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2 Aug 2015gauche
  • Lacking social polish; tactless; awkward; clumsy.
1 Aug 2015verbose
  • Abounding in words; using or containing more words than are necessary; tedious by an excess of words; wordy; as, a verbose speaker; a verbose argument.
31 Jul 2015megalomania
  • A mania for grandiose or extravagant things or actions.
  • A mental disorder characterized by delusions of grandeur.
30 Jul 2015equanimity
  • Evenness of mind; that calm temper or firmness of mind which is not easily elated or depressed; patience; calmness; composure; as, to bear misfortunes with equanimity.
29 Jul 2015crapulous
  • Suffering the effects of, or derived from, or suggestive of gross intemperance, especially in drinking; as, a crapulous stomach.
  • Marked by gross intemperance, especially in drinking; as, a crapulous old reprobate.
28 Jul 2015lucubration
  • The act of studying by candlelight; nocturnal study; meditation.
  • That which is composed by night; that which is produced by meditation in retirement; hence (loosely) any literary composition.
27 Jul 2015otiose
  • Ineffective; futile.
  • Being at leisure; lazy; indolent; idle.
  • Of no use.
26 Jul 2015impervious
  • /b> Not admitting of entrance or passage through; impenetrable.
  • Not capable of being affected.
25 Jul 2015asperity
  • Roughness of surface; unevenness.
  • Roughness or harshness of sound; that quality which grates upon the ear.
  • Roughness of manner; severity; crabbedness; harshness; -- opposed to mildness. "Asperity of character." --Landor.
24 Jul 2015toothsome
  • Delicious to the taste; palatable; luscious: as, a toothsome pie.
  • Agreeable; attractive: as, a toothsome offer.
  • Sexually attractive.
23 Jul 2015ululate
  • To howl, as a dog or a wolf; to wail; as, ululating jackals.
22 Jul 2015miasma
  • Infectious particles or germs floating in the air; air made noxious by the presence of such particles or germs; noxious effluvia.
  • A harmful or corrupting atmosphere or influence; also, an atmosphere that obscures; a fog.
21 Jul 2015simulacrum
  • An image; a representation.
  • An insubstantial, superficial, or vague likeness or semblance.
20 Jul 2015quandary
  • A state of difficulty or perplexity; doubt; uncertainty.
19 Jul 2015libation
  • The act of pouring a liquid or liquor, usually wine, either on the ground or on a victim in sacrifice, in honor of some deity; also, the wine or liquid thus poured out.
  • /b> A beverage, especially an alcoholic beverage.
18 Jul 2015prevaricate
  • To stray from truth; to speak with equivocation.
17 Jul 2015recumbent
  • Reclining; lying down; as, "the recumbent posture of the Romans at their meals." Hence, figuratively, resting; inactive; idle.
16 Jul 2015tractable
  • Capable of being easily led, taught, or managed; docile; manageable; governable; as, tractable children; a tractable learner.
15 Jul 2015hoary
  • White or gray with age; as, hoary hairs.
  • Hence, ancient; extremely old; remote in time past.
14 Jul 2015opprobrium
  • Disgrace; infamy; reproach mingled with contempt.
13 Jul 2015tergiversation
  • The act of practicing evasion or of being deliberately ambiguous; subterfuge; evasion.
  • The act of abandoning a party or cause.
12 Jul 2015perfidy
  • The act of violating faith or allegiance; violation of a promise or vow; faithlessness; treachery.
11 Jul 2015cacophony
  • Harsh or discordant sound; dissonance.
  • The use of harsh or discordant sounds in literary composition.
10 Jul 2015jejune
  • Lacking in nutritive value.
  • Displaying or suggesting a lack of maturity; childish.
  • Lacking interest or significance; dull; meager; dry.
9 Jul 2015recrudescent
  • Breaking out again after temporary abatement or suppression; as, a recrudescent epidemic.
8 Jul 2015perfervid
  • Very fervid; too fervid; ardent; impassioned; marked by exaggerated or overwrought emotion.
7 Jul 2015cozen
  • To cheat; to defraud; to beguile; to deceive.
  • To obtain by deceit.
