Testimonial about Critique Circle

This is an awesome site!
This is a great place to hear feedback on your writing, and to find a community of people just like you. Critique Circle is a great place!
Virginia, USA
Member since 26 Jul 2020

For masochist writers 😊
Your story couldn't be shredded in a more constructive manner so:

Abandon pride all ye who enter here. This is where you start to improve...
Len Morgan
Hullbridge, Essex, England
Member since 7 May 2005

The Start of My Journey
One day, the world will know the name D.A.Bell. They will know Critique Circle trained me.
Jacksonville, FLorida, USA
Member since 31 May 2020

Test the waters or improve your skills
Critique Circle has been my mainstay for four years. It's a great place to find out if your story is good or just to learn more about the craft of writing. It's also a great place to meet new authors (quite a few who have boatloads of talent). All of my stories were tested and retested by "CC critters", and my writing turned out far better for the experience. Highly recommended for any budding author!
Douglas Phillips
Seattle, Washington, USA
Member since 6 Oct 2016

Great resource for developing writers
Critique Circle has really helped me hone my writing skill. The opportunity to post stories/chapters on a weekly basis and establish ongoing critiquing relationships with other skilled writers has been invaluable to my development and has helped me uncover a lot of blindspots/identify ways to further polish my writing. The skill levels vary considerably on this site, so there's a place for both amateur writers and individuals who are already published. It's a great community, full of very supportive people who share a passion for writing and legitimately want to help one another improve. There's both a paid and a free option, which is nice, and the way it is set up (as well as the culture here) encourages people to spend time critiquing others' work - in other words, it's not just a site where you post your stories without anyone actually looking at them.
Writers float in, out, and back again. I have been using CC for about a year now, and highly recommend it as a resource
Member since 24 Oct 2019

Invaluable help for a budding author
I began writing fiction five years ago, starting from nothing except a strong desire to tell a story. My spouse and friends read my first attempts and were encouraging. That was nice, but not helpful: that first story was a mess and I didn't know how to start making it better. I ran the first chapters through Critique Circle and got the first real critiques from people who, like me, were figuring out the craft. Some crits pointed out lazy writing habits, some pointed out weakness in grammar. The best one laid it on the line: "Your first chapter isn't doing it's job. You have to introduce the character and the situation, but most of all, you have to engage the reader so they will continue reading the next chapter."

That's what CC is: honest crits that help you write better. I learn even more as I read the work of others, point out things that could help their writing, and then read the crits other have posted on that submission. As I get to be a better critter, I'm learning to be a better writer.

I self-pubbed my first two books six months ago, and will soon publish the third. I could never have had the confidence to take my writing that far without the help of my crit buddies at CC.
Kathryn Hoff
Maryland, USA
Member since 3 Oct 2016

An articulate community
CC is a gem, populated by a crew of amatuers and published writers whose sole goal is to help each other become better storytellers. Whether you are setting out on your maiden voyage or are an old salt, this is a great place to get honest, unbiased, and helpful feedback. I have learned a ton here, and am living proof that it takes a village.
Andy Mather
Member since 13 Sep 2017

Joining Critique Circle was a great decision!
"When I joined this site at the beginning of 2018, I thought that being critiqued would improve my writing skills. It sure has. But more importantly, being the person doing the critiquing has turned out to be just as vital to my improvement. I'm better able to see where my own stories need work and how to fix these areas. Thank you, Critique Circle!"—Glitterpen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Member since 23 Jan 2018

Rave Reviews for Critique Circle Writing Workshop
Critique Circle is my new favorite writing workshop! I might just make it my new Home Page!
E. Madison Cawein
Wenatchee,WA. 98801 USA
Member since 23 Mar 2019

Excellent Site!
I've checked out other site specifically for writers and this one is by far the best I've encountered. I've 'met' many interesting, talented fellow writers from around the world. I would recommend this site to anybody who wants to learn his or her craft and have a good time doing it.

Member since -

Literary Bastion
Trying to get advice on my first novel was a pride-swallowing marathon of pestering every avid reader I knew to get crumbs of feedback. In a desperate frenzy I signed up on so many writer's sites I lost track of the passwords. My splatterdart approach only succeeded when I submitted a short story on Critique Circle and was promptly ripped to shreds in the newbie queue.

While I clung tenaciously to what I thought was great material, I gradually cut out the dialogue tags, reduced my adverbs, punched up my adjectives, shortened my sentences, and phrased more concisely until I realized what I previously suspected was a good story actually was a great read. Even the nicest house looks better with a fresh coat of paint.

I have made a few indispensable connections on CC that have shaped the course of my second novel, either because of the splendid submissions I have read or the pointed critiques of my own writing, and in a few cases, valuable exchange of ideas. I am so addicted to this site that it has almost fully monopolized the precious little time I used to reserve for social media. Since I have found a literary bastion, I just can't stomach the LOL and OMG of the outside world anymore.
Theresa Handrahan
Eagle Pass, Texas, United States
Member since 21 Feb 2017

My book was finished and after sending a few queries I received no replies. I felt there might be something wrong with my work but I had no one locally to critique it. The support and encouragement I found on critique circle has been enormous. Various people pointed out missing details that needed to be added as well as those that might be extraneous. As a writer it is useful, indeed essential to have objective opinions. Thus far I have revised the first four chapters and although I have a long way to go, I am confident that the finished product will be so much richer, more readable, and in turn, saleable. Thank you!
Brooke Gazer
Member since 26 Sep 2017

Critique circle ensures true improvement
Critique circle has one of the widest scopes of ensuring improvement for real writers. A brilliant step to publication.

This was submitted twice. The first was approved, this one can be deleted - Jon Goff
Member since 5 Feb 2015

Critique circle ensures true improvement
Critique circle has one of the widest scopes of ensuring improvement for real writers. A brilliant step to publication.
Shandana Khalid
Member since 5 Feb 2015

You get by with a little (more) help from your friends
I become a better, more proficient writer from the moment I posted my first submission.Yes, critiques can sometimes be harsh, but so what? A diamond starts as a lump of coal under tremendous amounts of pressure. You learn more from your mistakes than from your successes. And this is a great place to learn. The ones who come and go, the ones who cannot set their egos aside, seldom reach their goals. The ones who stay, are willing to learn, they're the ones who become successful. If you're serious about becoming a writer, visit, stay and grow here.
Robert Hunting
Member since 19 Mar 2015

Not just a needle in a needle stack
Having searched online for somewhere to share my work I quite quickly found that many websites were designed in such a way that the work you put into helping others wouldn't necessarily be returned.

With CC it is possible to read great work from other writers whilst being afforded the opportunity to have others critique your own.

The atmosphere on CC is a friendly, warm, inviting place where people understand the importance of honesty and a thick skin.

I plan to continue using CC throughout my writing process and beyond. Your work does not become lost as a drop in the ocean and the feedback to date has always been beneficial, constructive and politely conveyed.

Great website!!!
Member since 14 Oct 2016

Learning about writing is a full-time hobby for me!
I retired a few years ago and took up writing for pleasure and to keep my mind active. I completed a few books, sent them to a publisher and although I received a "No Thank You," they provided me some valuable feedback. The most valuable was a link to CC suggesting that I could hone my skills through following their critique process. I've spent time going through the site learning all about the various tool, etc. and can say that I'm a believer in CC and look forward to getting help and hopefully helping others. Thank you CC for all your hard work pulling together this site and the group of like minded folks interested in writing.
Robert Ferguson
Charles Town, WV, USA
Member since 17 Feb 2017

Great site
Very helpful site and easy to use format. It's definitely helped improve my writing.
Member since 26 Oct 2016

best site ever
Best site ever! God bless the creators!
Member since 9 Oct 2015

10/10, would use again. Like every day.
The set-up is really great, and honestly, I couldn't think of a better way for aspiring authors to hone in on the craft. The people are typically nice and it's great to forge, if not friendship, at least mutual respect for other writers.
Kayle Kess
Member since 19 Nov 2015

Critique Circle really springboards learning
The constant critiquing and feedback has springboarded my learning. I apply, learn, and circle back again, and my writing has jumped to the next level. Critique Circle has springboarded my growth as a writer. I highly recommend it.
Member since 19 Feb 2016

Love Critique Circle
Hi there

Want to become a better writer? Join Critique Circle. Meet fabulous writing buddies and hone your skills. It's a great place to be.
Member since 8 Mar 2005

Encouraging thoughts...
The CC community is one of the best things that I've ever discovered for me, as a writer. Knowing that there are a mess of other writers out there struggling with the same story problems and plot holes as me keeps me going, and it keeps me coming back for more. I've seen some exceptional writing here, and some terrible writing. I've submitted both terrible and decent writing, and every time I do, there are cc'ers here who take the time to tear it apart if it needs it, to strip it down to the barest of bones and find something redeemable. I've also had high praise that hit me at just the right time, when I was starting to think I should stop submitting and stick to critting.

Some of the best writing I've done has been since I came to CC in December. I know I have a long way to go, but I'm taking all of you with me, and that's an encouraging thought.
Member since 30 Dec 2015

The answer to my prayers
After years yes I said years, trying to get someone, and I mean anyone just to read my writing and give me their honest opinion. Not as easy as it sounds if you are experiencing these symptoms there is light at the end of the tunnel. Critique circle is here to save the day. Get your stories out there and get some professional feedback by alot of very nice people. They give advice on everything... Writers want to know. Expecially if you are new to the industry this is the place for you.
Member since 19 Nov 2015

CC Rocks!
It's the writing buddy I was looking for!
Dorice Robichaud
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Member since 8 Feb 2016

No Other Writing Site Gives You THIS Kind of Functionality
I've been with Critique Circle for eight years now. During that time I've mooched around other writing sites too, but none can drill down into the nuts and bolts of writing in quite the same way as CC can. Why? Well, the website design for one, and within that the critique templates.

Everywhere else I've been on the net involves giving feedback by making general comments in one block paragraph, having to copy and paste particular sections of text to comment, or make suggested cuts. You can do that on CC, but even better is the inline critique template. This enables you to go paragraph by paragraph with comments, quote directly and easily from the text, and easily format your feedback. And if you don't have time to finish a critique you can close your browser down and your feedback will still be there waiting for you to continue from where you left it.

But as a writer, you can store your whole novel on the site, either in a private queue, or available for all CC members to read. With the sleek and easy Novel system, you can link your chapters so that your readers can easily click through to the next part of the story. Genius.

It truly is designed with critique in mind. And don't get me started on all the other tools there are available. We'll be here all day!

