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Welcome to the Critique Circle newbie's page. Here you can find some information that might be useful to find your footing at CC.
Remember, if you have any trouble with anything on the site our moderators will help you through the Moderator messagebox.

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Here are some short Youtube videos showing some of the more basic functions of CC:

How to submit a story
How to submit a critique

Using Page Bookmarks for easy navigation
The Outlining Workshop
Using the Novel System
Creating Queues

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If you would prefer text based instructions, go to the FAQ and look through the numerous entries there or use the search bar (magnifying glass icon) at the top of the page.
- Nonnib (5 Feb 2005 at 13:32)
Here are some quick links to interesting forums and threads. You might also want to subscribe to the forums to always get the latest updates. Click 'Subscribe to forum' at the top of the forum page to do so or subscribe to individual threads.

Introduce yourself Say hi to the other members and see what people are chatting about.

Publishing Forum
Keep up with all the latest news from the members on different publishers, getting published, new markets, etc. Also, check out our Publishing FAQ, which answers many of the basic questions about submitting and succeeding in the publishing world:

On Writing
This is a good forum to browse, and to keep up to date with all the great questions raised and comments on all forms of writing.

Advice on how to get critiques
Now that you're here, how is it best to go about getting those precious critiques? You will find some solid advice here.

Here are some things that is good to keep in mind:

- Queue length (and therefore waiting time) depends on a couple of things:

1) How many crits each story received in the previous period (average is 4-8). If the critiques drop and each story receives but a few critiques, then there will be fewer stories to critique next period. So the more you crit, the more likely it is that the number of stories in a crit period will go up.

2) Number of submitted stories. We don't want an empty queue. If few stories are submitted then the number of stories to be critted will be lowered. We like to have at least one upcoming batch of stories in each queue.

There are other factors as well but these are the most important ones.

- Waiting for your story to come up isn't such a bad thing. It gives you time to crit stories that are critiqued while you wait.
Authors that you have critiqued are often more inclined to crit your story than others.
When deciding on a story to crit, members will often check the activity of an author (found on the member's page) to see if he has been critiquing. If you have been actively critiquing, others are more likely to critique you.
- Nonnib (5 Feb 2005 at 12:06)
Don't know what to say in your critique or what to do with a critique you've received? Take a look at these links for some solid advice

Hardcore Critique Advice by Amy Sterling Casil

How to Critique Fiction by Victory Crayne

How to Cope with Critiquing by Rich Hamper

It's Not What You Say, But How You Say It by Andrew Burt

The Diplomatic Critiquer by Andrew Burt
- Nonnib (5 Feb 2005 at 11:16)

Some useful FAQ entries
How do credits work?
Can I edit my own upcoming story before it is up for review?
Can I read critiques on other people’s texts?
I think I'm missing a critique! What are unapproved crits?
Practical instructions: critiquing
The Critique Circle Rules of Conduct
What is a Free Pass?
Writing a critique

Critique Samples
Padded crit--DON'T do this!!Extra/nonsense word to create word count
bad bad critYou should never give crits like these!
An excellent exampleHere's a critique of c.a average length. It's well written and was much appreciated by the story's author.
A short critiqueHere is an example of a good, short critique.
A long, detailed critiqueAn example of a long, quality critique
A good template critiqueHere is an example of a good, template critique for a chapter.

Just contact any of our moderators if you need some help
NamePersonal Comment
 JongoffI found CC after my first book was "finished." Thank heavens I did. The people here gave it a fantastic once over, and made it much better. Best writing site on the web!
  WhiplashWhy, hello, there! Welcome to CC! I know you'll find what you need here to polish your work and get it ready for publication, or just to refine your craft, if you don't think you're ready to go public just yet. If you have any questions, just send one of us a PM (Personal Message) individually, or just put "Moderator" in the address line of your PM. Glad to have you with us.

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