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Society - fantasy, maybe sci-fi
Written ByTwizzle
Created: 19 May 2011 at 10:24
TypeGeneric Template (Public)
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DescriptionThis is intended to be a fairly comprehensive outline for fantasy, and maybe sci-fi, societies, where you can pick and choose which boxes need to be filled in for your society.
Basic Info
Land or city?
Isolated or surrounded by lands/other peoples?
What's the demographics like?
Stable and secure?
Resources? And how does this affect things like diet and dress?
Describe the land.
Major area 1/major city. Describe its lay-out/geography, and its interactions with other areas..
Major area 2/major city. Describe its lay-out/geography, and its interactions with other areas.
Major area 3/major city. Describe its lay-out/geography, and its interactions with other areas.
Relevant history:
Any specifics relevant to sub-culture/major area 1:
Any specifics relevant to sub-culture/major area 2:
Any specifics relevant to sub-culture/major area 3:
Do they have religion(s)? How many? How big a following do they have?
Monotheistic or polytheistic?
Detail the basis of these religion(s) and deities(s), e.g. Creation myths
How do these religions and deities interact, if applicable?
Detail the rituals associated with them. E.g. communal/individual prayer, service, sacrifice, tithes, parades, important ceremon
Hierarchies of the religion, e.g. priests, etc.
Are they worshipped through fear or through love? What is the general opinion on the religion and the system of religion (priest
Are these religions correct? If so, how much do the gods involve themselves in the world?
What does your society value, and why?
Norms, gender roles and ideas of relationships?
Taboo areas?
Who and what do they respect/aspire to be?
What systems does it rest/rely on? What are the main ISAs?
What about sub-cultures within the society, e.g. magic users, soldiers, criminals - what are their ideologies?
Who is/are the leader(s) and how are they appointed?
What hierarchy exists in the governing of the society? Negatives and positives of this system.
What hierarchy exists in 'Society' and everyday life?
What discrimination exists?
Are these hierarchies secure and stable or are they being challenged?
Are they viewed positively or negatively, and by whom?
How is hierarchy shown/intimated, and perceived?
How rigid are these hierarchies - would it be scandalous for a blacksmith to marry a merchant's daughter, or a merchant's daughter to marry a Lord?
What about different hierarchies for sub-cultures? Do they consider themselves external to these sets of hierarchies?
For more information on your sub-cultures and how they interact with the main culture/other sub-cultures. 1:
International Relations
General overview
Do they tend to stay out of international relations/politics, or get involved?
Allies and alliances
Areas that they worry about, e.g. worried about tension between them and country A, or alliance between countries C and B who surround them
Worrying areas that they're not aware of/not paying as much attention to as they should?
Is it affluent or poor? Is this recent/temporary (e.g. bad harvest that year)/a long-term, spiraling condition?
Is there a big gap between rich and poor?
What is the basis of the economy, e.g., land, servants, hunting?
Do they use a monetary system or a bartering/services system? Detail their system.
Do they save or do they live for the day?
Is there charity in this society?
What things are cheap/readily avaiable and what things are expensive/need to be imported?
How do they display wealth? What are the stereotypes about the poor and rich, e.g. do the rich think that the poor dress tackily?
Law, police, army, jail/punishment, and their reach/control:
Use of magic, if applicable:
Laws controlling access/curfews/state control:
Waste disposal:
Food production and trade:
What do they do in an emergency?
What do they do with society's 'undesirables'? Homeless, beggars, prostitutes
Areas they're particularly skilled at, e.g. tin mining, fishing, construction?
And not so good at...
Culture, Leisure and Fashion
Are they big on arts and culture?
What do people do in their spare time? How is this impacted by their class?
Do they have national songs/dances/parades/myths?
What about their fashion? How does this vary by demographics?
Do they have traditional costumes? What are these worn for?
External stereotypes, from other societies, about themselves
Internal stereotypes


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