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Young Adult Fiction
Written ByCandance
Created: 20 Aug 2007 at 14:07
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DescriptionThis is an outline to help children and YA authors prepare for a novel in that genre. It has character information, plotline help, and other goodies.
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Setting the Stage
What specific age is your MC? Why is this important to the story?
Which POV have you chosen? Why have you made this decision?
Is it cutting edge or more mainstream? Can teachers use it for education, or will it be more for entertainment?
Is it action-driven or character driven? Why is that important to your MC?
Family Situation
Who does your MC live with? How does it shape the person they're becoming?
Do they live in a nice house with good money? Do they live in a cardboard box?
Explain one family member (besides parents) who had a big impact on their childhood.
What religion are they?
Describe one event from their childhood that scarred them.
Social Surroundings
What sort of school do they go to? Do they fit in well?
How many friends do they have? Do they hang out with the wrong crowd or a good crowd?
Are they good at their studies or do they skip class/ignore their homework a lot?
Do they have a source of income, maybe babysitting? Do their parents buy them everything or just enough?
Think about the impetus for your plot...how do their friends/school mates contribute to this?
How is their lovelife?
Name one time when they lost a friendship. How did this affect them?
Gearing Up for Action
Where does your story really begin? Why did you choose to start your chapter one at that action?
What major plot point happens in chapter two?
Your character, being so young, feels trapped in a situation they can't really control. How do they stand up for themselves?
How many people will hinder them?
What mistakes will they make along the way?
How will they step up to solve their problems?
Name one sidestory that will throw a wrench into the bigger picture.
How will your MC contribute to the climax?
Will the protagonists learn their lesson? Or will the MC simply leave them?
Now you're writing the final chapter. How much has the MC grown up? What have they learned?
Extras and Support
How are adults portrayed through your story? How is authority portrayed?
Does your story challenge children to think outside the box? If so...how?
Does your story resonate with children who are different? Does it inspire self confidence in young readers?
What modern issues do you address for kids and teens? What could a reader take from your story?
How did your MC's upbringing affect their reactions to the plot? Would other children react the same way?
Name two supporting characters essential to the plot. Why do they act the way they act? Does the reader fully understand them?
And finally....think back when you were the target age. How would this book have made you feel?


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