; repeated words and phrases; passives/adverbs/hidden verbs, etc.. It will also give you a sentiment and time-line analysis.
You can download a sample report at: Sample Analysis

Want to 'hear' your work? allows you to record PDF, Word, plain text, PowerPoint files, RSS news feeds, emails and web pages, converting them to speech automatically. You can download them to share into Mp3's or to an Ipod.

Free to use.
Word Web 5
This thesaurus/dictionary can be used to look up words from almost any program. In addition to displaying sense definitions and synonyms, WordWeb can find sets of related words. The database has more than 150,000 root words and 118,000 synonym sets, many proper nouns, pronunciations, and usage tags.
This free program lets you run up to 40 countdown timers, with an audio alert and a popup window when the countdown reaches zero. You can also choose to run a program or open a URL in your default browser when the timer goes off.
yWriter gives you a working framework similar to an ordinary book. That is, you work in chapters and sections.

Chicklit is a really nice site with an excellent lay-out. It's got author interviews, writing tips, book reviews and articles about various things.
Check it out.

Characters and Plotting Help
Archetype: The Fiction Writer's Guide to Psychology
This site offers a FREE service to authors. You get an authoritative psychological break-down of your characters' traits and behaviors.
To check whether person X would act in a particular way, or Y take a particular decision, etc. you write up your question, with extract if necessary, and a detailed reply arrives by e-mail.
Body Language Expert
Going in-depth into body language and how it reflects thoughts. Great resource!
Create a graph
A great place to put all of the important events and have them in a easy to read format. Also has a statistical 'chance' roll of the dice counter and some info on what certain grades cover in today's schools.
Digital Dollhouse
Great way to design the house/ places people stay in your story! Like a floor plan, except visual and virtual. free to use!
Facial Features for characters
Here's where you can find out all you ever wanted to know about facial features, when creating or describing characters.
Family Echo
A website where you can easily create and print out family trees. Especially useful when you are writing family sagas or feature a large family in your story.
Creating an account is required to save and access your family trees.
FBI for Writers
The FBI shares information on how this agency works with writers.
Floor Planner
Create floor plans and 3D models for rooms, houses, and other buildings (outdoor space - like patios, pools, parks, and gardens - can also be designed). Helps you visualize the layout of your haunted mansion, mystery house, jail cell, protagonist's room, or any other setting and plot the path of the action. Add furniture, piles of dirty clothes, throw pillows, food, and electronics to help you figure out what your character wants, likes, has, or needs in a given space. Totally free (all you need is email), and totally on the web (no need to take up hard drive space from your manuscripts)!
Good Non Fiction Books
The Love and People sections list books that help you to understand people better.
This in turn helps you to write better characters.
Create and personalize 3D, animated models of your characters. Free! Save images online or download to computer.

Brit/American Dictionary
comical AND useful
A good author always has a good dictionary handy.
Etymology Dictionary
This is a map of the wheel-ruts of modern English. Etymologies are not definitions; they're explanations of what our words meant and how they sounded 600 or 2,000 years ago.
Merriam Webster Dictionary & Thesaurus
Hey, every writer needs help with words once in a while.
OneLook Dictionary Search
a very powerful search engine that can use various expressions and sort modes, and searches a huge range of dictionaries.
OneLook Reverse Dictionary
OneLook's reverse dictionary lets you describe a concept and get back a list of words and phrases related to that concept. Your description can be a few words, a sentence, a question, or even just a single word.
The Phrase Finder
A place to search for the meaning or origin of a phrase, saying or idiom.
The Skeptic's Dictionary
An online encyclopedia giving fair descriptions on many things from politics to the paranormal. Includes a guide to logic for rational thinking and debate uses.
The Urban Dictionary
A great resource for finding just the right slang word or phrase. Gritty, raw, irreverent, funny, but most of all HELPFUL!
A thesaurus that visual links words and offers definitions. Fun to play with!

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