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10 Mar 2018 at 16:44
Story cost increase capped at 3 stories
You will now no longer be charged additional 3 credits for each story that is already in the queue or up for review ad infinitum. Now this cost increase is capped at 3 stories meaning normal length stories should not never cost more than 12 credits to submit.

This is an experimental change and we will monitor the progress over the next few weeks.

22 Jan 2018 at 12:09
Convert-from-Word feature now available on Revise Story page
You can now paste your MS Word documents into the revise story page, the same as on the submit story page in order to retain basic formatting. We hope this feature will make your edits a bit easier.

1 Feb 2017 at 09:30
CC moving to https

The Critique Circle server is moving to https soon. this should not change anything for you guys, just instead of seeing in your browser's address bar you will see

Under the hood however there are plenty of changes and possibilities for things to break. The new address is available now but will not be forced for a while. Please try it out by changing your bookmarks to the https version HERE and tell us if you experience any problems.

10 Jan 2017 at 08:57
Forum Search through search bar
The search bar at the top of the page has been upgraded to include forum thread titles. If you want to search forum post contents you will still need to go through the forum search page but the search bar is a great one-stop-shop if you're looking for information since it searches through a lot of different sources.

16 Feb 2016 at 08:10
Novel Revisions revisited
The novel system has been improved yet again! The way revisions work has now been changed.

Previously you would just send in a new revision of each chapter and the revision number for that chapter would be incremented. This proved to be contrary to the way most people like to work where you want to be working on a certain revision for your novel and then move onto the next one.

With that in mind we have now put revisions on a novel basis. This means that you will be submitting to a certain revision in your novel no matter what chapter you are submitting to.

In addition to that you can now label your revisions and even put an icon on them. This is useful for example if you want to mark a
revision as 'done'. You can also move your submissions freely between revisions and make and delete revisions as you see fit, giving you absolute freedom over how you structure your revisions.

The way this all works should be relatively intuitive. Click the 'view revisions' link on your novel page to see a revision view of your novel. From that page you can also edit revisions in order to label and iconize them. From the novel page you can click the button next to a submission to move that submission to a new revision.

Here is a discussion thread on these changes. Let us know if you have any problem with these changes or if you'd like to propose something new to the novel system. We're always looking for feedback!

9 Feb 2016 at 08:37
Improved privacy settings
The privacy settings have now been improved. On your account setting page you can now choose what information to display in more granularity than before.
For example, you can now hide your last visit information but still show your star critter status and stories.

30 Jan 2016 at 18:54
Donate extra credits for crits
Authors can now choose to donate extra credits from their own account for crits of their works.

This applies to stories in private credit queues only and allows the author to choose between 1/2 - 10 extra credits (in addition to the 1 credit from cc) to give each critter for a full crit. Half crits will still only yield 1/2 credit and not be eligible for the extra credit.

To try this out choose the appropriate option in step 4 of the story submission wizard. You can also set and change it for your existing stories by clicking 'give extra credits' in your story's menu bar.

Stories with such a credit bounty are marked in the queue with a icon to make them extra enticing to the readers

11 May 2015 at 21:53
Hiding crits
Authors can now hide crits on their stories using a handy button on the crit page. This removes the crit from the crit list for the story and from any other related page for the author.

The author will not be prompted to send a thank you note or to grade the crit either and the crit will not count towards tit-for-tat. The crit should be completely gone as far as the author is concerned but other people will still see the crit and will not see that the author has hidden it. Whether you have hidden a crit or not is just your own private information.

One minor thing to note: Even though the crit is not visible to the author the crit number next to the story will still have the correct count.

This feature is meant for when you get unhelpful or rude crits that you simply never want to look at again but we continue to urge our members to reach out to moderators if you do get those sort of crits.

8 May 2015 at 08:30
Safari mobile crits fixed
We've fixed some problems with doing inline crits on Safari on iOS and some issues with text input toolbar not appearing on Chrome on iOS. Stuff should work well once again. Please let us know if you encounter any issues when using CC on mobile.

25 May 2014 at 11:58
Upgrade to Gold using credits!

We are trying out a new experiment here on Critique Circle. We want to offer our Premium members to upgrade to Premium Gold using credits instead of money.

Here is the upgrade form.

This offer is extended to regular Premium members with more than 40 days remaining of their premium subscription. You cannot purchase a premium subscription using this method; you can only upgrade from premium to premium gold. The offer allows you only to to convert your remaining premium time to gold. You can click the form above and see if you're eligible.

The way this works is that we put a conversion value on a credit which is 20 cents/credit (we are not saying your crits are worth 20 cents a piece, it's just for the purpose of this single offer) and then, depending on the length of your premium subscription we calculate the number of dollars it would cost to upgrade to gold and then convert that to credits using the method above.

Note that you can always upgrade to gold using money instead as well so this is just an additional option that we are experimenting with.

So, for example, if you just signed up for a year premium subscription you can pay 200 credits to upgrade to Gold (or $40.00). If you signed up for 2 years you can pay 350 credits (or $70.00).

We hope that those of you with more credits than you know what to do with are pleased with this extra way to use your credits.

19 May 2014 at 21:47
We have a brand new Novel tutorial video (with voice over!) courtesy of Candace, our tutorial video maestro!

Watch it here.

6 May 2014 at 15:16
New Global Search Bar
We have a new global search bar for you guys. Click on the magnifying glass icon at the top of the page to search for anything and everything on CC.

The search bar is context sensitive and will give you details about a member if you enter his or her full username and will give you stories by genre if you enter full genre. It will give you information about relevant pages, for example if you search for stories. It will search the forums and your message box and it will search through the Frequently Asked Questions for answers to common questions.

