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Child-Grow up
Written ByFirefly
Created: 8 Jun 2005 at 14:26
TypeCharacter Template (Public)
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DescriptionThis will be handy when you want to see how the character was, is, and will be.
Mothers name:
Fathers name:
Siblings names:
Best friends name:
Crushs name:
His/her name then:
His age then:
Did he like his mother?
Did he like his father?
Did he/she like his siblings?
His/her best friend then:
His/her crush then:
Was he/she happy then?
Was he/she healthy then?
Was he/she open or closed then?
Which school did he/she go to then?
Where did he/she live then?
What hair style did he/she have then?
What was his/her nickname then?
What is his/her name now?
Who is his/her best friend now?
Who is his/her crush now?
Is he/she seeing anyone now?
His/her nickname now:
Where does he/she live now?
Who is taking care of he/she now?
Is his/her motehr dead now?
Is his/her father dead now?
Is all of his/her siblings dead now?
Is some of his/her siblings dead now?
Is he she opened or closed now?
If his/her family is dead, how?
Is he/she happy now?
How old is he/she now?
Did someone murder his/her parents?
If so, does he/she want revenge?
If so, does he/she go out to find the person that did this?
If so, when does he/she do this?
And if so, does he/she take someone with him/her?
What color is his/her hair now?
What color are his/her eyes?
What hair style does he/she have now?
Is he/she healthy now?
What schoold does he/she go to now?
Does he/she kill the person that he/she want to kill?
What is the characters name?
Did the character ever fall in love and get married?
What is his/her age now?
Is he/she opened or closed?
Who is his/her best friend now?
Is he/she happy now?
Did someone he/she loved die?
If so, how many?
If he/she did kill the person he/she wanted to kill, how did it happen?


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