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Sci-fi Race
Written BySpammy
Created: 29 Apr 2009 at 18:03
TypeGeneric Template (Public)
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DescriptionOutline for a sci-fi race. Aliens, y'know?
Gloopy Glob Type Thing?
Bubbly thingy(like a shoggoth[care to expound])?
Other Form?
Skin Color
Other Features
What is there technology?
How old is their race?
How fast do they develop?
What is the secret to their technologies?
Homeworld/Living Area (in general)
Do they live on one planet only(name)?
Are they colonizers?
Do they invade other planets?
Drifters(no planet to speak of)?
Moon(do they live on moons)?
Language(name of, resembles which[if any] earth language, etc.,)?
Slavers(do they subject other races to their rule)?
Forms of preferred entertainment(theatre, TV, etc.)?
Warrior Race(loooooove fighting--like orcs in fantasy)?
Barbarian(what are their barbariancies)?


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