Help us make the search bar better by giving us your thoughts on the Search bar thread I have just hijacked (you can also just search for search bar).

14 Apr 2014 at 19:13
Search in message box
We have now implemented true message searching. The old 'filter' input at the top of your message list which used to filter on message titles and sender names has been turned into 'search' and now searches inside your messages as well.
We hope you enjoy this update and find this a useful addition.

9 Apr 2014 at 22:10
Credit History
I have refactored the credit log system and you can now view your credit history yourself! Click on your name in the upper-right corner and click the link beside your credit status to take a look (or just click here).

Note that credit change events before today will be marked as "legacy" in your list and will not be very detailed. After today though the history should be much nicer with links to the story in question for example.

29 Mar 2014 at 11:34
Great new tutorial video on the Novel System

Candance, our resident documentation powerhouse has made a new tutorial video on the Novel System.
Check it out here!
Remember to add a like and a comment if this is helpful

Thanks Candance!

23 Jan 2014 at 20:38
Realtime CC chatroom
Some of our members have taken it upon themselves to set up an IRC chat room for CC. Here is a forum thread on the subject.

Message from CC Member Ferris:

NEW Chatroom... so we can procrastinate together in real time!!

Enter a nickname for yourself, and under Channel, enter: #critiquecircle

See you there!

29 Dec 2013 at 20:44
Premium message box doubled!

We have now doubled the size allowance of the message box for premium members. You can now have 500 messages in your inbox and 500 messages in your outbox.

15 Dec 2013 at 12:17
We've made some fixes to the send message and crit grade forms so they do more validation checking before submitting them. This should help people on Internet Explorer and tablets who have been losing contents when clicking the back button.

Let us know if there are other forms which are causing you grief

29 Jun 2013 at 00:35
More visibility into stories currently up for review

When your story is up for review in the public queues your user card, which other people see when they hover over your name, will show a link to the story.

More importantly, when you finish grading a crit you will be notified if the critter currently has a story up for review. We hope this encourages people to crit even more when they have a story up for review, since it increases the exposure of their own stories.

31 Jan 2013 at 13:04
We've just implemented some pretty cool changes to the Novel System here on CC. Read all about it in Nonni's blog!.

6 Oct 2012 at 15:34
Block members from contacting you!

We have augmented the block functionality on CC. Now everyone can do it (not just premium members) and it's no longer a weird tumor-like growth on the buddy list.

Now, in addition to being able to block messages, you can not block certain people from reading and critting your stories, and you can make their forum posts faint when you're reading a thread.

There are no limits on the number of people that you can block but please, if you have a problem with a member let the admins know.

You can block other members from their member page or by hovering over their username and selecting 'block' (or unblock). You can view your blocked list under My Page -> Blocked users.

18 Aug 2011 at 09:59
Full-size profile pictures
You can now upload your profile picture in full-size up to 512KB in size instead of just 120x160 up to 100KB like before. Other people will then be able to click your picture in your profile to view the full-size version of it.

To upload a picture to your profile to to your settings page.

Take a look at this bad girl for example.

12 Jul 2011 at 15:37
Crit Labels have been revamped

We've overhauled the crit labels and combined them in the backend with user labels into a wonderful generic Label System.

What this means for you is that you can now assign labels to any crit, not just your own and you can add icons to the crit labels as well.

You can see the labels whenever you see 'View Critique' which makes the labels quite handy when categorizing your crits.

The icons are also very useful. Let's say for example that you are rewriting your story based on crits. Simply choose the checkbox icon to chalk it off the list. If you received an unhelpful crit just put an X icon on the crit and you don't have to worry about it again.

To use the crit labels click the 'Set Label' button on the crit page. We hope you enjoy the changes.

5 Jul 2011 at 15:23
Filters on the 'My crits' page
We've just added some handy filters on the My Crits page that allows you to have a more focused view of your critiques.
This is especially useful for those of you with hundreds of crits to plow through when doing your rewrites.

In addition to this you now have a list of the most recent crits on your novel from the novel page with a link that allows you to see all crits on your novel in one place. Quite convenient.

26 Jun 2011 at 15:01
Email Watch
Hi all,

We are starting a new service called Email Watch which is available to all members. This allows you to receive updates in email when things that you are interested in happen on CC.

We will start with changed threads and received messages and if this is something that you guys are interested in we will expand it further to include things like buddy events.

You are all registered into the service so you might start to get some emails from CC that you didn't get before. By default you will receive one email per day if you have received a message in your message box on that day and if you haven't logged in. That way you should only be getting an email if CC is really sure that you haven't looked at the message.

You can change your preferences from your settings page and set the schedule to deliver emails every hour, immediately or just turn it off completely.

Please let us know if this is useful to you guys in the feedback thread, if you need some clarification and let us know of any bugs that you encounter.

19 Jun 2011 at 14:36
Favorite CC Authors

We've just added a new feature that allows you to tag your fellow cc'ers as your favorites. This is an extension of the buddy feature but unlike the rest of the buddy system it is available to all members (not just premium) and does not count towards your buddy limit so you can add as many as you want.

To tag someone just click 'Add Favorite' in the menu bar on the member's profile page. Other people will now see that this member is your favorite on his/hers and your profile pages.

Take a look at Nonni's profile for an example.

29 Aug 2010 at 09:27
You can now see how often your member page has been viewed by other people. Open up your member page and scroll to the bottom to see the number.

29 Apr 2010 at 00:13
Reading View

CC now sports a brand new way to read your stories. The Reading View feature allows you to read stories as if you were reading an ebook. You can configure it to best fit your screen and can select between a paging view and a scrolling view, depending on your preference. The system will remember your setting so you only need to set it up once.