If you want serious feedback on your writing, this is the place to be.
Member since 25 Oct 2007

Improved Your Chance of Publishing with Critique Circle
Find the right critique partner(s) at Critique Circle, regardless of your goal and interest. Whether you want to find an agent, seek traditional publishing, or to self-publish, Critique Circle is the right choice. Unlike the traditional critique group, your time commitment is your choice—twenty minutes a month or more than two hours per day, it is up to you.

Practice makes perfect, or so the old adage goes. But there is more to perfection than mere practice. Correct your mistakes. Instead of making the same errors, Critique Circle affords you the opportunity to identify, correct, and understand your oversight through contact with writers from all over the world.

Critique Circle offers freedom to experiment: You are not locked into one type of writing. Traditional critique groups focus on a selected genre. Whatever you submit may be viewed by aspiring writers, published authors, and editors. Critique Circle allows the writer opportunities.

Learn by doing. Reading other critiques and offering critiques help in honing your skill set and improving your confidence. It is one systematic method writers can utilize to complete their project, and move into the submission process. Get help with that dreaded query letter, outline, or summary.

Develop a critical eye. Even if you are not ready for feedback on your story, Critique Circle offers the platform to analyze the work of others, figure out what qualities make it successful, and how you could improve it. With minimum time and effort you will learn this artistic distance and how it can provide benefits as you gain a better comprehension of the professional writers’ sphere.
Mosetta M. Penick Phillips-Cermak, Ph.D.
Dr. Mosetta Penick Phillips Cermak
Cleveland Ohio USA
Member since 6 Sep 2004

Top-notch site for cooperative critiquing
Critique Circle has a wide variety of writers who are happy to share their knowledge and experience. Joining this site has kept me working through my novel in good times and bad. Plus there are many interesting novels in a variety of genres for me to read and critique.
Barbara Yurkoski
Ottawa Ontario Canada
Member since 8 Mar 2014

I like it
The best part is the input you get from others. It really does help you get better at writing.

Member since 15 Feb 2012

I’d like to thank members of Critique Circle (www.critiquecircle.com), an online international writing site for all authors, many of whom critiqued my book and significantly improved it.

Christine Merritt
Christine Merritt
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Member since 29 Jul 2009

This is a friendly helpful group. Love them. I'm very happy to be part of the project.
Catherine Evans
Member since 26 Jan 2015

I have never visited a writing site more than once
I've never visited a writing site more than once, that is, before CritiqueCircle waltzed into my life. This website goes way beyond a simple reviewing website; it offers up a dazzling array of writing tools from outlining aides to name generators, as well as an extensive community of like-minded people and the more I write for this the more I sound like a commercial.

Oh well. CC needs a commercial.

Keep going guys, because whatever you're doing, you're certainly doing it right!
Petra Elliott
California, USA
Member since 25 Dec 2014

The Enormous Value of Critiques
The array of talent in the Critique Circle community of writers is astounding. Seasoned writers are patient, tender, and straightforward when they need to be with their guidance, while newbies have an amazing and fresh way of looking at things differently. With every critique, I'm taught how to really read what I write and re-examine the words I use. They have called to my attention that the way we speak in everyday language doesn't always translate well on the pages of fiction. Thanks to all of you who participate and make writing an ever-evolving and rewarding experience.
Donna B. Comeaux
Tulsa, OK
Member since 29 Feb 2012

Valuable, constructive feedback every time
I love the whole concept of this site and how flawlessly it has worked for each story I have posted. I have had 100% positive experiences so far. I always get feedback that is constructive and helpful and gives me a way to see what the reader is thinking and feeling throughout my piece. It's as good as joining a writer's group, if not better! You can give and receive feedback at whatever time is convenient for you. Thanks so much for creating this place!
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Member since 15 Jul 2011

More helpful than I could have hoped
I was really skeptical and scared to join an online critique group. I'm so glad I did it! The feedback I have gotten through CC has been enormously helpful. It's amazing what other people catch that I don't. My writing has improved since joining this site and I've been able to use feedback to make my stories so much better. I definitely recommend joining!
Amanda Ungleich
Member since 7 Jan 2014

CC- Supercharged Activity!
In a day and age in which most fan sites for amateur writers and the pros alike have crumbled to viruses, scamming publishers, and bad critiques, only one site emerges still alive: Critique Circle.

Having used various sites, which center around forums in which writers rarely share work, the credits required to receive critique (or critting) creates a no-spam environment where authors around the world can both help others work's reach their maximum potential and help themselves climb to the top of the New York Times Bestsellers.

IronDomain is proud to use Critique Circle.
Member since 15 Nov 2013

CC is worth the investment
Let's face it. As writers we can all use as many data points as we can get on our writing. Parents, spouses, friends, siblings - they are all great, but chances are they will not tell you what you need to hear. Critique Circle provides a cheap way to get a lot of good data points from other writers. Not all critiques are great, but some are. All provide some sort of feedback on your story - aspects you may not have thought of. When you see common threads - you know you have something to really consider. A great resource in a first line of editing.
Michael Zimmerman
Member since 2 Jul 2013

Great site
I joined CC recently, coming from another site where I was disappointed with the review process. CC has a great review process for submissions. Your work is placed into a story queue and you know exactly when it will appear for review by members. Additionally, my first submission was over seven-thousand words and I had reservations about members looking at such a long submission, but I got a very good critique from a member within two days of the submission appearing on the main review board.

Great site!
Member since 12 Oct 2013

A space for the creative mind.
I find CC a brilliant place to polish my ability in writing and read really intriguing chapters from other creative people. I am relatively new to writing but with some more practice on here I am pretty hyped for entering this years NaNoWriMo.
David Arnett
Hartlepool. England.
Member since 8 Feb 2013

Perspective is crucial for good writing and critiques
I formed a local writers group so I could talk shop with fellow writers. But critiquing each other's work is not part of our group's function. Why? Because I believe the best crits come from truly objective perspectives. It's hard to be objective and honest when crits are given in person—for the writer as well as the critter. It can be downright uncomfortable, and often unproductive. And slow-going.

Which is why I love and appreciate the Critique Circle site so much. It provides it all: a truly objective look at my work from multiple people; a place to talk shop and industry happenings; a place to get advice and a genuine community. And it's free! There are upgrades available at a nominal cost if the member wants the extra bells and whistles. I've checked out several on-line crit sites, and CC is by far the best due to the way they've set the site up. Hands-down, no contest, the best.

I highly recommend participating on CC to any writer, no matter where they are at on the journey. If you are well past the need to have your work critiqued, good for you! Maybe you've got a contract and a New York editor to do your crits. If that's the case, CC needs you. We want you. Emerging writers need experienced industry advice and strong crits on our submittals. You might even get some ideas and perspective on your own work without submitting anything. At the very least, you will have helped another writer that day.

Alex Sheridan
Member since 30 Sep 2012

Vital Step Towards Publishing
I've found Critique Circle to be invaluable in putting my manuscripts through the final editing stages before publication. Even if you have a group of beta-readers that you work with, the relative anonymity of the site allows critiques to be honest and forthright about your story's strengths and weaknesses. Critique Circle is populated by both published and novice writers. Their writing experience spans a wide spectrum, but at heart, they're readers—the target audience for anyone's work. Those who have critiqued my stories have offered a fresh perspectives on characters and plot lines—things I would never have imagined on my own. Take the time to post some of your work. You will find a host of thoughtful, insightful people willing to help sharpen your manuscript.
Member since 24 Mar 2013

Sold my first novel thanks to this site
Wrote a 50K romance novel for NaNoWriMo in November 2012. You've heard the story before. I thought it was ready. (HA!) Sent it out to a few friends and family (we love it!) Sent it out to a few more people. Had one very harsh beta reader suggest I rewrite the entire thing.

Finally found Critique Circle.


There are so many adverbs to describe how helpful the critiquers on this site are, but if I use too many I'll be told to examine my -ly usage. They improved my writing about 80%. What I learned from them, I tried to pass on to others posting in the queues. To my surprise, critiquing helped improve my writing as much as being critiqued.

Yesterday a publisher bought my book. My first romance novel will be published summer of 2013.
Member since 15 Oct 2012

Love love love it!
I LOVE Critique Circle! I have had so much fun since I came across this website. I've read some amazing works and I've learned so many new things from reading critiques on others works and the critiques of my own. I would definately recommend posting your stories here for good constructive criticism and help before submitting it anywhere else. This is the best free writing help you can get!
Redding, CA USA
Member since 4 Aug 2012

Critique Circle is a miracle!
CC is a great place for aspiring writers to post their work before publication, no matter what kind. I love the website because the people here are helping you, while at the same time working for the same goal. With the help of CC and the friends I have found here, I have been able to write a manuscript worthy of finding an agent. I give Critique Circle out of five.
Megan DePriest
Denver, Colorado, United States
Member since 18 Sep 2012

Better than all the rest!
When I had trouble, after years of absence getting on to the site (my password was going to spam and I thought perhaps the site had closed) I was so disappointed. I missed old friends. I tried other sites, but they were not nearly so easy to use. I do live in a strong writer's community, however, people become too close in face to face groups. They tend to disintegrate to gab fests, or people don't want to give honest feedback. A writer must have honest feedback to grow. The international community this site offers is fun. This site is simply the best writer's workshop I've ever been involved in, and I've been involved in many for many years.
Janine Bourdo
Columbus, Ohio , USA
Member since 13 Nov 2004

Creativity attracts creativity
I cannot (and don't want to) imagine how my books would turn out without the guidance and support I've found at Critique Circle. In only six months as a member I've made lasting friendships, met fabulous authors, and improved my writing immensely. Sometimes I honestly think I get more benefit in my own writing out of critiquing others than I do even in receiving critiques.

The vast difference in writing styles and reading styles melds together, offering a variety of perspectives. I've found crit buddies that help me with grammar, and ones that help me with plot holes or snags, and ones that simply encourage me to write each and every day.

I was incredibly nervous about joining, because I felt I would be so much more inexperienced than everyone else, but my fears proved unfounded. Several experienced and knowledgeable members took me under their wing and took the time to try and teach me.
Kelly Walker
Fredericksburg, VA, USA
Member since 27 Jun 2012

The best resource for writers since writing excuses
Critique circle is a wonderful website that has allowed me to expand my writing style and learn so many new tricks.

The forums are 90% useful, but you will spend at least 70% of your time just sitting in the procrastination lounge... Lol, it's what I do between classes at work.

Getting to critique other people who write in the same Genre as you will allow you to see how they approach writing, learn from their strong points, point out their weak points with your strengths and everyone benefits. They come back to critique your story, and the same thing is exchanged, but the other way.

