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Preschooler (age1-5)
Written ByLadyv
Created: 29 Sep 2007 at 09:48
TypeCharacter Template (Public)
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DescriptionYoung children are sometimes major characters, but they're hard to describe. Try this and see if it can help you make your under-fives well rounded.
General Information
First Language
Second Language
Health Care- Some parents are psycho about health others abhor immunizations
Have they had a major illness?- chicken pox, bronchitis, strep throat
Were they a premature baby?
Do they have a major longterm illness?- autism, asthma, spina bifida
Have they ever seen a person die?
Have they ever had a pet die?
Have they been to the emergency room multiple times?
How do they act when they are sick?
How do they eat? Can food touch or do they like the food separated? Do they eat the sandwich in layers or take big bites? Do the
Number of child in family- birth order will influence language skills, the oldest always seems to have the hardest time
Potty Trained?
Can they swim?
How do they move? Walk? Crawl? Toddle?
Socialization- has the child met people outside of home?
Are they in a dance/gymnastics/martial arts/little league/soccer/hockey/ect team?
Do they share toys?
Do they play outside?
Religion- does the child attend church with the parents or not? Is there religion in the home? which one? A child who has been taught since infancy to sit quietly during sermons will act differently then one who has never had discipline or been forced to
Type of entertainment- you'll notice a huge difference at this age between the kids who watch TV constantly and the ones whose parents won't turn a TV on
Who do they play with?
What do they do during free time?
What age are their friends? You're still at the age where 6 months is a big age gap. If the child has older friends they may develop faster than if they are spending all day with younger children.
What do they do when an authority figure says No? Some children pout, others cry, some laugh, some run away. How does this toddler react to disappointment and authority?
How do they act in the grocery store? Do they beg for things? Do they help put things in the cart? Do they try to eat the grapes? Do they try to crack the eggs?
How do they treat babies?
How do they treat older children?
How do they react to strangers?
Where do they live? Apartment raised kids will have a different view of the world than one born on a farm or in the suburbs.
What sounds do they hear daily? Do they hear sirens from the local hospital? The monks at the local church ringing bells? military helicopters flying overhead? Kids notice sounds.
What major landmarks are in the area? Even a three year old will notice the big building shaped like the ice cream cone, the duck pond, and the big fountain where they throw pennies.
How do they react to loud noises?
How do they react to animals?
What do they do to flowers?
What do they do to bugs?
In twenty years what can you picture this character doing? Will they be in college? A prima ballerina? A superstar? A jailbird? A mom/dad?
Picky Preferences
Shoe preference? Odd but some kids are terribly picky
Clothing preference- yes or no? They're young.
Favorite toy
Favorite food
Foods they refuse to eat
Clothes they refuse to wear
Songs they sing
Do they know colors?
Do they know the alphabet song?
Favorite TV/story character
Favorite bedtime story
How much parental interaction?
Do they hit or bite?
When you pull out a camera do they pose, hide, cry, or smile?
Do they bang on the keyboard or a piano or pick out individual buttons?
How do they react to bath time?
Do they carry things in a bag or purse?
Do they take toys to bed?
Stuffed animals?


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