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Societies, Cults and Organizations
Written ByThis is a Public Template
Created: 24 Jul 2008 at 13:48
TypeGeneric Template (Public)
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DescriptionThis is a general, but detailed template for any type of secret (or public) groups, societies, organizations and cults. Everything you can think of from founders, to rules, to punishments, to credence, to hierarchy and history.

There is also a magic/skill section for the fantasy users

This Outlining Template was contributed by Maiafay
Name of group/society/cult
Estimate of total members
Alignment: Good, Evil, or Neutral
Public group or secret?
Age(s) when they founded/lead group
Reason for forming/leading group
Founder's/leader's short-term goals
Founder'/Leader's long-term goals
Founder's/Leader's creed and ideals
Are the founder/leader(s) feared? Loved by group?
If founder is deceased, does the group still follow his/her ideals?
If not, why?
How old is this group? (Ancient? New?)
How was group formed?
Is this group stable or unstable? (high turnover, fighting, shift in leaders, etc)
If unstable, why?
How is group ran presently?
Is it the same now as it was when this group began?
If not, why?
General Hierarchy
Is there a second rank?
Is this position called something special?
What are their duties?
How did they receive their position?
Is there a third rank?
Is this position called something special?
What are their duties?
How did they receive this position?
How is one promoted within the hierarchy?
How can one be demoted within the hierarchy?
Are there separate ranks for warriors, mages or priests?
How does one become a member of this group?
So members take an oath, or is membership more casual?
Can membership be revoked?
If so, under what grounds?
How are new members treated?
Rules and laws
What are the rules of this group?
What is the reasoning behind these rules?
What is the punishment for disobeying these rules?
Do these rules come from the leader, or a higher power?
Where are the rule located? A book? Tablet? Scroll?
Do all members have a copy of the rules?
If not, where can they go to access laws?
What attire does the founder/leaders wear?
What do regular members wear?
Any sigels, distinguishing marks, tattoos, badges?
If so, describe them in detail. (Location of marks, shape, color)
Any other special assessories? Jewelry, armor, headwear? Banners?
Magic Users: do they have their own attire? Describe it in detail
Does this group have enemies?
Who are they?
Why are they enemies?
How long have they been fighting?
If any, name the religion this group follows
What God or Goddess?
How does group worship as a whole?
How do inividual members worship?
Commandments or laws of the religion
Punishment (or hypothetical punishment) for breaking laws
Does group have a high priest or leading religious sect?
If so, what are they called?
What are their duties?
How do they fit within the hierarchy of group? High, low?
Magic and Special Skills
What magic or skill does leader or founder wield?
Is this magic/skill special? Why?
Are magic/skills a focal point of this group?
If so, why?
Can any member perform magic?
If not, why?
Are members/high ranking members expected to have certain skills?
Describe skills in detail: What they are, who has them, and why
Are there special trainers who teach magic/skills within the group?
If so, teacher's rank within the group?
Are there special tests a member must take to qualify as a student?
If so, what are they?
Are there special tests a member must take to complete training?
If so, what are they?
Does group have a repuation for using weapons?
What weapons does this group wield?
Does leader or founder(s) have special weapons?
If so, what are they?
What system does group have to train its warriors?
How does group fund itself? Details.


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