This has helped my writing by leaps and bounds. It is a fantastic resource, and everyone should try it out!
Travis Sullivan
Member since 16 Jun 2012

Friends across the World
All with one interest - writing.
Mixed ages, sex and abilities, genres and opinions.
Helpful and encouraging to all would-be writers.
In the many years I have been a member I have benefited enormously from the support.
Come and join us!
Dilys White
Cheshire England
Member since 18 Sep 2006

Love of CC
I have been on CC for three years. In that time I have made friends, most I've never seen face-to-face, that I know will last a lifetime ... or the time I'm blessed to have left.

I also know that I will be friends with one of those blessed few who rocket to the top of the writing world. I will have known them when they were so fearful their work wasn't up to snuff. A insecurity so strong it took over a year of urging to get them to post a story ... a story (then books) that confirmed what I knew in my heart ... they could write and write well.

I have been encouraged, corrected, and taught to believe in myself and what I write on this site. I've learned from people I don't even know but when I see their 'handle' I want to read their posts because I know there will be a lesson learned about grammar, voice, style ... the love of writing will be explored and picked to the bone.

CC is where I come knowing I can share my ideas, get honest feedback to help me improve yet not lose my writer's voice, where people want me to succeed as much as I want them to, and where life-long friends are made.

Honestly, what more could I ask for? There is nothing to compare out there on the world-wide-web to my CC.
Houston, Texas, US
Member since 23 Mar 2010

When I say I "like" the site, I really mean it.
I get opinions from people all over the world which really helps me think outside my own box. The general community of writers is among the most helpful and generous of any group of people, and that's exemplified on Critique Circle.

I like it so much I haven't joined any other critique site. I like it so much I became one of the volunteer moderators.
Marcia Kuma
New York State, U.S.A.
Member since 17 Jun 2009

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!
It's six and a half years now since I began my endeavor to be a writer. The various stages I have gone through, and am still going through, have proved to me the value of this site.

I had always believed that other new authors were like myself, searching for any and every tool to help them in their goal towards perfecting the craft of being a writer. I joined a local writing group. Not good enough. I joined an online workshop at Critters.org. Lots of critiques but the pace was way too slow on posting work. I joined TheNextBigWriters.com. Good pace, enough crits to work with, but the detail wasn't there. I joined Authonomy.com. An absolute waste of time. You learn nothing there.

I also availed myself of other sources such as the Water Cooler at AbsoluteWrite.com and Goodreads.com. I joined groups on Facebook and scoured numerous blogs for writing tips.

When I joined CritiqueCircle.com, I found that the inline crit method was the best tool out there. I have ever since espoused the virtues to others, especially when I felt their work could use a little help.

What surprised me was how many new authors stop at the first one they find. It's like - Hey, I'm in a writer's group already, I don't need another one - attitude.

I guess there's some truth to the axiom - you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.

To any new writer I'd suggest, take a sip, you'll dive right in. Don't be a horse.

Michael Drakich
Michael Drakich
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Member since 3 Jul 2010

Impressed with Critique Circle
I joined Critique Circle this week. I'm extremely impressed with how well thought-out the website is, and with the openness and quality of the community of writers. Visiting the site regularly for the past few days, and providing a number of critiques, has given me the same sense of a writing community that I had in my last creative workshop course. Of course, certain things like personal connection are missed online, but I'm surprised by how fulfilling and enjoyable the critiquing connection is with the many talented writers on the site. It's really helped me feel connected to a community of writers again. The success of the site is absolutely a result of the ingenious way it is designed (the "credit" incentive system being a huge help to encouraging a healthy, openly sharing community).

Just my thoughts after a few days on the site. Thanks for making this space for writers to share. Also love that it is SAFE here.

Member since 22 May 2012

Writers Digest Was Right
I first learned about Critique Circle from Writers Digest. It is the only writing forum I visit everyday!
Keven Pirritano
Member since 7 Nov 2011

Novice to Pro, Critique Circle is the Way to Go!
Critique Circle is an amazing resource for all writers; aspiring or published. You can get all kinds of valuable feedback on your writing, discuss writing topics in the forums, and there are plenty of links and tools to aid you in the writing process. And that's just the free membership! If you write, you should join today!
Samantha Paige
Member since 26 Dec 2011

The Best Writing Tool
I make next to nothing. College is an impossibility. Writing workshops always cost money and never seem to be near me. I can't even afford a car, let alone long trips without pay from my regular job. CC has been the only solution to fit my needs.

The fact that CC is volunteer supported and donation funded means it fits in my budget. Free fits in anyone's budget. I like that they keep a Tit-for-Tat listing so I know who has helped me. It lets me return the favor of a good critique. It also helps me connect with people I would never have met on my own. An English teacher with four published stories on the market? I'd never find someone like that next door. A novelist willing to help teach concise writing? Maybe once in a lifetime at a book signing. Yet these are people I've met through CC, as strange as it may sound. Every skill level is here, even my dismal one.

And my dismal skills are not staying dismal. Since becoming involved in CC I've written more actual narrative fiction than the last two years of poking around in a private journal. In just a month I've been handed dozens of helpful links to other writers' blogs about how to write better. I've even been introduced to the Turkey City Lexicon, and found more flaws in my writing than I could safely beat with a stick. Things I took as good writing before I have since learned makes editors roll their eyes and groan.

And then there are the forums. A place where I can exchange ideas, links, or just procrastinate with other writers. There are threads dedicated to helping writers find that ideal hook for a story, or word games to help creative thinking. The best part is, I can ask a whole community for input on the most neonate questions and receive a courteous reply in a day or two. Just the courteous reply alone is rare on the internet.

Toss out the old adage "you get what you pay for". CC gives me more than any pay site ever offered. They were kind enough to even hand me a free premium membership simply because I kept myself active in the community. When's the last time you got something without strings on the internet?
J. D. Wilson
Member since 26 Nov 2007

What Critique Circle Means to Me
Before Critique Circle, I was a lonely writer sitting on the couch with my laptop talking to myself. I had a draft that I sent to a few friends who all said it was lovely. I began to search online for information on how to self publish and ran across a post by Victorine Lieske on Kindleboards recommending that every would be author get their work critiqued at Critique Circle.

Without looking back, I rushed to CC and signed up. I soon found out that I didn't know the basics of comma usage and that my prose was a deep shade of purple. But more than that, I met and made wonderful friends and grew my knowledge base by both giving and receiving critiques and following up on suggestions.

I learned what filter words are, why dialogue tags do not include "smiled", "laughed", "continued." I also learned the individual styles of the various writers on CC and profited from each and every one. I had my Sweet Sheriff, my Internal Thought Monitor, my David Defender, my Hot and Spicy Meter Maid, my Macho Manly Makeover, my Emoticon Exploder, my Was-Has-Been Banner, among many loyal and dedicated critters who gave me over 1100 crits.

After exactly one year on CC, I published my first book, Michal's Window. I'm truly thankful for all the help and advice I received on Critique Circle. Nobody should publish before passing through the friendly but firm critters of Critique Circle.

Rachelle Ayala
Rachelle Ayala
Member since 22 Feb 2011

Great Site
This is a great site for writers who are looking for a mature, experienced community to give them feedback on their work. I highly recommend it to any aspiring authors.
Mike Denny
Member since 14 Nov 2009

Travel Memoir on China -#3 on Amazon
Thank you Critique Circle. My book, Once Upon A time in China: Worms, Cha and a Harmonious Society, just came out on Amazon, 30th Dec 2011. Last weekend Amazon rated it as Number 3 - one of the hot new books about China.

In my preface (you can read the first 3 chapters online) I thank CC members who critiqued my book and significantly improved it. A big help and a big thank you.
Christine Merritt
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Member since 29 Jul 2009

The main requirement I have from a writing site is that I am comfortable with it. It needs to feel like some kind of 'home', and CC, after only a relatively short time of a few weeks, is beginning to take on a sense of what that might become.

I am not a premium member, and so have no access to forums or other privileged sections, but the feedback from member critiques has been helpful and encouraging.

The site is easy to navigate and quick to accept updates which I post. The links are stable and fast, and the homepage menu system is logical and clear.

I have already recommended the site through my Facebook profile and book group, and have e-mail 'blasted' all members of my own website.

Looking forward to remaining here for some considerable time.
Member since 7 Jul 2011

Critique Circle: Nothing Quite Like It!
Want feedback from writers who love to read — all age groups — all around the world? Critique Circle makes it possible! Plus, you get access to one of the best teachers: the experience of critiquing other people's work. Spend a little time or a lot, use the writing tools and discussion threads if you like, or just enjoy looking at the word of the day and the quotes from famous people. CC is easy to use, friendly, and well-organized. I've had three books published now, and helpful suggestions from CCers made them better before they went to press.

Dianne C. Stewart,
author: Quimbaya; Longitude: Zero Degrees; Season of the Cold Moon
Dianne Stewart
Knoxville, Tennessee, U.S.A.
Member since 14 Feb 2007

Tell Me What CC Did
I am so grateful to Critique Circle. When I first came to this site my writing was sub-standard. People read my story and made constructive criticisms and suggestions. They asked questions and pointed out weak points in my plot. I learned how to show and not tell my story. Each week progress in my writing occurred. I know there is always room for improvement, but without CC I would not be writing the way I am now. I have also noticed improvement in the writings of many of the authors I follow on CC. Each week our writing gets stronger as we apply what we learn through the critiques.

One added benefit of CC is the points system. As I critique others' works to earn points I learn more about writing. Sometimes it is easier to have distance in editing when you are not emotionally involved in the story. I begin to notice the same things that I've pointed out in other's writings in my story, and correct the mistakes before posting.

Critique Circle has wonderful links to sites like Bookshelf Muse and other writing sites that provide suggestions for improved writing. I have been grateful to the administrators that constantly improve the site and faithfully update the posts. The amount of work that they do to keep this site running smoothly needs to be commended.

Thank you so much for your invaluable site.

Heather Marsten
Heather Marsten
Upstate New York, USA
Member since 24 Dec 2010

A great place for writers to hone their skills
Simply put, the members of CC have been invaluable to the polishing of my novel. I now want every chapter to go through the process at least once before publishing it. I have learned so much already by being critiqued and by critting others' work. Thanks for creating such a great place for writers to hone their skill.
Member since 25 Mar 2011

Published author owes thanks
I just had a novel published entitled The Cursed Man. I want to thank the staff at CC for this awesome format, and thanks to all the authors who helped me with the story. The forums and the advice on CC was critical in helping me get published. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Critique Circle!
Port Saint Lucie, Florida, USA
Member since 14 Oct 2006

Critique Circle is home to me
I became a member of Critique Circle about 5 years ago when I needed some free editorial work on my first novel The Vagabond King. Up to that point I had been laboring in isolation, not realizing that there was a community of writers out there at the end of my fingertips.