You can also view inline crits in this mode and even the inline aggregate functionality works. Note that you cannot use the reading view when giving inline crits. If that is a feature that you feel is important you should discuss it in the thread.

To activate the Reading View go to a story and click "Toggle Reading View". That's all there is to it, you can switch between Reading and "Classic" at the touch of a button without ever switching pages.

If you want to suggest improvements (or simply applaud Nonni ) go to this thread.

Here you can see a comparison between Reading View and the older Classic View.

5 Apr 2010 at 00:17
Critique Message History & Drafts

You can now view the private message history between yourself and your critters on your story and crit page.

If you select the 'messages' option in your story's toolbar at the top you will always see the messages that have been sent between you and the members who critted your story, both below the story itself and below individual critiques.

Your preference is storied in a browser cookie so you will not need to select this every time you open up one of your stories.

When you're talking to your critters about a story you will see a 'discussion about XXX' label at the top of your message. This tells you that the message will be associated with that story and allows you to easily keep track of your conversations regarding each of your submissions.

Keep in mind that like all other messages these private messages do expire after 30 days for non-premium members and after a total of 30 messages or 200 messages have been reached (there are no limits for premium gold subscribers). In order to take full advantage of this feature a premium subscription is recommended and make sure to keep a relatively clean mailbox. For example, you might rarely have the need to keep an entire conversation history with someone when the newest message contains all the text from your conversation.

At the same time we've revamped the 'message drafts' to make them more usable. The drafted message now remembers your recipient list and you can save drafts while writing a thank-you note for a crit (you cannot save the grade as draft though).

24 Mar 2010 at 21:39
Word Meter Builder

Due to popular demand we've added a fantastic new tool to the CC Toolchest called Word Meter Builder. You can use this tool to make a beautiful graphic showing your progress in the Manuscript Progress tool that you can copy/paste into your blog or your signature on other sites.

You can customize the progress bar in a lot of ways and you can even use it without the Manuscript Progress tool and just put in the numbers yourself (you can even link this to your nanowrimo account). You do not even have to be logged in to make a brand new customizable Word Meter.

Check it out

31 Jan 2010 at 22:51
More queue options

Due to requests we've added more options on how you can configure your Story Queue page. Click 'Queue Options' at the bottom of the Story Queue page in order to set this up. The new additions are:

1) Choose columns

2) Select whether stories you have critted should be shown on the Story Queue page at all

We hope these additions are helpful to you

9 Jan 2010 at 17:18
New Outlining Workshop

The very popular Outlining Workshop tool has received quite the make-over. In fact, much of it has been completely rewritten with better usability in mind.

All your older outlines have been moved over to the new system and the migration should be transparent to the users.

Some of the highlights include the following features:

Outlines are not connected to their template anymore
Previously the template which you based your outline on dictated all the categories and fields that you could have and their order.
With the new system you can simply use whatever categories and fields from the template that you chose to base your outline on and then you can rearrange everything as you see fit, rename questions, add categories and fields and delete categories that you have no interest in.
This makes the system much more flexible to the end-user and allows you to use this for other purposes than you could previously. For example, it is now easy to outline your story with a basic 'outline story' template and then add the actual chapters that you have as categories and move them around as you structure your story.

No 'edit outline' page
Previously you could only edit your outline in a specific page with a bunch of input fields on it. Now you view and edit your outline on the same page and much of the editing is done without a single page refresh making the Outlining Workshop more like an application than a web page. We've taken some of the best AJAX practices of the Notebook and cranked it up a notch.

Different types of fields have been removed
Previously the template would dictate whether a particular question was a yes/no question, a number, text or long text. We've done away with all that for the sake of simplicity. Now all the fields can contain long text.

We hope that this change is useful to you guys. Please let us know if something isn't working as intended or if you have suggestions for improvements.

31 Dec 2009 at 12:42
Manuscript Progress Challenge — every month!

The CC manuscript progress challenge was very popular during Nano, and we had several requests to make this a monthly option.

So now it is.
To enter the monthly challenge click the link below. You will then be able to add to your total at your leisure and compare your progress to other CC'ers.

click here to sign up.

If something is unclear, or doesn't work, let us know.

26 Oct 2009 at 11:06
Do you want to make your manuscript progress — or lack thereof — public?

You can now add your manuscript progress chart to your member page, so that your fellow CC-ers can follow your progress.

You simply view your progress graph and click "Add to my member page". Your progress graph will then be visible on your member page.

17 Oct 2009 at 10:29
Poetry Critique forum.

The Poetry Critique Forum is now open for business!

Please read the sticky note at the top of the forum for guidelines on how to use this new forum. We hope our poets will find this new addition useful.

4 Oct 2009 at 22:01
The Full Manuscript Crit feature now open to ALL Premium members.

The Full Manuscript Crit feature, formerly a Premium Gold perk, is now open to all premium members.

The Full Manuscript Crit feature enables you to give and receive macro crits on an entire manuscript, at a credit price that you and your critter mutually agree upon.

Take a look at the FAQ entry for details on how to use this feature.

We hope our Premium members enjoy this new addition. Let us know if you have any problems with it or would like to suggest improvements.

24 Sep 2009 at 21:58
New tool: Writing Prompts

We've added Writing Prompt of the Day to the Tools section.

A new prompt will be up every day, and we hope this can become a good way to get your writing day started, or something to turn to when you're blocked.

You can write your entry in a text box on CC if you wish, and then choose to have your solution either private, or public to be shared with other CCers.

You can choose to receive a writing prompt by email every day. You'll find the link at the bottom of the Writing Prompts page.

