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Todaydeus ex machina
  • 1. In ancient Greek and Roman drama, a god introduced by means of a crane to unravel and resolve the plot.
    2. Any active agent who appears unexpectedly to solve an apparently insoluble difficulty.

  • Environment; setting.

18 Novtendentious
  • Marked by a strong tendency in favor of a particular point of view.

17 Novexcoriate
  • 1. To express strong disapproval of; to denounce.
    2. To tear or wear off the skin of.

16 Novvisage
  • 1. The face, countenance, or look of a person or an animal; -- chiefly applied to the human face.
    2. Look; appearance; aspect.

15 Novsapient
  • Wise; sage; discerning.

14 Novdisparate
  • 1. Fundamentally different or distinct in quality or kind.
    2. Composed of or including markedly dissimilar elements.

13 Novparlous
  • Attended with peril; fraught with danger; hazardous.

12 Novmalleable
  • 1. Capable of being extended or shaped by beating with a hammer, or by the pressure of rollers; -- applied to metals.
    2. Capable of being altered or controlled by outside forces; easily influenced.
    3. Capable of adjusting to changing circumstances; adaptable.

11 Novconsanguineous
  • Of the same blood; related by birth; descended from the same parent or ancestor.
10 Novsang-froid
  • Freedom from agitation or excitement of mind; coolness in trying circumstances; calmness.

9 Novepigone
  • An inferior imitator, especially of some distinguished writer, artist, musician, or philosopher.

8 Novlucre
  • Monetary gain; profit; riches; money; -- often in a bad sense.

7 Novwunderkind
  • 1. A child prodigy.
    2. One who achieves great success or acclaim at an early age.

6 Novgrandee
  • 1. A man of elevated rank or station.
    2. In Spain or Portugal, a nobleman of the first rank.

5 Novflippant
  • Lacking proper seriousness or respect; showing inappropriate levity; pert.

4 Novpredilection
  • A predisposition to choose or like; an established preference.

3 Novincommunicado
  • Without the means or right to communicate.

2 Novtutelage
  • 1. The act of guarding or protecting; guardianship; protection.
    2. The state of being under a guardian or tutor.
    3. Instruction, especially individual instruction accompanied by close attention and guidance.

1 Novirrefragable
  • Impossible to refute; incontestable; undeniable; as, an irrefragable argument; irrefragable evidence.

31 Octsusurration
  • A whispering sound; a soft murmur.

30 Octergo
  • Therefore; consequently; -- often used in a jocular way.

29 Octquondam
  • Having been formerly; former; sometime.
28 Octcomity
  • 1. A state of mutual harmony, friendship, and respect, especially between or among nations or people; civility.
    2. The courteous recognition by one nation of the laws and institutions of another.
    3. The group of nations observing international comity.

27 Octcapricious
  • Apt to change suddenly; whimsical; changeable.

26 Octpugnacious
  • Inclined to fight; combative; quarrelsome.

25 Octencumbrance
  • 1. A burden, impediment, or hindrance.
    2. A lien, mortgage, or other financial claim against a property.

24 Octsesquipedalian
  • 1. Given to or characterized by the use of long words.
    2. Long and ponderous; having many syllables.

    1. A long word.

23 Octrenascent
  • Springing or rising again into being; showing renewed vigor.

22 Octpugilist
  • One who fights with the fists; especially, a professional prize fighter; a boxer.

21 Octdubiety
  • 1. The condition or quality of being doubtful or skeptical.
    2. A matter of doubt.

20 Octineffable
  • 1. Incapable of being expressed in words; unspeakable; unutterable; indescribable.
    2. Not to be uttered; taboo.

19 Octesurient
  • Hungry; voracious; greedy.

18 Octdiktat
  • 1. A harsh settlement unilaterally imposed on a defeated party.
    2. An authoritative decree or order.

17 Octrecondite
  • 1. Difficult to understand; abstruse.
    2. Concerned with obscure subject matter.

16 Octexegete
  • A person who explains or interprets difficult parts of written works.

15 Octsine qua non
  • An essential condition or element; an indispensable thing.
14 Octgastronome
  • A connoisseur of good food and drink.

13 Octplenary
  • 1. Full in all respects; complete; absolute; as, plenary authority.
    2. Fully attended by all qualified members.

12 Octvim
  • Power; force; energy; spirit; activity; vigor.

11 OctHogmanay
  • The name, in Scotland, for New Year's Eve, on which children go about singing and asking for gifts; also, a gift, cake, or treat given on New Year's Eve.

10 Octperquisite
  • 1. A profit or benefit in addition to a salary or wages.
    2. Broadly: The benefits of a position or office.
    3. A gratuity or tip for services performed.
    4. Anything to which someone has or claims the sole right.

9 Octquiddity
  • 1. The essence, nature, or distinctive peculiarity of a thing.
    2. A hairsplitting distinction; a trifling point; a quibble.
    3. An eccentricity; an odd feature.

8 Octcynosure
  • 1. Anything to which attention is strongly turned; a center of attraction.
    2. That which serves to guide or direct.
    3. [Capitalized]. The northern constellation Ursa Minor, which contains the North Star; also, the North Star itself.

7 Octapposite
  • Being of striking appropriateness and relevance; very applicable; apt.

6 Octbenefaction
  • 1. The act of conferring a benefit.
    2. A benefit conferred; especially, a charitable donation.

5 Octjollification
  • Merrymaking; festivity; revelry.

4 Octfirmament
  • 1. The region of the air; the sky; the heavens.
    2. The field or sphere of an interest or activity.

3 Octvociferous
  • Making a loud outcry; clamorous; noisy.

2 Octquerulous
  • 1. Apt to find fault; habitually complaining.
    2. Expressing complaint; fretful; whining.

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