The people I met were all so supportive and constructive and I made such wonderful friends. I went away for a few years and have recently come back and am as impressed by the site and aall it has to offer as I was before. I can't tell you how grateful I am to the "the little website from Iceland that could". Snorri Snurluson would be proud
James Conway
Member since 28 May 2006

Newbie but not for long!
I just wanted to say that all though I've just started by reading a couple of things, this place looks really helpful and awesome. I'm also impressed with the writing here. I look forward to visiting often.

Coral Russell
Member since 20 Nov 2010

I keep coming back to CC
I have visited around to other critique sites, but have not found one as easy to work with and with the best mix of writers as here on Critique Circle. The format allows me to test my writing skills through several different venues. Unlike other sites, CC allows me control over who I want to critique my work. I've recieved the best mix of positive and constructive feedback for my writing without feeling ridiculed or judged. I have even connected with some good writing buddies who I now correspond with outside of CC. I love the option to set up my own queue and manage it my way. The writing exercises and tools are always fun too and have inspired me to create new scenes for my WIP.
Diane Andersen
Illinois, USA
Member since 24 Jul 2009

Best Critter Site on the web!
Critique Circle is the bomb! Everyone on the site is welcoming and all critique' are tastefully done. The site has tons of helpful information for all writers and is simple to use for the newbies.

If you're considering joining, I totally recommend it. There is NO other site like it and the feedback is always constructive and positive. You won't find another site as beneficial as Critique Circle. I am a member of several other critique sites and I can honestly say this one is the best.

I give it stars out of five!

Thanks for such a wonderful site and great members, Critique Circle.

Member name: Ham4you
Omaha, Nebraska
Member since 22 Sep 2010

Owe it all to CC
I can't say enough about CC. I joined about 18 months ago. The information I have gleened from this site and the education and support from my private queue and fellow critters has been invaluable. I totally redid my book and today I signed a contract with a publisher to publish my first novel. What can't I say about CC. This site and my fellow critters took me all the way there.
Thanks so much.
June Bourgo
British Columbia, Canada
Member since 12 Sep 2009

CC helped me land my contract!
I thought I had an awesome, tight story when I cranked it out, but after about a dozen form rejections, I decided to "bare it all" for critique. I learned about CC from a professional writer's organization whose web site I'd been following, and jopined as a basic member in December of 2008.

My first few critiques showed me how wrong I was. learning from other writers, getting that ever-precious "second set of eyes," and open, honest feedback helped me to polish my work to the point where it was picked up in June 2010 by a small press with big connections in the industry. I have two novels under contract now, and I'm working on the third.

Even beyond the critique and learning stages, I have made some of the best friends I've ever had through CC.

Refine your craft. Learn new skills. Meet strange (and wonderful) people. Join CC!
Cyrus Keith
Member since 15 Dec 2008

The learning place
Critique Circle is the place to learn the art of writing. The advice and gentle corrections I receive have brought me a long way on my journey towards becoming a good writer.
Tom Chelmowski
New Mexico, USA
Member since 28 May 2006

Best. Site. Ever.
When I first joined this site in -08 I though it'd be just another to dump my writings on in hope of some attention. Turned out CC was quite a bit more than that - I've never gotten so much and so detailed feedback on my works before! It is a lot more advanced than on any other art or writing site I've been on before. It beats fictionpress, elfwood, deviantart - not only because of the thorough critiquing templates but also because of the tools that helps with the writing process.
Right now my personal favourites among the tools are the exercises (sparks the inspiration) and the monthly progress graph, my goal for this month is 15000 words and it's comforting to see that I'm holding a good pace
Another love of mine when it comes to CC is the front page when I log in. It's like I'm looking at a bulletin board, with reminders (there are two stories that I've promised to read and crit - good to have that notice up front!), a list of hot discussions in the forums and bunch of other little notices that makes things easily accessible.

Oh, and one more thing. If you are writing something that you plan to submit to a publisher and don't want your work to float around on the net - do not worry! The texts submitted here can only be seen by members and the submitted pieces can easily be hidden or deleted after you've gotten the crits.

Hope to soon see one of your writings up for critique here!
Örebro, Sweden
Member since 19 Nov 2008

Critique Circle is an amazing writing community. I can never read through my writing and pin-point what sounds right and what sounds wrong (everything sounds wrong to me). To come here and get constructive feedback from serious writers is amazing. Everyone is super nice and we all share a common passion. I've definitely grown as a writer in the extremely short time I've been here.
New York City
Member since 6 Aug 2010

Feeling elated about cc...

I feel lucky that I found this site. I like that the system gives us the freedom to choose what to critique while we get so much constructive criticism to polish our own writing. I also enjoy being in touch with so many interesting members.
There are many people in cc who have already published their work, and so they give us insight on the process. I joined it a few months ago and I really appreciate this community.
Member since 5 Nov 2009

I love CC
Critique Circle is the best writing website EVER! I feel so lucky to have found it. Everyone is so nice and fair. You write your stories, and people actually crit them for you within a reasonable time. I was new and posted a story the same week. I got 6 crits in 2 days! I posted my second story about a month and the same! Everyone is sooo helpful and nice. There are also people who will give you a straight honest crit if you ask. Here at Critique Circle, you also learn how to crit. The more you crit and get crits, the more you learn. It's been an awesome experience for me as a serious writer. My little 11 year old sister even joined! She loves it too. It's an all around great environment.
Dallas, Texas, United States
Member since 2 Mar 2010

Love Ya
Yep. I love CC. I was a member of another group and someone mentioned this site. I checked it out, became part of the Mixer and never looked back.

I have found the writing talent to be outstanding and the same goes for the attention to detail when it comes to the crits given. The knowledge base regarding the writing world and all it encompasses has been so helpful. All the tools offered—I have not seen on any other writer site.

What can I say. The girl is in love with CC.

Flatlander from Texas
Member since 23 Mar 2010

Feature-rich, exceptional site
Critique Circle has been around a few years now, and it's rock-solid. I've never been unable to access the site, never encountered any bugs. There are a TON of features, even for the 'free' membership level. Not only are there queues for various story genres, but you can make your own queue and invite a set of trusted critiquers to join. The forums offer helpful advice and fun games, plus camaraderie and a sympathetic "ear." I've used several critique exchange tools and web sites, and IMO CC is the best of them all.
KC May
Member since 11 Jul 2004

Friends around the World...
with an interest in common.
It is so encouraging to 'speak' to writers of all ages/sex/nationality and hear of their experiences. Reading their submissions is enlightening - receiving their crits is like getting a free 'edit' of your work. I am so glad that I was recommended to this site.
Thanks CC for making everything possible.
Dilys White
Member since 18 Sep 2006

This Site Helps Both The Beginner And Serious Writer
I want to thank you all for helping me. This site is wonderful, and I'm glad I came across it.
Mark Cutler
Member since 22 Dec 2009

Increase Potential
Since I found CC my writing has dramatically improved! The advice other writers are willing and able to give is outstanding. For honest feedback on any of my writing whether its for college classes, personal essay or my own fiction I come to critique circle before I let anyone else see it. This has been the best site I have used in the last three years of searching for honest people willing to give both good and bad feedback. Thanks CC members!!
Summer Ross
Casper/Wyoming/United States
Member since 11 Apr 2006

This place is awesome!
I'm glad I came here!

CritiqueCircle is pretty much a group of writers who want constructive criticism, and who - for the most part - are willing to give it. I love this place because it's anonymous; people aren't afraid to tell you what you need to change in order to make your story better. I've improved a lot during the two years I've been here, and I'm looking forward to improving more as I go. So won't you join?
Lynchburg, VA, United States
Member since 26 Sep 2009

I have only been on this site for under a month, but the way that it is set up, and the commitment of the writers on this site, ensure that every story has a fair period for critique. As well, i love that writers need to critique in order to post, this is a circle of life here. This is my favorite favorite favorite critiquing site

Melissa McDonald
Member since 29 Dec 2009

I love Critique Circle!
If you want to know the best writing site around, it's Critique Circle. No kidding! I've been a member for a few years and I'm pleased to say that my writing has improved ten-fold and my confidence level has soared. In Critique Circle you get everything form a regular critique for your stories and poems, to help with query letters and cover letters. You can ask questions, post contests and play games.

Since being in this group I've place in the top ten in two nation wide contests. Not bad for a woman in her prime who's only been writing seriously for a few years, eh? I've also made some wonderful writing buddies in here. It's wonderful to be in a place like this where I feel I totally belong. There's a real community feeling in here!

B. Good
Member since 8 Mar 2005

On learning
I have gained more knowledge from the members of Critique Circle than any class has ever taught me.
Member since 24 Oct 2009

Test your stories and novels on a variety of readers.
Critique Circle provides feedback for your stories, novels and plays from many types of readers and writers. From them you'll get suggestions to improve your writing, and if you persist, you'll develop a small circle of writing buddies who share your reading and writing interests. The website is wonderfully organized and maintained, and membership is free!
West Virginia, USA
Member since 3 Aug 2009

Encouragement and a gentle (or not) push
To be frank, you get out of Critique Circle what you put in, which is why I love it. Not only has it improved my writing and story skills, but I press myself harder to deliver weekly additions to my story. Knowing that there are other people other there willing to take the time not just to read, but critique my work is reward enough.

Do yourself a favor and sign up for this site. Just don't be afraid to look at your own work a whole new way.
Chris Demorro
Member since 12 May 2009

It has helped me be a better playwright.
My wife and I have been playwrights for 14 years. We operate a publishing company and have had several plays published. The good members at Critique Circle have helped us greatly improve the quality of our plays through their incredibly constructive suggestions.
Jim Jeffries
Member since 29 Jul 2009

Me like - it good!
"Me like Critique Circle - it good!"

That's how I USED to write, before joining Critique Circle. Now, thanks to the many fine members of CC, my writing is much, much gooder. Okay, I'm still a newbie, but it's an improvement.
Mark Dimig-Mathis
I'm from Joisey (exit 10)
Member since 17 Aug 2009

critique circle caters for your every need!

