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Written BySpammy
Created: 16 May 2009 at 12:43
TypeGeneric Template (Public)
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DescriptionThis is for weapons. Be they fantasy, sci-fi, or science fantasy, any weapons.
Other(if so, what)?
What is the primary material for the weapon?
Secondary material?
Magical(if so, what are the magic items called and what do they do)?
Does the weapon have a personal name(or nickname)?
What is the generic name(factory number, model number, etc.)?
Is it a melee or ranged weapon?
What does it operate on(plasma, magic, etc.)
What is it's weakness(What is good against it, what doesn't it work against)?
Does it have a manufacturing company(name)?
Name of inventor/crafter?
Specific race of origin and/or use?
When was it made?
Wielder/Main user(s)
Who wields the weapon at the beginning of the story?
Does it transfer(if yes, then who to)?
Is it used mainly by a group or organization(name)?
Greatest wielder(s)(who is/was the most dextrous with it)?
Common use(soldiers etc.,)?


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