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Written ByThis is a Public Template
Created: 21 Apr 2004 at 21:27
TypeCharacter Template (Public)
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DescriptionFor the support crew!
Principal Information
Reason for name
Reason for Nickname
Marital status
Skin color
Height [cm]
Weight [kg]
Wears glasses?
Facial structure
Body structure
Looks like
Scars / marks
How is the character connected to the protag
How long has the character known the protag
How did they meet
What was the characters first impression of the protag
How does the character feel about the protag now
How does the protag feel about the character
Has there been conflict between them
Is the character and the protag influential in each others' lives
How regularly do they meet
Do they share a secret
What is it
What is the character's strongest memory of the protag
What does the character think are the protags strongest/weakest points
What does he like most/dislike most about the protag
Would the character ever betray the protag
Does the character know something about the protag, without the protag knowing about it
Is there trust between them


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