Are you just itching to share to the world your amazing story, but like me struggle to harness that spectacular imagination of yours and put it to pen and paper? Well look no further Critique circle is absolutely the right choice to make. Everyone on here is really helpful and there to help in anyway they can! Critique circle has an extensive list of categories and genres in which to submit your work. therefore members who specialise in this field can easily find your work and critique it the best way they can! Critique circle has a fair system witch means everybody's work will get looked at!
Writers of all levels are welcome, I am dyslexic and thought I would never be able to write anything worth publishing but with Critique circle's help I now have the confidence and self belief which is bringing me one step closer to realising my dream!

Critique Circle really does cater for your every need!

Member since 23 Jan 2009

Calling all Writers!
If you want to make contact with writers of all ages, from around the globe, then join the CC family.
Critiques of your work will be invaluable and the members are generous with their help and advice.
Everyone needs encouragement and joining CC will give you the impetus to continue and progress with your writing.

We look forward to sharing our experience and friendship with you.

Dilys White
Cheshire, UK
Member since 18 Sep 2006

CC has already improved my writing
I have only been a member of Critique Circle for a few weeks, but my writing skills have already benefited from my membership. Not only have I received helpful criticism of my work, I have also learned a lot from critiquing others' pieces. Plus there is a ton of information on the publishing business and how to market your work. What a site!
Jan Melara
Laurens, SC, USA
Member since 29 Jul 2009

A Great Resource!
I am new to being an author and after completing most of my book I began looking for somewhere to get it critiqued. Critiquecircle.com has a bunch of great resources, an easy system to critique and get your story critiqued, and a great group of individuals who are willing to help you.

The people here on the forums and website are better than any other online critique workshop I've tried. Friendly, educated, and willing to help makes them an amazing group of people. Combined with the systems in place on the website this is the only resource I choose to use for the editing of my novel.
Robert Lee
USAF Academy, Colorado, USA
Member since 9 Aug 2009

Finding the CC has literally changed my life
Finding the CC has literally changed my life. I would never have continued writing if I hadn't had the support of my fellow future literary giants. Crits from the members of the CC have turned my casual, fairly average submissions into skilled, professional quality work and, if I ever make it into the big time, it will truly be because of the editing and encouragement I found here. And I will say so to anyone who will listen.
Member since 26 Jul 2004

Wouldn't be published without CC!
I've been a member of CC for several years now, and aside from the awesome community and wonderful friendships I've made here, I believe the crits I've received have been a factor in getting quite a few short stories published. Thank you, wonderful critters, and thank you CC!
Merc Fenn Wolfmoor
Anoka, MN, USA
Member since 8 Jan 2005

Best platform
Critique Circle is the most unselfish and writer friendly platform. I love to write, so i often scout such sites but they either ask for contribution or they help half heartedly.

Thanks cc for being a truly unselfish website to help aspiring writers.
best wishes,
Member since 9 Sep 2007

Helpful Critters
And that's critters as in critics. Not animals.
Anyway, the main reason I love CC is 'cause the critics are helpful. They aint flattering, but their critiques improve my writing more than the reviews or critiques on any other site I'm on.
In three weeks my writing has improved more than three months-worth in another writing society I've tried out.
Fallbrook, CA, USA.
Member since 24 Mar 2009

Couldn't fix the writing without CC
I'm continually amazed by the quality of critiques I get from other members—and how (mostly) warmly mine are received. There is truly no way to become a better writer than to critique others' work and allow others to examine your own. The community of people dedicated to making all of us better at this has allowed me to grow in this very difficult craft in areas I never would have on my own. (Oh, and the interface is awesome, too!)
Columbus, OH
Member since 13 Dec 2005

This is not one of those sites that you can post your writing and readers give you a "good job, keep up the good work!" Critique Circle is filled with many talented writers who know what their talking about, and your writing will improve after that first critique.
Courtney Megaro
Member since 21 Aug 2007

Super Supportive
I'm am so glad that I stumbled onto Critique Circle. The members are very supportive to newbie writers like myself. The critiques that I have received have been very constructive. No one has tried to discourage me, which I feared when I put my first story out there. It is such a wonderful community of writers. I have poeple all over the world reading my story and telling me whether they like it or not and what I can do to make it better. Such a positive place to write.
Maple PLain, Minnesota
Member since 7 Jan 2009

Terrific Criques!
I've been in many critique groups in the past 10 years and this is the best! Even though huge, your Critique Circle is well-organized and extremely helpful. I can't say enough good about the critique process, either. Critiquers are all very insightful and supportive. I believe I've really improved my writing by being part of Critique Circle.

Carolyn C.
Florida USA
Member since 5 Jan 2006

There's no place like home, but CC is awfully close.
Critique Circle remains a warm, open, and supportive place for writers of all levels of experience. From the aspiring author, eager to write but not well versed in the craft, to the professional, CC offers a place for feedback, discussion, and hanging out with that peculiar breed of human being known as a writer. it's the one place in the world where you can stare off to space, and everyone will know that you really are doing something and shouldn't be bothered.

Jon Goff
Colorado Springs, CO USA
Member since 20 Mar 2007

Wanted: Quality feedback on my writing
Found in Critique Circle!

You are serious about your writing—you want, no truthfully, you need feedback. In addition to the encouraging words of your significant other, you also need no-holds-barred objective outsider criticism. Too many of the "writers forums" encourage you to post your work in the vain hope someone will take the time to provide some thoughtful insight into why your work spoke to them, or what they think you should do to improve it. Only Critique Circle has the powerful but simple "point system" that creates a reality where people really do provide critiques ... because they can only post their work if they pay with points they earned providing critiques to others.

Okay, so CC works, you get the ten or so critiques, but are they worth reading? Again I need to say that based upon my own experience the criticism provided by CC members is serious thoughtful and instructive. True, not everyone who contributes has the same level of talent or professionalism, but everyone who provides you feedback, whether on the level of a sophisticated reader of that of a copy editor, is deeply involved in writing as well. Very few 'peeking-Toms' on CC.

So, looking for a forum where it's worth the effort to post your work in order to solicit feedback? You've found the right address: CritiqueCircle.com I look forward to reading your suggestions on how to improve my craft, just as much as I'll enjoy discovering what your writing style has to teach me!

YoelBA a.k.a. Joseph Fischer
Jerusalem, Israel
Member since 2 Dec 2007

A writer would have to be crazy to NOT join Critique Circle. I have grown so much as a writer in a short amount of months, that agents and publishers have noticed. So the benefits are simply as follows:

A. Better writing skills

B. Great friends to share with your writing

C. Um, did I mention becoming a greater writer?

And who DOESN'T want to become a better writer? A true writer will always want effective criticism of their work and grow off it. So if you want to get good criticism and become a great writer with a contract after working with other Critique Circle writers, then join. NOW.
Member since 26 Jan 2007

An Amazing Experience
My experience at Critique Circle was an extremely exciting one.
Not only is the website a very useful tool to help writers, but it is also great fun.
The community is an open one, and very helpful. The website promotes a friendly and cosiderate community and has succeeded in creating one.
Kudos for a job very well done.
Peter Samaan
Abu Dhabi
Member since 15 Sep 2008

Looking for a great writing website is very difficult.
Loads of friends reccomended me here so here I am.
Its a great place here.Lovely staff.A mail system.You can support this website 2.

I reccomend this website.This is simply amazing.
I myself am not a premier member but alas I wish I was.It is AMAZING all you can do here.
Darren Waterstone
Member since 23 Sep 2008

I don't know where I would be...
I have learned so much from this website. Everyone is so nice and encouraging. I would bet that even if you put the worst possible story on this, people could find a nice thing to say about it, then kindly tell you how to improve. Seriously, I do not know where my writing (or English grade...) would be without CC. They are amazing and forever on my Favorites page!!
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Member since 9 Jul 2008

Critique Circle is the first website that I've found of its kind. It serves as my own writers workshop that is there whenever I need it. I've tried many other sites, but find that this one is the only place that I can find constructive criticism, without having to sort through insults.
Member since 25 Jul 2008

4 Years Later, I'm Still Here
That alone should tell you something.

I've never tried any other writing website. I don't want or need to. Critique Circle is all I will ever need. It is full of kind, funny and helpful people of all ages and skill levels. It's easy to jump in whether you're a new writer/critiquer or a more experienced one. It's safe, and private if you want it to be (no one need know that you're online, you can list a pen name instead of your real name, etc.)

I've improved my writing a lot during the last four years, as I learn by example, and I've received many critiques on my novel that show me what I'm doing wrong and how I can improve. I've learned a lot reading and critiquing others' work, as well, and I have found that the stories here are often much more original than those that hit store shelves.

If you're looking for a good writing group that is inclusive and fun, look no further!
April F. Speights
California, USA
Member since 6 May 2004

Do most people turn their noses at you?
Do most people turn their nose at you when you present your "greatest masterpiece?" Do they ignore you, after you tell them that reading your first 11 chapters in 8 days wasn't fast enough? Do they slam the door in your face when you seriously asked which is better zeugmas or otomatopoeias?

I was one of those miserable saps once, until I joined Critique Circle!!
Here, people laugh over the sheer craziness of autoantonyms and hum to the tune of alluring alliterations. This is our holy grail and Monty Python would be jealous! Here we ruminate over the soaring works of authors such as Faulker and the imagery of "word artists" such as Rushdie.

Here I was not only able to share my passion for the written word, but I was also able to have in-depth analysis of what I've written. People who care and understand that one's work is one's will and each letter , each fragment, each run-on sentence is is a part of a tapestry in progress. I can customize, rearrange, without a worry of being belittled or besmirched. We're invested in helping everyone succeed in their goal of improving their craft.

And whenever, I need help it's always a click away. So, what are you waiting for? Why haven't you joined yet? CC is here for you!

Member since 17 May 2008

Helpful in the Nicest Way
On some writing sites, I've had some frightening experiences where more experienced writers tear into your work, with absolutely no mercy for beginners. Here, on CC, the experienced writers are much more gentle (even the members of the Masochistic Thick Skin Club, unless you claim to be one of them). They explain the things you need to do to improve your story in a way you can understand instead of just throwing meaningless jargon and examples of your own stupidity at you.

