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Skeleton Outline
Written ByArmystrong
Created: 18 Aug 2017 at 20:50
TypeGeneric Template (Public)
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DescriptionThis is used to give a general outline of chapters/events/ main plot/ sub plots.
Act One
Introduction: What is the ordinary world like?
Call to action: What happens that the main character that wakes him up to whats really going on around him/her?
Refusal of the Call: (optional) Main character refuses what is happening around him/her OR something is holding them back from being what they need to do.
Crossing the threshold: (small challenge) something happens that the main character decides to do something meaningful/adventure.
Act Two
Mentor teaches the lead: what lessons does the main character need to learn from the mentor?
First Challenge: Something drastic happens OR personal issue, the main character must overcome to continue down the path they are on?
Temptation: What tempts your main character away from achieving their goal?
Dark Moment: Something happens that leads your character down a dark path. Moment where all is lost.
Act three
Final Conflict: What happens that allows the chacter to reach their main goal?
Return Home: Now that the character is back in the original world... do they view it the same? Does it treat them the same?
Wrap up: Tie up any loose ends.


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