We need more prompts! Why not suggest a few to add to our bank?

We hope you enjoy this new addition to the tools. Let us know if you have any problems with it or would like to suggest improvements.

29 Aug 2009 at 21:48
New and improved Notebook — with a Storyboard option!

The Notebook has undergone a metamorphosis, and is now the perfect tool to help you with your plotting. You can create multiple notes within a category for each of your stories, and move notes around your screen to create a storyboard or an outline of your story.

The Notebook feature is limited to six notes per category for regular members, but it is unlimited for Premium members.

You can click on 'Icon View' to use the notebook like you used to use the old one.

We hope you enjoy the new notebook! Let us know if you have any problems with it.

There is a FAQ entry on how to use the notebook, please let us know if it's incomplete.

8 Aug 2009 at 13:12
Full-Manuscript Crit

We have this new thing for our Premium Gold members called Attachment Stories. These types of submission will allow a critter to submit a Full-Manuscript Crit on your story.

Read all about it in the FAQ.

3 Aug 2009 at 15:50
Block members
We have now added the ability to block members from sending you private messages. This is a part of the buddy system and is available to Premium members.
To block someone go to their member page and click 'Block Member'. His or her messages to you will now end up directly in the trash.

Note: The blocked (or ignored) member will not know that he's being blocked.

Maybe later we will expand upon this block feature but for now this only applies to the message box.

31 Jul 2009 at 12:11
Awesome MegaSearch

The forum search engine has been ripped out and replaced by a new beast-of-a-machine called Awesome MegaSearch. This little baby can even search all the forums at once giving you results in seconds.

'Pick forums' on the search page allows you to fully customize your search and save your settings between sessions (settings are stored serverside so you will always go back to your saved settings). You can specify to search all forums you have access to (and do not have ignored), all public forums, all your private forums or simply pick and choose individual forums to search.

You can also hover over any member's name and pick 'Posts' on the popup window to get all their posts in forums you have access to.

Note that only Premium members are able to search all forums at once and search forums for posts by specific members.

We hope you like this.

30 May 2009 at 20:49
CC writing quotes now available as an RSS feed.

We've made our quotes library into an RSS feed. This enables Gmail users to add a random writing quote to their signature. There are probably other uses for this, do let us know.

Gmail only supports short quotes, up to 96 characters, so the selection is limited. Feel free to suggest new and short quotes to add to the selection!

To use this in Gmail, click on settings, click on labs, and enable "random signature", and save changes. Then click settings, click enable signature and tick "Append a random signature from feed". Then type http: // (without the spaces) in the box provided.

9 May 2009 at 14:50
Formatting shortcut keys

You can now use shortcut keys when applying formatting to your text. Instead of having to click 'bold', 'italics' or 'underline' in the toolbar below the textarea you can simply select the text and use control-b, control-i and control-u, respectively.

We have also fixed an issue with Internet Explorer where the caret position after applying formatting would be incorrect.

2 May 2009 at 17:34
The CC Library is open for business!

The CC Library is a new feature which allows us to add books to our member page in a very easy and intuitive manner. You can set books as 'being read', 'already read', 'going to be read' and 'favorite'. These books will show up on your member page for others to see in their respective categories.

It is also extremely easy to grade and review books.

When browsing the member pages of other CC'es (or your own) you have hover your mouse over the books to get additional information about them or even to add them to your own page quickly and easily.

Regular members can add ten books into each category while Premium members have no such limit.

Head over to The Library and start adding books!

This feature is built upon the remnants of the old 'bookstore' code. The bookstore has therefore been closed but buying books through CC will help the site regardless.

This feature is meant to replace the 'Books I'm reading', 'Books I recommend', and 'My TBR Pile' section from your personal info. Those sections will be closed in the near future.

19 Apr 2009 at 09:07
Filters added to Queue Classifieds

We've added filters into the Queue Classifieds and the ability to specify genre when placing your ad. This will make it much easier to find queues that fit your interests.

If you already have a queue up you should replace it with a new ad and specify your queue genres.

9 Apr 2009 at 22:55
Choose into what period to submit a story

You can now choose when a story you submit into any period queue comes up for review.
This allows you to make sure that each period only has a single submission from your novel for example, thus providing your story with as much exposure as possible.

Instead of submitting your stories and hoping that the moderators keep them apart or trying to submit stories at the right moment and hoping for the best you can submit all your pieces at once and then simply stagger them one after the other. For example, put one story up for review on the 22nd and another on the 29th and then the third on May 6th.

Note that this will not enable you to place stories up for review earlier than before; this just allows you to put them further into the future.

You can use this feature when you have submitted your story on the receipt page and also when you look up a story which is 'upcoming'.

We hope this will help people who are submitting back-to-back entries into the Queues.

24 Mar 2009 at 19:40
Fantasy / Sci-Fi / Horror Queue split up

The biggest Queue on CC is being split up. Fantasy had been picking on the other two so much that we have no choice but to put them in separate ends of the classroom!

This has been the longest queue, counting number of stories, for a long while now and it's time to slim this down a bit.

The way we will do this is to take Sci-Fi as a genre into a new "Science Fiction" queue which will start next period. Horror will be place into the Thriller - Mystery - Suspense queue leaving the Fantasy genre all alone in the old queue.

We do not anticipate shorter waiting times for any of these genres and this is simply an attempt to clean up the queues a bit.

Hopefully you, as a member, will not be adversely affected by this. Horror and Sci-fi writers will submit their stories into different queues than before but we hope that the transition will be a painless one.

Here is the discussion thread for this change.

9 Mar 2009 at 15:25
Ignore forums

We have a new requested feature in. You are now able to 'ignore' whole forums. This means that the forums will not show up in your "Hot discussions" box on the front page and will be less visible on the forum page.