In my short time on CC, I have learned a lot and gotten so much valuable input and encouragement. If you're wanting to learn more about how to become a better writer, CC will go a long way to fulfilling that aim.
South Africa
Member since 9 Feb 2008

My second home...
Its my pleasure that I am a member of CC... Its like my second home... infact... as a writer its my first home.... where I get all the support and help I want to be able to go through the ups and down of a writer's life... everything you can think of, related to writers and writing, its here. I love CC very much. Its all about cooperation here... no dirty competition... no one will give you wrong suggestions to bring you down... everyone helps others as if their success is incomplete without the success of others... never seen, never heard but always ready to help... and User-Administrator relation is like friends... Its really nice to have something like CC in your life....
And those who want competition...well there are exercises that will challenge the writer within you with most difficult writing tasks...
I can go on with this.... but I think I should give the new comers chance to explore CC... so for new users I wouls say...go ahead... join CC and feel the magic it holds....
And for CC I would say.... I LOVE CC very much...n this is the best thing to happen in my writing life till now..... and i know this will eventually lead me to having my dreams come true...and i am sure of that..so thank you for that, in advance.
Vartika Misra
Member since 15 Sep 2007

Critique Circle is Great!
I am so happy to have found Critique Circle. I joined it only recently, and think it's great! It has helped me to learn to accept all kinds of criticism on my stories as well as how I can edit, revise, and make my writing better! Not only can you critique and receive critiques, but also there are forums, exercises, messaging, and helpful things like that. In the forums you can simply chat, you can research, you can ask specific questions, or you can submit poetry.

The age range among members is very broad, so you can find people close to your age to exchange messages with. I've made new friends here and enjoy Critique Circle very, very much!
Member since 22 Feb 2008

What a Help
At first I was a bit hesitant about submitting my writing to the critique of people I didn't know. Now I rest easy. The people who have critiqued my material are genuine and thoughtful. Many have exceptional talents that allow me to understand their advice and praise accordingly. I have passed along the website to many friends and writers. Thank to you all for such a successful writers tool. Especially I would like to thank Nina at AutoCrit.com for turning me on to CC.
Jim MacKrell jmk311

Member since 5 Mar 2008

I'm in Love...
I just couldn't help but falling in love with Critique Circle!
It's addictive, even if you don't crit very often. The forums keep you busy and it's always fun to make your own characters and outlines. You can showcase your writing talents and get help on your story, all at the same time, how cool is that? If you need people's opinion and revision, here you go! Also, you can return the favor by critting other people's stories, it helps them out and also gives you credits! It's a fun place to meet computer buddies that share your own interests. You can also find out about all the hot books floating around out there!
Come on in and join the fun, it's well worth it!
Member since 27 Aug 2007

Cobblestone Press reccommends Critique Circle to all authors
I've been a Critique Circle member for several years. Critique Circle helped me to to strengthen my writing skills and now, as one of the owners of Cobblestone Press, I always suggest Critique Circle to our authors and those seeking publication with Cobblestone Press. Personally, I believe if an author has the right tools, they can reach success of publication. Those tools are: Marketing sense, Imagination, and a membership at Critique Circle.

-Sable Grey
Cobblestone Press, LLC
Romantic Fantasies for Every Reader
Amy Jo Searle A.k.a. Sable Grey
Member since 27 Dec 2003

Critique Circle - more than just a writing workshop
When I first started writing, I thought my novel was amazing. Fantastic. Better than anyone else's. I sent it off straight away, and couldn't understand why I received a rejection. Undaunted, having heard how difficult it is to be published, I tried again. Same result. I started searching the Internet, looking for feedback on my novel. Most of the places I found cost money, and as a 14-year-old, jobless student, money was one thing I didn't have.

Then, one glorious day in 2004, on a writing forum, I was recommended to Critique Circle.

I've never looked back. CC is teeming with fantastic people, who are devoted to helping you shape your writing to its fullest potential. With their kind words, I've been able to edit my novels, and develop my writing skills. I can actually feel the difference, when I think about my first novel in comparison to my most recent ones. Though I'm still not published, thanks to CC I feel a real certainty that it could happen — and my naïvety has long since vanished.

Writing aside, CC is a fantastic community. It's one place where you can meet and trust people online, where relationships grow into permanent friendships. I've met up with two of my Critique Circle buddies and I can't wait to meet up with more.

Basic membership is completely free, so sign up today! I can't wait to read some of your stories!
Member since 27 Aug 2004

A Writer's Addiction
With the massive amounts of sites about writing, forums about writing, and the like, it is hard to find a great site to 'better' your writing through critiques. For those of us that truly enjoy writing, but need a little help with plot, characters, or just the writing itself, this place is definitly the best! There isn't a better website out there that can help you get your piece ready for publishing - or simply get it to your own liking. Critique Circle is not a site to pass up for any serious writer!

Veronica G.
Member since 22 Jun 2007

Learning Every Day
I joined Critique Circle less than a year ago and I can't put into words how much my writing has improved. The opportunity to read other writers' works and get feedback from a variety of readers has proven invaluable. I've taken a huge step forward and, if I continue to improve at my current pace, I'll soon be able to call myself a professional writer.
Houston, Texas, USA
Member since 25 Apr 2007

Purely awesome!
Critique Circle, the fairly large and popular writing site is constantly increasing in size as it is always attracting new members.

With fellow helpful members, you can feel happy as you can critique someone else's work and maybe even tell them which way to go, and with some luck, you could buy their newly published book a few months later. It has happened before, so it might be you that makes millions due to critique circle, or it could be you that's feeling content because you have helped a stranger become happy.

And if you critique enough, you gain points of which you 'spend' to be able to put your own stories up there! And with a special part of the forums for teenage writers, and helping the teenagers become courageous enough to get their books to the public because they accept that teenagers are often better than experienced writers, but they don't treat them as juveniles!

I recommend you to join Critique Circle!
Member since 18 Nov 2007

Critique Circle Rocks!
Could I write anything other than a glowing review about Critique Circle? It's intelligent, funny, thought-provoking. Need some mental exercise? Do a critique, enter one of the ongoing writing games, enter a contest or challenge. Need info or an opinion, or want to share yours? The discussions threads are worth checking every day. Lots of handy tools and assists for writers. And best of all, constructive feedback from fellow writers. I love it.
Knoxville, Tennessee USA
Member since 14 Feb 2007

Fiery Furnace of Fun....
It's exactly how the title says. Loads of fun, bundle of laughs, and a place to put your stories, and give/receive crits for your work.
Everyone is super kind and will always take pleasure in reading your work and critting it for you. Loads of stuff happens on the forums too, so get involved and you will find your internet time sooo much more fun.

CC! rocks my world and it's sure to rock yours too!
Daniel J. Birch
Member since 25 Jun 2007

Well worth the time
I knew that I needed help with my writing, but hesitated because of the hit and miss luck I've had with other sites. After seeing Critique Circle recommended in the Lulu.com forums by other writers, I decided to check it out and then to put my second book 'The Last Stop' up for critique. I can already tell that my writing has greatly improved, and my story 'Spirit Night' finished as a finalist in the bardsandsages.com 2007 horror contest due to the great advice I received from fellow writer's on Critique Circle. My time on critiquecircle.com couldn't be more well spent.

Jeremiah Donaldson
Invernes, Fl USA
Member since 5 Feb 2007

Awesome site
No lie, I really like this site and I say that rarely for writing sites. The forums are very active, in which I found so many great programs via them and the community is very friendly. I like the fact that this site is meant for helping authors other then pitying them. If you need help with writing, and you wish to improve this site is defiantly it for honest critics, pro or if you're like me, amatuer little kid who needs writing serious help
Member since 2 Dec 2007

It helps me, and I'm happy!
This website helps me a lot. I had doubts with my story and CC members pointed out the mistakes that I overlooked. I am a happier writer now. Woohoo!
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Member since 10 Aug 2007

Excellent Tools and Resources
After trying several other writers' groups online, I stumbled on CC several months ago. It's the best investment of my time and talent I've ever found. The critique software lets critters highlight specific paragraphs and give you exact advice. The site also has plot outlines, character workshops, submission trackers, creative writing prompts, and query advice.

I've made several friends on here who developed into real-life friends as well. We share a close bond. It really helps because we crit each other long-term and commit to reading entire novels for each other. When I put a story up, I know I'm getting helpful crits from people who understand my genre.

Getting crits really is only half of it. Whenever I log in there's always stuff to do. CC is the most complete site for writers. My writing has improved by leaps and bounds since I joined, and when I finished my first novel, I was ready to query.
Philadelphia, PA USA
Member since 29 Nov 2006

You know that old saying...?
Knowledge is Power. I'm thinking it should say Critique Circle is Power. I've learned so much from here, from everyone that's ever come to read my story. Without the help of Critique Circle, I don't think my book would ever even have a CHANCE of being published. I owe so much to this site!! Thank you Critique Circle!
New York, US
Member since 19 Sep 2006

I Want to Frame My First CC Critique
I finally fulfilled an old News Years resolution and finished my first young adult novel this month. After listening to podcasts of various writing shows, I realized the next step was to join a writing group. With a twenty-month old toddler at home and a new baby on the way, I went looking for an on-line group to help me refine my writing. So that I could stay home and play Mr. Mom with the kids. I couldn't have chosen a better site.

Critique Circle provided all sorts of help to a "Newbie" like me. There's links to editors and agents to submit your queries, forums to meet with other "critters" that have been bitten by the writing bug, and lots and lots of places to get answers to those nagging writing questions like, "Should I use affect or effect?" But the greatest benefit to me has been the opportunity to submit my work for others to critique.

I submitted chapter 1 of my novel, Rock Springs, and within three days of being posted in the "Newbie Queue," I had six terrific critiques to help me smooth out some of the rough edges of my manuscript. I know I revised and reread that first chapter a dozen times before joining CC, but I was amazed at the things that I missed that the "critters" pointed out for me. I'd like to think of myself as thick-skinned, but its hard not to be sensitive about your writing, especially if your fiction is more like a thinly veiled manuscript like Rock Springs. It's kind of like putting a part of yourself out there for others to judge. It's a little scary, but the people who critiqued my manuscript could not have been any nicer than the folks here at CC. That's not to say they gave me a pass. On the contrary, The critters didn't let me get away with anything. They were very thorough, but they did it in an honest and almost nurturing way.

I told my first "critter" that I wanted to frame his critique, like those dollars that hang behind cash registers in restaurants.

I am so glad I joined CC and I look forward to being a "hyperactive" user for a long time to come.

Thanks to everyone who has helped make me feel welcome!

Joe Comm
Joseph Comm
Greensburg, PA, USA
Member since 10 Jun 2007

Critique Circle is the #1 site for writers of all ages!
CC has the greatest writing tools on the web, as well as spectacular forums, marvelous queues, a bookstore and showcase, and a thorough FAQ.
Member since 7 Jan 2005

Thank you so much!
Im 17 and loooooove writing. I write like a fiend! But the only person who reads my stuff is horrible in english so she cant help me. When I got my first Critique from here I was nearly in tears. Ive waited so long to have someone help me and show me what should be changed! I would love to give a huge hug to the person who set this site up. The people on this site are very friendly. Ive been a member for about 3 days and I will be upgrading to premium member very shortly.