6 Jul 2015obtrude
  • To thrust out; to push out.
  • To force or impose (one's self, remarks, opinions, etc.) on others with undue insistence or without solicitation.
5 Jul 2015inimical
  • Having the disposition or temper of an enemy; unfriendly; unfavorable.
  • Opposed in tendency, influence, or effects; antagonistic; inconsistent; incompatible; adverse; repugnant.
4 Jul 2015improvident
  • Not provident; lacking foresight or forethought; not foreseeing or providing for the future; negligent; thoughtless.
3 Jul 2015palliate
  • To cover with excuses; to conceal the enormity of, by excuses and apologies; to extenuate; as, to palliate faults.
  • To reduce in violence; to lessen or abate; to mitigate; as, to palliate a disease.
2 Jul 2015denizen
  • A dweller; an inhabitant.
  • One that frequents a particular place.
  • One who is admitted by favor to all or a part of the rights of citizenship, where he did not possess them by birth; an adopted or naturalized citizen.
  • One admitted to residence in a foreign country.
1 Jul 2015turgid
  • Distended beyond the natural state by some internal agent or expansive force; swollen; bloated; inflated -- especially applied to an enlarged part of the body; as, a turgid limb; turgid fruit.
  • Swelling in style or language; bombastic; pompous; as, a turgid style of speaking.
30 Jun 2015flummox
  • To confuse; to perplex.
29 Jun 2015uxorious
  • Excessively fond of, or submissive to, a wife; being a dependent husband.
28 Jun 2015rapacious
  • Given to plunder; disposed or accustomed to seize by violence; seizing by force.
  • Accustomed to seize food; subsisting on prey, or animals seized by violence; as, a tiger is a rapacious animal; a rapacious bird.
  • Avaricious; grasping; extortionate; also, greedy; ravenous; voracious; as, rapacious usurers; a rapacious appetite.
27 Jun 2015febrile
  • Pertaining to fever; indicating fever, or derived from it; feverish; as, febrile symptoms; febrile action.
26 Jun 2015kitsch
  • Art characterized by pretentious bad taste.
25 Jun 2015abrogate
  • To annul by an authoritative act; to abolish by the authority of the maker or his successor; to repeal; -- applied to the repeal of laws, decrees, ordinances, the abolition of customs, etc.
  • To put an end to; to do away with.
24 Jun 2015admonition
  • Gentle or friendly reproof; counseling against a fault or error; expression of authoritative advice; friendly caution or warning.
23 Jun 2015ruminate
  • To chew the cud; to chew again what has been slightly chewed and swallowed.
  • To think again and again; to muse; to meditate; to ponder; to reflect.
22 Jun 2015scapegrace
  • A graceless, unprincipled person; one who is wild and reckless.
21 Jun 2015plangent
  • Beating with a loud or deep sound, as, "The plangent wave."
  • Expressing sadness; plaintive.
20 Jun 2015malodorous
  • Having a bad odor.
19 Jun 2015apothegm
  • A short, pithy, and instructive saying; a terse remark, conveying some important truth; a sententious precept or maxim.
18 Jun 2015supernal
  • Being in a higher place or region; locally higher; as, supernal regions.
  • Relating or belonging to things above; celestial; heavenly; as, supernal grace.
17 Jun 2015harangue
  • A speech addressed to a large public assembly; a popular oration; a loud address a multitude; in a bad sense, a noisy or pompous speech; declamation; ranting.
16 Jun 2015sempiternal
  • Of never ending duration; everlasting; endless; having beginning, but no end.
15 Jun 2015masticate
  • 1. To grind or crush with or as if with the teeth in preparation for swallowing and digestion; to chew; as, "to masticate food."
    2. To crush or knead (rubber, for example) into a pulp.
14 Jun 2015physiognomy
  • The art of discovering temperament, and other characteristic qualities of the mind, by the outward appearance, especially by the features of the face.
  • The face or countenance, with respect to the temper of the mind; particular configuration, cast, or expression of countenance, as denoting character.
  • The general appearance or aspect of a thing, without reference to its scientific characteristics; as, the physiognomy of a plant, or of a meteor.
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