This will allow you to banish from your mind forums that have content that doesn't interest you or might offend you. Only public forums available to all users can be ignored. You cannot ignore premium forums or private forums.

To use this feature go to the forum page, scroll to the bottom and click the 'ignore forums' link. This will take you to a page where you can ignore forums of your choice.

17 Jan 2009 at 02:21
Novel Statistics

We've added a statistics box to the novel page. This box shows the owner of the novel how many credits she's spent on it, how many critiques she's gotten, many words, etc.

We know this will come in handy for us bean counters out there

30 Dec 2008 at 04:26
Personal Info revamped

The extremely popular Personal Information feature which allows members to put all sorts of information onto their member pages has been rewritten from the ground up.

Personal Info is no longer managed from My Page -> Personal Info. Now you manage it all directly from your own member page. That way you can see the entries exactly as others do.

By using some crafty asynchronous technology you can now manage your Personal Info without ever changing pages.

This makes the process of adding, editing and moving your entries all that more engaging and fun! No more waiting for pages to load while fiddling around with your info sheet!

Note that when you are viewing your own member page you will see all the Personal Info sections you have access to and you will have edit buttons available. When you are viewing other people's member pages, however, you will only see sections that contain actual entries.
If you want to see what your own member page looks like to someone else just click the 'How do others see me?' link.

There is some liberal javascript hackery involved which means that this might not work too well on older browsers. Please let us know if you have any problems with the feature.

Take a look at your own member page by clicking on your username in the top-right corner and start adding some stuff!

6 Oct 2008 at 12:02
Watch Novel

Our premium members are now able to 'watch a novel' in the same way that queues could be watched previously.

When you watch a novel or a queue you will get a notification on the front page when a story comes up for review in the queue or the novel, or when a critique becomes publicly available, whichever you choose.

To watch a novel simply go into the novel or any submission in a novel and click "watch novel". To watch a private queue click "Watch queue" on the Story Queue page.

24 Aug 2008 at 11:40
Queue page revamped

We've done a lot of visible as well as under-the-hood changes to the Queue page. Instead of the page being completely generated on the server, now it's partially generated on the client as well.

What this effects is the download size of the page. The queue page is up to twice as fast to load now.

You might encounter issues of stories not showing up in the Queue. Please report those immediately!

Stories that you don't have access to because they have crit requirements are no longer grayed out on the queue page, so you can click them which will bring you to an 'access denied' page. This was done because of problems with the old system.

Improved Crit Reminders and Story Bookmarks

The crit reminders are no longer a part of the generic Reminders system but now reside in their own system with the Story Bookmarks.

Crit Reminders and Story Bookmarks are now two flavours of general Story Bookmarks. You can access the complete list of all stories you have bookmarks or added a crit reminder on in your Story Queue - My Stories - Bookmarked Stories page.

You will now see a bookmark icon next to the story in the Story Queue when you have either a bookmark or a crit reminder on that story.

Having a crit reminder on a story also adds a reminder on the front page with a cool hover-entry for the story and author.

Both the Crit Reminders and the Story Bookmarks now live on the server but all updates are done asynchronously so the story page no longer reloads when you toggle a Crit Reminder, making the whole process much smoother.

Keep in mind that a Crit Reminders is just a Story Bookmarks which is shown on the front page. The Crit Reminder will also go away once you have critiqued the story while the Story Bookmark will not. You can have both a Crit Reminder and a Story Bookmark on the same story.

The "Bookmark place in story by clicking on the number" thing has been removed. It was one of those things that seemed like a good idea at the time but has hardly been used. If anyone misses that feature please let us know.

Buddies marked in the Queue page

Your buddies will now have an icon in the Queue page so you can better spot your friends there. You can toggle this off through the "Change Markers" page.

Improved Hover Info

The information window that appears when you hover over a story will now include an icon if the story is bookmarked (or you have a crit reminder on it) and if the author is your buddy.

9 Aug 2008 at 20:18
Activity Rank

We have a new measure of member activity called "Activity Rank". This replaces the old "Activity Level".

The Activity Rank is much more transparent and easy to understand but uses the same types of metrics as the old activity level. We still calculate 'points' from crits, stories and posts but instead of taking this value and generating a fixed textual representation of the activity we calculate the rank of the member as compared to other members.

The activity rank is calculated from contributions over the previous 30 days, anything before that time does not factor in.

With this new system it is much easier to understand exactly how active someone is at the current time, but you can always hide this value from others if you want to.

Unless hidden, the activity rank is shown on the member tooltip and in the member's directory.

On My Page you can see your current activity rank as well as your all-time activity rank (which is not visible to other members).

For more information see our faq entry.

25 Jul 2008 at 23:42
Name Generator revamped

The Name Generator tool has been revamped and returns results more quickly and more reliably than before. Go here to check it out.

17 Jun 2008 at 21:23
Bookmark information from the Front Page

You can now bookmark quote of the day, word of the day, grammar rule of the week and tip of the day for later retrieval.

Just click the 'bookmark' link in the box and the information will be accessible under My Page -> My Data from then on.

2 Jun 2008 at 11:09
Add to a Manuscript Progress directly from the front page!

You can now add to your Manuscript Progress directly from the front page. Now you don't even have to remember to update your word count, CC takes care of asking you when you log in

To activate this feature go into a a manuscript you are writing in the Manuscript Progress tool and click "Set Frontpage On". Now you will have an input field on the front page which you can set the word count for today directly without even refreshing the page!

We've also pimped up the resulting graph a bit. It looks much nicer than the previous one and it's an image you can click on and save to your disk.

