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23 Oct 2014flippant
  • Lacking proper seriousness or respect; showing inappropriate levity; pert.
22 Oct 2014palindrome
  • A word, phrase, sentence, or verse that reads the same backward or forward.
21 Oct 2014orotund
  • Characterized by fullness, clarity, strength, and smoothness of sound.
  • Pompous; bombastic.
20 Oct 2014vim
  • Power; force; energy; spirit; activity; vigor.
19 Oct 2014parlous
  • Attended with peril; fraught with danger; hazardous.
18 Oct 2014wayworn
  • Wearied by traveling.
17 Oct 2014booboisie
  • A class of people regarded as stupid or foolish.
16 Oct 2014meticulous
  • Extremely or excessively careful about details.
15 Oct 2014circumlocution
  • The use of many words to express an idea that might be expressed by few; indirect or roundabout language; a periphrase.
14 Oct 2014panacea
  • A remedy for all diseases, problems, or evils; a universal medicine; a cure-all.
13 Oct 2014repast
  • Something taken as food; a meal.
12 Oct 2014encumbrance
  • Something that burdens or impedes; a burdensome and troublesome load; an impediment.
  • A claim or lien upon property.
11 Oct 2014practicable
  • Capable of being done, accomplished, or put into practice; feasible; as, "a practicable method; a practicable aim."
  • Capable of being used; usable.
10 Oct 2014bouleversement
  • Complete overthrow; a reversal; a turning upside down.
9 Oct 2014algorithm
  • A step-by-step procedure for solving a problem in a finite number of steps that often involves repetition of an operation.
8 Oct 2014edacious
  • Given to eating; voracious; devouring.
7 Oct 2014hale
  • Free from disease and weakening conditions; healthy.
6 Oct 2014missive
  • A written message; a letter.
5 Oct 2014coruscate
  • To give off or reflect bright beams or flashes of light; to sparkle.
  • To exhibit brilliant, sparkling technique or style.
4 Oct 2014pukka
  • Authentic; genuine.
  • Good of its kind; first-class.
3 Oct 2014obsequious
  • Marked by or exhibiting servile attentiveness; compliant to excess; fawning.
2 Oct 2014visage
  • The face or appearance of a person or an animal; -- chiefly applied to the human face.
  • Appearance; aspect.
1 Oct 2014segue
  • To proceed without interruption; to make a smooth transition.
30 Sep 2014fealty
  • Fidelity to one's lord; the feudal obligation by which the tenant or vassal was bound to be faithful to his lord.
  • The oath by which this obligation was assumed.
  • Fidelity; allegiance; faithfulness.
29 Sep 2014impassive
  • Devoid of or unsusceptible to emotion.
  • Showing no sign of emotion or feeling; expressionless.
28 Sep 2014multifarious
  • Having great diversity or variety; of various kinds; diversified.
27 Sep 2014nugatory
  • Trifling; insignificant; inconsequential.
  • Having no force; inoperative; ineffectual.
26 Sep 2014aver
  • To affirm with confidence; to declare in a positive manner, as in confidence of asserting the truth.
  • (Law) To assert, claim, or declare as a fact.
25 Sep 2014beneficence
  • The practice of doing good; active goodness, kindness, or charity; bounty springing from purity and goodness.
24 Sep 2014matutinal
  • Relating to or occurring in the morning; early.
23 Sep 2014circumambient
  • Surrounding; being on all sides; encompassing.
22 Sep 2014clarion
  • A kind of trumpet having a clear and shrill note.
  • The sound of this instrument or a sound similar to it.
21 Sep 2014parley
  • A conference or discussion, especially with an enemy, as with regard to a truce or other matters.
20 Sep 2014inscrutable
  • Difficult to fathom or understand; difficult to be explained or accounted for satisfactorily; obscure; incomprehensible; impenetrable; as, an inscrutable design or event.
19 Sep 2014gubernatorial
  • Of or pertaining to a governor.
18 Sep 2014cadre
  • A core or nucleus of trained or otherwise qualified personnel around which an organization is formed.
  • A tightly knit and trained group of dedicated members active in promoting the interests of a revolutionary party.
  • A member of such a group.
  • A framework upon which a larger entity can be built; a scheme.
17 Sep 2014tenebrous
  • Dark; gloomy.
16 Sep 2014paroxysm
  • (Medicine) A sudden attack, intensification, or recurrence of a disease.
  • Any sudden and violent emotion or action; an outburst; a fit.
15 Sep 2014ersatz
  • Being a substitute or imitation, usually an inferior one.
14 Sep 2014captious
  • Marked by a disposition to find fault or raise objections.
  • Calculated to entrap or confuse, as in an argument.
13 Sep 2014ostentation
  • Excessive or pretentious display; boastful showiness.
12 Sep 2014palimpsest
  • A manuscript, usually of papyrus or parchment, on which more than one text has been written with the earlier writing incompletely erased and still visible.
  • An object or place whose older layers or aspects are apparent beneath its surface.
11 Sep 2014tendentious
  • Marked by a strong tendency in favor of a particular point of view.
10 Sep 2014halcyon
  • A kingfisher.
  • A mythical bird, identified with the kingfisher, that was fabled to nest at sea about the time of the winter solstice and to calm the waves during incubation.
9 Sep 2014scintilla
  • BR> A tiny or scarcely detectable amount; the slightest particle; a trace; a spark.
8 Sep 2014woebegone
  • Beset or overwhelmed with woe; immersed in grief or sorrow; woeful.
  • Being in a sorry condition; dismal-looking; dilapidated; run-down.
7 Sep 2014mordant
  • Biting; caustic; sarcastic.
6 Sep 2014riparian
  • of or pertaining to the bank of a river or stream
5 Sep 2014effulgence
  • The state of being bright and radiant; splendor; brilliance.
4 Sep 2014bellwether
  • A wether, or sheep, which leads the flock, with a bell on his neck.
  • Hence: A leader of a movement or activity.
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