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Character Tension Points
Written ByMegrim
Created: 4 Jan 2016 at 15:37
TypeCharacter Template (Public)
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DescriptionQuestions to help figure out major conflict and tension areas in characters.
What is their role or profession?
What makes them NOT the ideal person for that role?
What's a trait about them that's unexpected?
What do they want?
Why can't they have what they want?
What do they worry about becoming?
What are their vulnerabilities?
Development In-Story
What event or situation would cause them despair?
What is the hardest choice they could make?
What incorrect judgments would people make based on a first impression?
What do they consider crossing the line?
What would break them down emotionally?
End Point
How will their worldview change?
What is a situation near the end where they would make a different choice than they would have at the beginning?
Will they move on and leave things behind, or return to where they began the story?
Have their INITIAL relationships grown closer or father apart?
Have their NEW relationships grown closer or father apart?
What has changed about what they want?
Did they become what they feared / Do they now fear becoming something different?


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