This is a continuation of the "Add directly to PAD from the front page" and aims at making these tools more readily available to people.

25 May 2008 at 15:25
Add to a PAD directly from the front page!

You can now add to a Paragraph-A-Day story directly from the front page. This is a great way to force yourself to write into a PAD every day or even to keep a diary right here on CC!

This is a lot different than the old "remind me to write" feature which would take you directly into a pad each day and was much more intrusive (we might even want to drop that feature now).

To activate this feature go into a PAD of your choosing and click "Set Frontpage On". Now you will have a text dialog on the front page which you can scribble into directly and submit a paragraph without even refreshing the page!

Damn this is cool.

18 May 2008 at 20:46
CC goes on a diet

You can now collapse the left-hand menu into a thin column. This is very convenient for computers with low resolution, especially when critting stories. To try this out click the paintbrush and select "Toggle Thin Menu".

Note that you will not have access to subitems, your bookmarks or the member list when you are in 'collapsed' mode but the full mode is always just a click-away.

30 Mar 2008 at 19:25
The CC Map

We've added a map where members can pin their location in the world. Check it out here.

You will get a notification on the front page asking you to put your pin in but you can suppress it if you don't want to play.

This is still pretty raw so please let us know if you find any errors. Also let us know if your country is not listed and we'll add it.

Have fun.

p.s. No information about you is sent to Google

2 Mar 2008 at 13:15
Novel Epilogue
You can now add an 'epilogue' to your novels through the Novel tool on CC. This works the same as a Prologue and is simply a non-numerical chapter at the end of your novel.
Check 'This is an Epilogue' when adding a new chapter or editing an existing one to mark it as an epilogue.

11 Feb 2008 at 14:27
Changes to caching

We've been making some changes to caching and database indexing. Let us know if weird stuff happens

19 Jan 2008 at 17:32
Add your Novels to My Info
Premium members can now add a link to their CC novels in their "My Info" section of their page. This is done by going into your novel (Story Queue->My Novels->[Select a novel]) and clicking "Add to My Info".

28 Sep 2007 at 14:20
Revising stories & Save button

We've added a new 'mode' to the Revise Story feature which allows you to edit individual paragraphs in your story rather than the whole thing.

This will allow you to make minor edits (such as change a word here or there) without causing inline crits to before frozen. This can be very important to those that want to show all their inline crits together.

We've also added a new save button which is always visible when doing inline crits. This should help with saving crits periodically while writing them.

14 Sep 2007 at 14:28
New Game - Word Morph

We've added a new game called Word Morph to our Tools section. It's a lot of fun, go try it out!

After you've played a few times you should add your own chains to the mix.

9 Sep 2007 at 19:19
Member notes and Fun Info

We've prettied up a bit the Fun Info on the member pages as well as added the ability for Premium members to put private notes on members.
This provides an easy way to remember someone, or to remember to return a favour. You can always see your note on the members' profile page as well as on your "My Buddies" page.

15 Aug 2007 at 11:53
Paragraph-A-Day gets some love

The Paragraph-A-Day tool has been updated a bit.

We've made the information about which PAD's you're participating in more clearer, cleaned up the "Public Paragraphs" interface and added a feature to allow members to get notifications when their favorite PAD gets a new paragraph.

Go check it out. It's pretty cool

24 May 2007 at 20:42
Search for an expert at CC

All of us at CC are gifted in different areas: one member knows how to sew, another is prolific in calculus, still another might have grown up in a rural area and have specific knowledge of farming. We all need to do research into areas about which we are, sadly, clueless. Soat the request of many of our members, a new field has been added to each member's Personal Information page called Areas of Expertise. Please visit your info page and fill in that field with any subjects, hobbies, languages, places, skills, etc., that you consider yourself to be knowledgeable about. Then, when it's time to start researching, you can search the member database for people who may be able to help you.

How It Works:
When filling in the Areas of Expertise field, you'll be prompted for a Title and Additional Information. The title should be general (music, Spanish, fishing). The additional information can be more specific (I play guitar and cello; Spanish is my first language; I grew up on a small river and know everything there is to know about fresh-water fishing).

To search, simply go to the Members Page and click Search. Insert the keyword you're looking for and click on Personal Info. A drop-down menu will appear; choose Areas of Expertise. You will be given a list of members who mentioned that keyword in that section of their personal info page.

Good luck!

30 Apr 2007 at 18:15
Publishing FAQ

We have added a Publishing FAQ with answers to the frequent publishing questions that pop up on the forums. You can access it under FAQ in the left menu. Many thanks to newbie moderator Becca for putting this together.

27 Feb 2007 at 23:49
View Critiques for stories you've critted

Because of member requests we've added the ability for viewing crits on stories in periodless private Queues once you've submitted a crit on the story yourself.

This does not change anything for public queues or period-queues. In those you cannot view other crits until the story has left the crit cycle.

Let us know if there are any problems with this new feature.

10 Feb 2007 at 14:07
Preview Messages

We've added the ability to preview messages before sending from the Message Box due to a member request. Let us know if it's buggy

14 Jan 2007 at 21:45
A Novel idea!

The Novel System has been unleashed on the unsuspecting members of Critique Circle!
This is a system which allows out Premium Members to structure their submissions into a single cohesive whole, giving their readers a very intuitive way to critique your entire novel.

You should see a "My Novels" submenu entry under "Story Queue" in the lefthand menu which allows you to set up your own novel.

This is a very hard-core system for the author and might seem a bit daunting at first. Make sure you check out the multiple FAQ entries about the system before diving in.

If you see this icon: next to a story in the Queue, that means that the submission is a part of a novel and you're in for a page-turning treat

You can also view all novels posted by members by clicking on "Stories" on their member page and selecting "Novel Chapters".

