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In-depth Character Outline
Written ByZellakate
Created: 14 Dec 2009 at 13:59
TypeGeneric Template (Public)
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General Information
Current Place of Residence
Current Socioeconomic Status
Parents' Names
Siblings' Names/Birth Order
Current Spouse's/Significant Other's Name
Previous Marital/Relationship History
Children's Names and Ages
Childhood (any details pertinent to your story)
Education Level
Previous Employment History
Physical Appearance
Hair Color
Eye Color
Description of Facial Features
Build (heavy, medium, light)
Distinctive Vocal Characteristics (such as pitch, etc.)
Speech Patterns (any linguistic quirks or regional accents)
Distinctive Gestures/Body Language
Current State of Health (any illnesses or injuries?)
Clothing (Is the character fashionable, slovenly, or somewhere in between?, Does the character wear a particular item of clothing frequently, such as jewelry?)
Personality Characteristics
Distinguishing Characteristics
Habits (smoking, drinking, illict drugs)
Personality Quirks (such as biting nails or fidgeting excessively)
Eating Habits (heavy eater or light eater, any favorite foods)
What type of attitude does you character generally have (is your character serious, cynical, funloving, etc.)
What is your character's philosophy of life?
What does your character like or value most?
What does your character dislike most?
What does your character fear most?
What is your character's opinion of himself/herself?
What is your character's opinions of other characters in your story?
What do other character's think about your character?
What are your character's goals?
What is your character's motivation for having these goals?
What are the obstacles which your character faces that could prevent him/her from achieving these goals?


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