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Rune Michaels' Eleven Pillars of Character
Written ByNonnib
Created: 10 Aug 2012 at 14:21
TypeGeneric Template (Public)
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Description This is the outline I discuss in my column for CC's blog: Eleven Pillars of Character.

What do we HAVE to know? What is essential to know in order to create a good, believable character?

I believe in these eleven pillars listed below. You can use them whether you are creating a character from scratch or fleshing out the ghost of a character that has begun to take a shape in your head.

Keep in mind that when you first go through the list your answers should be short, one sentence at the most. When you have crafted a once sentence reply to each of these quick questions, you already have the shape of a person.

Let your replies rest for a day or two as your character evolves in your mind. Then come back to your answers, expand them and alter whatever you think doesn't look quite right.

Then start writing! Good luck.
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