For the reader the system is extremely intuitive and easy to use (which was the whole point ), but if you want more information on reading novels go here.

See here for discussion regarding the Novel System.

9 Jan 2007 at 18:03
Character Workshop Outlining Workshop overhaul

The Workshop formerly known as the Character Workshop has received a much needed makeover and a name change. It is now called "The Outlining Workshop" to emphasize that it's about so much more than just outlining your characters.

Here it is:

Take a look at all the great templates our members have been creating. If you're a premium member and you have a template that you're proud of hit that ol' publish button and allow others to enjoy it as well

21 Dec 2006 at 17:44
New frontpage - Mozilla compliant

We've changed the frontpage a bit. It should now be completely cross-browser compliant and has been tested with Firefox 2, IE 6, IE 7, Opera 9 and Netscape 8.

You can drag the boxes around by grabbing them by the icon in the top left corner and moving them to a new location. You can also close individual boxes by clicking on the icon.

You can also change the front page layout more than you could before. Go to My Page->My Settings and select Frontpage Layout to select the number of columns to display and how wide you'd like the columns to be. Cool!
We recommend that those with low resolutions (800x600 or lower) go with 1 or 2 columns and Thin or Full width. Those with high resolutions (1280x1024 or higher) should try out a 3 column Wide or Full layout.

This was the last hurdle for us at CC. There are now no elements that rely on Internet Explorer exclusively so all our bells and whistles should now work on all the most recent major browsers.

Go Firefox!

(Please let us know if this stuff is buggy, chances are we don't know about it )

9 Dec 2006 at 17:05
Lots of changes and fixes!

We've just made a bunch of little changes, fixes and tweaks to CC. These include

New editing toolbar
The new toolbar is completely cross-browser friendly so you don't have to let CC frustrate you on non-Internet Explorer browsers.

"Quote" function added
You can now quote arbitrary text using the new toolbar's "quote" button and you can also quote messages in the forums by clicking on the "quote" button next to each message

Reply function in the Forums moved
The reply window is now below the last page of the thread that you're replying to, which makes it slightly faster to post since you don't have to navigate to a "reply to" page

Main toolbar now rendered on client
We used to create the main left-hand toolbar on the server and send down an enormous html blob every time you switched pages. Now it's done by your browser using javascript which should speed-up page loading times a bit since this shaves off 5-10KB per page load.
You might also notice that it looks a little bit different on Internet Explorer than it did before, this is because it has now been unified across browsers so it should be the same on every browser.
Note: It is possible that this will cause problems on certain older browsers (and non-compliant new ones). If you experience problems with this please let us know.

Quicktext has been removed
The quicktext function was someone difficult to move over to our new toolbar, so we just removed it since we believe it's not used much. If you really really miss it, let us know
UPDATE: Quicktext was re-added after pleas from the members. It's the button to the far-right on the text toolbar.

Score-chart has been removed
The Score-chart critique type has been removed. Nonni is still crying about it, it's quite a heart-breaking thing to watch..
Instead, you can now give a grade with each question when doing a template critique.

That's it for now. Please let us know if things get messed up.

If you have some problems such as the new edit toolbar (with the smilies and such) not appearing sometimes or things looking weird, try holding down control and hitting the F5 key, that's control-F5

27 Mar 2006 at 14:40
Reminders in Submission Tracker

You can now add reminders to your tracking in the Submission Tracker tool. Just click "Add Reminder" in the tracking toolbar so that you will get a notification to update your tracking info.

Take a look:

18 Mar 2006 at 13:14
Organize your Queues!

Our premium members can now organize their Queues however they want to! You don't have to be limited by CC's automatic arrangement of the Queues and sections. You can shuffle them around at will!

Click on Arrange Queues on the Story Queue page to start.

This feature is just as complicated as it is powerful, so read the directions carefully and just ask if you have problems using it.

As a side-note, the arrangement on your Story Queue page as well as the Expanded/Collapsed state of each Queue and section is now stored in your user profile on the server, rather than in a cookie. Because of this the settings you choose should always stay the same, no matter what computer or browser you are using.

Note that this feature is still in beta so you should report all bugs bugs bugs to us

2 Mar 2006 at 15:45
Bookstore made cooler!

We've just made some changes to the CC bookstore so that now you can add books to specific categories yourselves! Try the "Search Amazon" feature and recommend books to add to our bookstore.

Remember, every dollar you spend on Amazon by clicking on the book from CC's bookstore, whether it is from our own selection or by using "Search Amazon", is a couple of cents in CC's wallet and it doesn't cost you a dime!



16 Dec 2005 at 15:18
Forum Search overhaul

We've just rewritten the forum search feature. It might actually be regarded as usable now

This hasn't been tested very well yet (that's your job! ). Please let us know of any bugs you encounter.

12 Dec 2005 at 14:24
, pretty pictures!

We've added icons to the left-hand menu. Turn them on by using .

9 Mar 2005 at 20:30
New Spell Checker

We've added some home-brewed spell checking functionality to the site. Activate it by clicking on "Spell Check" in row no. 2 in your text box toolbar.

CCSpell is undergoing development and I would appreciate it if you could help out by testing it and giving me bug-reports.

Let me know what you think, gang

some more information here

22 Jan 2005 at 16:07
Character Workshop updated

We've worked a bit on the Character Workshop. Now it's much easier to create templates and you're no longer limited to character templates.
Use the Workshop to enter information about your planets, races, weapons or anything else!

You can also add up to four pictures to each "character" and the amount of text you can write into each entry has been increased.

Let us know if you have any suggestions for improvements.