Brenna Link
Gouverneur NY US
Member since 8 Apr 2007

Critique Circle - Exactly What I've Been Looking For!
I am deeply impressed with the professionalism of this site. The management of upcoming stories for critique, the provision of in-line critique templates, the quality material posted by members make this site a rare gem for writers of all skill-levels. Thank you for supporting writers by maintaining such an impressive resource!
Member since 10 Mar 2007

Great site!
I just wanted to let you know that I'm really impressed with the amount of thought and effort and concern that you've put into this site. Imo it's what the web ought to be.
Member since 1 Feb 2007

My story was published after CC's critters worked on it.
I just had my first short story published after I edited it on the basis of the critiques I received through CC. The critiques ranged from advice on plot and characterisation to detailed copy editing. Critiques are like a light shone on your blind spots. Other writers' fresh insights into your writing are so useful. CC's particular strengths include the high standard of critiques, the ease of giving and receiving them, and the international flavour of the community. I am much more confident about submitting all my stories now, once I've put them through CC's system. Cheers, Fran Macdonald
Member since 3 Aug 2006

CC is the best thing that ever happened to me! Through CC I have made the greatest friendships and I have learned how to write my story.

At first I thought CC would be a little boring and a distraction to my writing, but actually it has brought me and my story farther out.

Thank you CC!
Member since 7 Jan 2005

Great website for writers
The CC is the best website out there for getting writers all around the world to review your work and help you polish your craft. It's a wonderful tool.
Member since 11 Nov 2006

Never a Dissapointment
I have been through college level courses for writing workshops, lectures, writing festivals, and meetings with other local writers, but never have I found a place more alive and helpful than Critiquecircle.com. The people here show a level of professionalism that one could only expect from an interested publishing agency and the best part is, you don't have to pay them a commission. I was surprised at how easy the site was to navigate and how quickly I was able to receive feedback on my stories. I've already recommended Critiquecircle.com to all my friends.
Des Moines/IA/USA
Member since 23 Dec 2006

Finally a Writers' Group that suits my needs!
I am a new member of CC but have finally found the sort of Writers' Group that suits my needs. It consists of a supportive group of people who constructively help you to improve your writing. Sharing writing is an extremely nerve wracking experience but at CC I have found that my confidence is slowly growing and I know I am learning how to improve my skills through fair, helpful advice. CC has a great system: you crit others' work and they'll repay you by looking at yours. The added motivation to good critting is knowing that you are being graded each time and it's great getting the critting feedback and seeing how you can be more helpful.

I stumbled across CC but am super glad I did.
Member since 18 Nov 2006

An Amazing Resource!
I was up the proverbial creek when it came to finding a crit group.

My poor husband can only read my stories so many times before losing the fresh perspective I need.
If I drive thirty miles, I can join a local writer's group, but there are no childrens' authors in it and the PB field is not their cup of chocolate.

When I first looked at this site, I thought CritiqueCircle.com MIGHT be a helpful resource. Now that I have actually joined and participated in the group, I have to say that I have gone from being moderately pleased to being absolutely ecstatic.

The comments to my first story in the newbie queue offered the keys to solving some nagging problems. I knew they were there, but I was too close to the story to figure out how to fix them.

Another surprising pleasure for me has been the quality of the writing in the stories that I have critiqued. Thinking all the authors would probably be of my ilk, I was prepared for bad metaphors, wooden dialogs, and plotless plots. That assumption has been turned on its ear. These folks can really write!

And finally, a very important, but less obvious plus, is the that the site features were thoughtfully designed, and every aspect of the software works as it should.

At this point. tthe free user account meets my every need, but I am going to sign up for the paid premium account, just to express my gratitude to the wonderful people who made this happen.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

In an oasis in the high desert of Southern California.
Member since 18 Dec 2006

CC is a Wonderful Motivator
I joined Critique Circle in February 2006 on the recommendation of a fellow writer. As a result, I've written more in the last ten months than I have in the last ten years. Writing and receiving critiques is not only educational, but motivating. Other writers are also a good source of information on any facet of the industry, and for discussing problems and issues with my work. I wish I'd heard about Critique Circle years ago.
Laurie A. Green
Near Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
Member since 22 Feb 2006

Not Only A Great Site, But A Great Hangout
I came here only to write, but as I explored the site I found myself coming here more and more, until I am on this site all day, and I have no idea where time went! I have met so many different people in the forums and read so many masterpieces that I can't think of any other site that I'd rather go to!
Member since 4 Aug 2006

Why sit in a dark room by yourself when CC's around?
So, I've been on Critique Circle for something like five months, and I have to say it's been great. I've been a writer for a while but, was sick of all of my friends and family just saying my writing's great because it's me. Here, it may look intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of things, it's a lot of fun. I've met a few great writers and have helped them by critiquing their stories and in turn have got to watch them go through the publishing labrynth. There are lots of writers of all ages, and even a lowly country girl of fourteen has found a place. There are tons of tools that let you do cool stuff like make detailed character profiles, which come in handy when you need to know how tall you're main character's niece is supposed to be. The queues are so efficient and make sure that everyone gets some feedback. I have a tendency to go on and on about things, so I'll stop here. But know that CC's helped me find other people who not only like my stories, but like them well enough to help make them better. So I ask you: Why sit in a cold, dark, room tirelessly editing a story, novel, or article when you could be here getting feedback and playing (err, working) around?
Nebraska, USA
Member since 23 Apr 2006

Focusing Your Writing Talent
Critique Circle has done an amazing job in getting me on track with my story telling. By providing a venue for writers to meet, share, and critique each other's work, I've finally found the focus I need to turn out polished work suitable for submission to be published. The encouragment among the writers is awesome. More than that, I have fellow writers saying, "Hey, when are you gonna post the next chapter?" It keeps me from giving up or getting destracted. I think storytellers are born, not made. However, even a born storyteller must learn how to tell the story. Critique Circle is the best launching pad for that I know of!
Alaska, United States
Member since 28 Jan 2006

Best of the Bunch

This site is superior to other ones I've joined. The quality of the reviews and reviewers is exceptional. I have even gone so far as to advertise this site on other critique websites, because I really do think that this one is best!
Anne Jordan
Northern California
Member since 9 Jul 2006

Radical improvement of my writing achieved
When I joined Critique circle I already had two plays published and several performed. I wanted two things. I wanted to write a novel and I wanted to make my writing the best it can be, not necessarily in that order. The crits I have received in the last 11 weeks have improved my writing beyond belief, and the crits I have given have exposed me to some fabulous writing and taught me to be analytical - a skill which has helped me in my own work. I am recommending it to all my writing friends. Oh, and I've made some great friends, too.
Hilary Mackelden
Crowborough, East Sussex, England
Member since 18 May 2006

Good, Reliable Crits
So many of the so-called "crit" sites turn out to be social circles inhabited by a small clique of characters who don't seem particularly interested in the serious business of improving their writing.

Critique Circle is different. It is structured so that everybody gets a chance to post their work, but the word "work" is the key. You have to give in order to get. Critiquing others works improves your own writing, as well as earning you the credits you need to post your own deathless works.

Critique Circle works for me and it might work for you, too.
Marva Dasef
Eugene, Oregon, USA
Member since 23 Mar 2006

My published novels
I am lucky enough to be a published author. BUT, every one of my novels and my first short story, were put on the CC boards first. Things were pointed out to me about my work that I couldn’t see for myself. I followed excellent advice, even from inexperienced writers, because every opinion counted.

This site is invaluable not only to published authors, but for those still striving for recognition. If you have an ego about your writing, then you need not join this site. EVERY writer needs to be willing and able to take constructive critiques. Writing is a very competitive business and fragile egos just will not survive.

Another thing about this site is that everyone pulls together when a writer is low. A rejection letter can sometimes sap our belief in our self. It takes just a minute to give another member comforting words. Some even draw on their own experiences of rejection and disappointments. It is a very lucky author who can say they have never received more than one rejection letter in their career.

And when it all gets too much, some members (including me) have set up a forum where you can go and just act silly. A writer can kick back and forget for a few minutes the editing, the endless rewrites and the writers block. Here you can make some great friends. I have made some wonderful friends who I regularly contact away from the CC.

This is a wonderful, and albeit, unrecognised site. Every writer should think about becoming a premium member to fund its existence. Sometimes we forget the administrators work on a voluntary basis. They are invisible angels who have no hidden agenda but to help those who have a great talent. Through their hard work writers are born. I am living proof of that.

Margaret West
Member since 12 Nov 2003

Critique Circle Rocks!
I searched the whole internet (google, yahoo, etc...) for a writing workshop. After signing up for quite a few, I was disappointed with their ethics. Most online writing workshops allowed you to join for free, but only reviewing was the most you could do . However, at Critique Circle I was pleasantly suprised to find submitting stories, as well as critiqueing other works is all included in the free membership. Furthermore, the forums here include interesting topics, which I can relate to. All in all, I know I can't find any other writing workshop out there as great as Critique Circle.
Massachusetts, U.S.A
Member since 16 Nov 2005

What I've learned from CC
CC has taught me that ever critique is important.

I think there are basically 5 types of critiques:

1) The one that tells you your story is great. The reader loves it, has no suggestions for improvement.

We all need to know that someone out there likes what we write.

2) The one that points typos, misspelled words, wrong tense, missing commas...

These details are very important and help make our writing much more professional.

3) The one that comments on the detail flow of the story. The reader points the lack of continuity, the need to expand on the background story, the missing/wrong cultural information....

These help bring the story to a higher level.

4) The one that looks at the whole story, understands its meaning, analyses it and points out where there is a flaw in the character development, in the resolution...

Great to make us go deeper into what it is we are trying to do with this story!

5) The one that does not like the story and is not shy about why.

If the reader is very frank about it, it forces us to rethink the story and either change it or reaffirm that the way we wrote it is the way we want it to be.

Gives us the opportunity to give the story a fresh look.

I find that I usually get some level of each of these critiques for each story I post on the Critique Circle.
New York City/USA
Member since 9 Nov 2003

The Best Writing Site on the Web
I have been a member of five writing websites so far, including one fanfiction website and four original writing sites. Not one has come close to the comfortable environment, the helpful comments, and the sheer level of experience here at the critique circle. Everyone, even those who maybe can't write as well yet themselves, seems to know how to use tact and honesty to help people make their work better. I've improved so much here, in critiquing and writing; this is without a doubt the best and most welcoming writing website on the internet. Join us, support us, help make us better. I guarantee you, you will love it.
Member since 9 Aug 2005

Critique Circle
There is no better writer's helper out there than Critique Circle! Tons of tools to help you write, queues to put your writings in, and members to share your work of art with! I just love it!
Shady Shores, Texas
Member since 7 Jan 2005

A Haven
First earn credits by critting,
And then take a big step to improving,
by into a queue, your story submitting.
Any genre you write,
Has it's own queue.
Everyone can join,
that means you!
There are forums to talk with friends,
chat in, discuss in.
Messages to send.

