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Public templates
Detailed CharacterPublic TemplateThis is the default Character Template. It contains a lot... 1111 Apr 2004
Empty Character TemplatePublic TemplateThis template allows you to add fields and categories dir... 09 Jan 2010
Empty TemplatePublic TemplateThis template allows you to add fields and categories dir... 09 Jan 2010
Societies, Cults and OrganizationsPublic TemplateThis is a general, but detailed template for any type of ... 9024 Jul 2008
SupportPublic TemplateFor the support crew! 3521 Apr 2004
The antagonistPublic TemplateThis should be handy when developing your villain  1162 Apr 2004
Member Contributions
Adventuring CharactersLaraqua Good for fantasy and non-fantasy alike. Anyone who needs... 1618 Dec 2005
Alien Species Creation TemplateThrawn This template is designed to aid in the creation of non-h... 4719 Apr 2005
chapter by chapter plot plannerRyanpotts1 use this outline to help plan a story one chapter at a time. 10012 Oct 2014
Character Profile WorksheetMariehill3 Stolen from Writing for Performance. Great, I use this o... 4316 Oct 2007
Character Sketch & Personality TypecastingValerie Taken from the book First Draft in 30 Days by Kare... 3329 Apr 2009
Character Tension PointsMegrim Questions to help figure out major conflict and tension a... 194 Jan 2016
Child-Grow upFirefly This will be handy when you want to see how the character... 578 Jun 2005
Creature Ladybug This is where you can write important info on creatures y... 576 Jun 2005
Habitat/NatureTemplateLadybug This is for creating a place or places in your story 3511 Jun 2005
In-depth Character OutlineZellakate  4314 Dec 2009
Magical CharacterFirefly This is good when you are creating a magical character to... 2713 Jul 2005
Main EventsSerendipit I don't know about anyone else, but I like to writ down t... 011 Jun 2011
Minor Character Outline (Simple)Esparhawk The term "character anchor" means what physical or per... 518 Nov 2012
Planet/WorldDragonfly This is where you can write important info on planets/wor... 326 Jun 2005
Plot SketchingValerie Another outline format shamelessly ripped from the Fir... 106 May 2009
Plot SynopsisFictionfly A template for those of us that need to lay out their sto... 329 Jan 2007
Preschooler (age1-5)Ladyv Young children are sometimes major characters, but they'r... 6229 Sep 2007
Rune Michaels' Eleven Pillars of CharacterNonnib  This is the outline I discuss in my column for CC's blog... 1110 Aug 2012
Sci-fi RaceSpammy Outline for a sci-fi race. Aliens, y'know?  2229 Apr 2009
Skeleton OutlineArmystrong This is used to give a general outline of chapters/events... 1318 Aug 2017
Snowflake PlottingValerie Shamelessly ripped from www.advancedfictionwriting... 4930 Oct 2007
Society - fantasy, maybe sci-fiTwizzle This is intended to be a fairly comprehensive outl... 7519 May 2011
The Writer's journeyTenfour Shamelessly borrowed from Christopher Vogler. You can fi... 119 Jan 2007
WeaponsSpammy This is for weapons. Be they fantasy, sci-fi, or science ... 2016 May 2009
YA Idea Main EventsMimiwriter  029 Nov 2011
Young Adult FictionCandance This is an outline to help children and YA authors prepar... 3320 Aug 2007
Zero-Fuckery Guide to CharactersScila Based on this tp://terribleminds.com/ramble/2013/1... 1531 Oct 2013


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