8 Nov 2004 at 23:39
The newbie helpline

The Critique Circle's newbie helpline is now operational! Users with fewer than 20 visits or less than a month old now have a "Ask for help" icon on the left-hand toolbar. If it is highlighted it means that someone from the CC's crack squad of newbie-helpers is online and ready to assist you. Just click the icon and you can get immediate assistance with any trouble you may be encountering on CC.

We're constantly looking for new people to help out. If you think you know CC better than most let us know and help out by joining the ever-growing team of newbie helpers.

6 Oct 2004 at 13:09

We have a fun new tool here at CC. It's the Paragraph-A-Day tool that allows you to build a story incrementally by adding a paragraph to it every day when you log on to the site.

The tool has some other great features as well: You're able to make the story public so others are able to view it and add it to your Personal Information so people can easily access it from your profile. You're also able to automatically graph your progress. It's good fun to see that line go up!

As an added benefit for our Premium Members they are able to invite specific members to participate in their story building, allowing for the ultimate cooperative enterprise.
Premium Members are also able to have any number of stories ongoing instead of just one.

Have fun with the tool and let us know if you have some good ideas for enhancements.

28 Sep 2004 at 20:01
Memberlist filters

We've added some filtering options to the memberlist to help us to better find the users we're looking for. Check it out!

22 Aug 2004 at 15:30
Book of the Week

Every week we will select a new book to feature as our Book of the Week. The selected books are for sale in our Bookstore.

Connected to Book of the Week is a thread which we hope will be a place of lively discussion.

When you buy a book in our Bookstore you are supporting Critique Circle

28 Jun 2004 at 19:59
Editing posts and time-zone settings
It is now possible to edit and delete your own posts on the forums. In the right upper corner you can see an x and a pencil. Clicking on deletes the post while clicking on allows you to edit it.
There is a 20 minute timeframe for this, after that you can no longer edit or delete.

You can also delete a thread that you have started, as long as that thread hasn't received any replies.

Time zone
If you go to My Page, Settings, you can set your time-zone. GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) is used as reference.

By default, people have the server time, which is EST.
Everyone should have a reminder on the front-page, asking them to set their time-zone.

7 Jun 2004 at 16:42
Star critiquer
To make proficient and helpful critiquers more visible and to reward them for their efforts, we have implemented the star recognition system into the queues.

A member who has been granted a Free Pass for his efforts will also get besides his name when he has a story in the queue. The star will expire a month after receiving the free pass.

If a member has received grades for 20 critiques or more and has an extremely high cumulative critique grade, he, as well, will get a star besides his name.

Thanks to our members for bringing this promotion possibility to our attention

25 May 2004 at 22:27
Grand Opening of CC's bookstore

Ladies and gents, we proudly introduce Critique Circle's very ownBookstore.
In the bookstore you will find your favorite books, recommended ones, bestsellers from Amazon and loads more.

We encourage you to make use of our store when you're in the shopping mood, as by doing so you are also supporting Critique Circle (as we get a few cents out of every book purchased through our links )

To make the store even more interesting, it's possible to see comments from fellow CC members for each book. So by all means, rate the books and comment on them.

In order to keep the store packed with interesting books, you can add to our collection by going to Amazon Search and type in search words.


22 Apr 2004 at 05:30
Totally redesigned Character Workshop!

The Character Workshop has been completely rewritten and offers unsurpassed features and flexibility. Those of you who have used the old workshop will (hopefully) find the new one to be a huge improvement.

It's possible that a few bugs linger so don't be shy to contact us if you find one

Due to the radical design changes it is not possible to move characters created with the old workshop over to the new one but those characters are still accessable through the Character Workshop main page.


The Queue Classifieds

Due to member requests we've added the ability for Premium members to advertise their Queues publicly at the bottom of the "Story Queue" Page.

7 Jan 2004 at 15:23
Suggest a poll

Members are now able to add their own polls! Click "New Poll" in the polls box to suggest a new poll.

29 Nov 2003 at 20:47
Submission tracker!

The Submission Tracker is a new addition to our Tools section. It allows you to keep track of your manuscript submissions to agents, magazines, publishing houses, etc.

You can track each manuscript individually as well as maintain a tracking history for each one.

Try it out!

6 Nov 2003 at 15:51
We have a new Queue System!

Currently there are two queues:

- Fantasy, SF and Horror
- General — anything that does not fall into the other categories

This will make the queues more accessable, and ensure shorter waiting periods.

We will adjust the nature and number of queue as we see how things develop — add a queue for popular genres and pull out queues that stand empty.

You can subscribe to one or more of the queues, and the credits are global: you can use credits you earn in one queue to submit a story to another.

Coming up: The Premium System — Dedicated readers

We are determined to keep the Critique Circle ad-free if at all possible, and are in the process of creating some extra features for those willing to support us with a small annual fee. The most exciting feature of the Premium System will be the ability to create your own private queues.

There will be two possibilities.

— a dedicated reader system. You create your own queue, and invite other members to critique your story. They are the only ones who will be able to view your story

— a private critique group. Premium members can form their own critique groups, inviting other Premium members to join them. Only the members of that queue will be able to view the stories and the critiques, and the queue owner has full control over the queue.

Premium members will also have their own private forum, and can grant access to their friends — the perfect private place to discuss stories and crits.

Please keep the reports coming, whether it's about things you like, don't like, find confusing or problematic! All feedback is welcomed!

As always, you can post on the forums, contact us through the "report bug" or "idea box" buttoms, mail "administrator" through your mailbox, or email us at

Thank you! We hope you enjoy the new system.

Member submitted content is © individual members.
Other material is ©2003-2021
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