Become a Premium Member,
And your six month trial,
You'll always remember!
And to join, it only $24!
There are writer's tools galore;
exercises, reminders, names, character templates,
progress trackers and more!

Want a writer's haven?
CC will full fill that cravin'!
Texas, U.S.A
Member since 7 Jan 2005

Won't find anything better!
The best workshop you'll find out there. Everyone is friends, the credit system is unique, and the atmosphere is wonderful! Here is your real chance to improve your writing and chat about things while your at it! There truly isn't a better writing workshop out there... now join! You're missing all the fun!

Go Critique Circle!
Texas, U.S.A.
Member since 7 Jan 2005

I've always enjoy writing since I was in High School, but the stuff we learn in school can be limited, and we need other sources to broaden our views. Thus, I read lots and lots of books (I try not to stick to a certain genre) until I stumbled upon Critique Circle one day.

I am so glad to have found CC because it's a very uesful site. There are many features in this site which are very interesting, and I can say I am hooked to this site the moment I registered. Personally I don't think there're other sites that offer the same features as CC!

Long Live CC! You're the best!

Member since 12 Jul 2004

Dear Critique Circle,

I have been writing for many years and have tried to use critique groups without success. Since joining Critique Circle, with trepidation, I have been thrilled with the whole process. I quickly navigated my way around the site, sent off my first critique and I was hooked. I even found value in writing those first critiques - "Yes I know what works here", "This needs a problem at the beginning." All the rules I knew but did not know that I knew were being used to help others. After reading, rereading and editing my own work a hundred times it is such a relief to be able to send it to other writers who will offer constructive comments on style, grammar, point of view, character and plot. I will not be negative about any one else's work and I know they will not be negative about mine. I admit it now - I am addicted. Thank you Critique Circle - you are a lifesaver!

Member since 5 Apr 2005

An amazing online workshop. I have yet to find another like it. Feedback is plentiful, constructive, and supportive. The critiquing system is both easy to use and navigate. Top notch stuff here.
Boston, MA, USA
Member since 31 Jan 2005

CC - Reaches the parts that other groups fail to reach!
I thought my writing was fairly polished, I thought I was getting enough input from fellow writers' critiques of my work in other writing groups and then ... I joined Critique Circle and my illusions (or should that be delusions?) just melted away!

After only two weeks of giving and receiving critiques (at a furious and somewhat addictive pace!) on CC, my own writing is improved in the areas other groups have failed to reach. My critiquing abilities have also greatly improved and I'm now much more helpful to my friends!

I became a premium member of CC today because I seriously wanted to thank CC and give something back for the masses of help I've received. I'm also doing my best to lure lots of friends here too - once you get here, the site sells itself!

So well done to the Admins - please keep at it - you're providing a brilliant service!
South East England
Member since 28 Dec 2004

Great site!
I really love this site! Other places I've been everyone is posting their work and not bothering to crit anyone else's, and even when someone would comment it would be something short like 'i like this, good job!' or 'this stinks!'. The people here are honest and helpful, and the credit system is wonderful.
Member since 1 Dec 2004

My haven
In a world where some of us writers are deprived of each other, or looked down upon, Critiquecircle exists as candy for the mind. we come here to relax, and meet more of our... kind.
Nick Dallien
Member since 19 May 2004

CC — A site that delivers
Living in a non-english speaking country, my greatest contact with other english-speaking writers is through the internet. For the past couple years I've been looking for a writing comunity that met my needs, and where my talents and abilities could grow and be of use to others. Many are the writing sites that promise, but so far, Critique Circle is the only one that delivers.

The administrators here have succeeded in finding the right balance between critiques, submissions, and support functions. They also work hard to develop and maintain a community, which is uplifting, and where everyone, from young inexperienced writers to mature published authors, feels the satisfaction of both giving and receiving help. They have avoided both the undue pressure and acidity experienced at other writing sites. Not only that, the admin is dedicated to continually improving this site.

I have found my participation here to be more valuable than the university creative writing course I took. What I get from my fellow members here are objective, truthful, yet polite, tailor-made critiques that hold up a literary mirror for me to see the areas where my writing is sloppy, ugly, or just plain wrong. Their gentle coaching has helped me see those things for myself, and even understand the need for the changes. I feel my writing has grown by leaps and bounds since I've been here, and I've even had the satisfaction of hearing my fellow writers praise the help my critiques have offered them.

There is no other site that delivers like this one, and it just keeps getting better.
Steve Reid
Södertälje (near Stockholm), Sweden
Member since 10 Jul 2004

My haven in the maelstrom of online writing communities.
I love to dork around on the internet and I also love to write. Combining these two loves, however, proved to be a painful experience. There were too many worthless websites, claiming to be the best resource for a writer, cluttering up even the most exact search specifications.

I found Critique Circle on someone's list of useful sites and decided to try it out. The site's layout was clean and organized, an excellent first sign, and as far as I could see there were no spelling mistakes. It's depressing how many writing communities can't spell.

I critiqued someone's work and they replied in a friendly manner, actually thanking me for critiquing them. Another confusingly rare custom among the online communities. When I submitted my own story, I recieved a lot of quality suggestions phrased in a helpful way.

Finally, I'd found a place online where I could critique others and be critiqued myself without being annoyed by stupid little things.

Critique Circle is definitely my favorite resource for writing online.
Boston, MA, USA
Member since 8 Jun 2004

Hone your craft here
This is a supportive online community in which writers of all levels can come and learn through critiquing others, having their own work critiqued and perhaps most helpful of all, browsing through past stories and critiques. I know of no other place that meets these needs in this way.
Tha administrators here are serious about their work and are quick to address all comments and concerns.
Long live CC!
Southern Ontario, Canada
Member since 16 May 2004

This site gives aspiring authors an Extra Edge
The story queue, maitenance of this site, first page notes, things new, and exercises are exceptional. I have learned on this site and will always keep it as my favorite.

Guys, please do not let this site dribble away, I've found it as a stepping stone. Thank you for all your hard efforts. It pays off in the extra edge aspiring authors receive from critiques and exercises.
Cathy Hubbard
St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Member since 28 Sep 2004

5 stars
I must admit, when I first stumbled across CC I was expecting to find the same bland list of website links that you see on every other writing website. What I got knocked my socks off.

CC is a thriving, bubbling and diverse writing community, where lots of friendly discussions, critiques, and writing goes on. There is plenty to keep you busy, without distracting from your writing. In fact, CC is the perfect place to help improve your writing.

Wonderful people, wonderful writers, wonderful admin. 5 stars!
Fiona Mclaren
London, England.
Member since 23 Mar 2004

Place Found
CC is great. Other writer's workshops that I've been to have been stuffy, with nothing else to do but crit. Critique Circle's policy of 3 crits per submission is extremely conveniant, for me, because I have school and my own writing to tend to, as well as critting others. Other workshops asked for one or two a week just to keep membership.

And CC isn't just for adults. A lot of teens are on the site as well, and we all have a blast joking around in the forums. It's even a great site to go to if you want to escape your writing!! Message box, forums, and the settings here will keep you plenty busy if you're tired of writing.
Greenland, Arkansas, United States
Member since 23 Oct 2003

I wuv you guys and gals...
I really do .
Snorre H.
Member since 9 Jun 2004

Fellow members are an incredible resource
I can't go on enough about what I've learned from my fellow members, both in the general forums and in the private queues. Following a story from beginning to end is such a treat, and there is such a variety of experience here. All of the input you get will be valuable; some of it will shock you into your best work.
Boston Massachusetts USA
Member since 27 Apr 2004

CC Rocks!
When I first found CC, I was overjoyed to find a safe place where I could test the waters with my writing. I had submitted a few pieces to the publishing world previously but quickly realized my skills were not yet polished enough to gain a contract.

Through use of the queues at CC, My work has improved by leaps and bounds. Critiquing other's work not only benefits that author but also the internal editor. My writing now has a sleeker, tighter feel and I now sub my stories out with new-found confidence.

Any questions I have about the technical side of writing or publishing are quickly answered by one of the hundreds of experienced writers in the forums. CC is an must-have resource for any serious writer. Thanks for everything, CC!


Angela Ackerman
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Member since 29 Jan 2004

Literary Education
Critique Circle is an education by itself. The variety of work by authors and writers of varying abilities helps one to develope the skills necessary to improve their writing.

Virtually every subject and aspect of writing is eventually covered, either in a critique or as a Thread in the Forums.

The fact that a member may choose to critique or not on any given critique period is a bonus. It prevents members from sending off quick, meaningless fluffy bunnies just to fulfill a membership requirement.

The critiques I have received from members have been invaluable in helping me improve my writing. Critiquing the stories of others is equally invaluable. It is sometimes easier to see flaws in thew writing of others than it is in your own work. This helps a writer to look for those errors in their work.

Whether you are writing for pleasure or with the goal of eventually being published, Critique Circle is one of the most valuable tools anywhere. It is my browsers Home Page.

Critique Circle has opened up a whole new world of friends, both virtual and real.

Thank you to the inspired Administrators who conceived and built this site.
Roy Buchanan
Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada.
Member since 20 Jan 2004

Continually amazed by how helpful Critique Circle is!
I have taken many writing classes and workshops, and have to say, Critique Circle has been more useful than any of these. Not only have my individual manuscripts been face-lifted, but the critique process has taught me how to improve my writing and how to critique my own work as well as others'.

CC is loaded with helpful features including forums where members can bounce ideas around, ask for help, or simply get to know one another.

Besides being such a wonderful writing aid, Critique Circle also offers a community of friendly, dedicated writers. Highly recommended!
Vancouver, Canada
Member since 13 Aug 2004

I couldn't have done it without CC
I joined CC after I had started my first novel knowing that I needed honest feedback in order to produce a halfway acceptable piece of writing.

I got that and so much more. I finished my first draft in just under six months. I never would have been able to do that without CC.

I've also made many on-line friends, some of whom I've had the priviledge to meet face to face, and would never have known but for CC.

Thank you CC for everything. This is a wonderful community and I hope it keeps growing and blossoming.

Joan Szechtman
Connecticut, USA
Member since 29 Apr 2004

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