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3 Mar 2017shibboleth
  • A word or pronunciation that distinguishes a particular class or set of persons from another.
  • A word or saying identified with a group or cause; a slogan; a catchword.
  • A saying or belief identified with a particular group and usually regarded by outsiders as meaningless or untrue.
  • A custom, practice, behavior, etc. regarded as distinctive of a particular group.
4 Mar 2017Panglossian
  • Excessively or naively optimistic.
5 Mar 2017supervene
  • To take place or occur as something additional, extraneous, or unexpected (sometimes followed by 'on' or 'upon').
  • To follow immediately after; to ensue.
6 Mar 2017hagiography
  • Biography of saints.
  • Idealizing or idolizing biography.
7 Mar 2017panegyric
  • A lofty, formal composition or speech in praise of someone or something.
  • Formal or elaborate praise.
8 Mar 2017atavism
  • The reappearance in an organism of characteristics of some remote ancestor after several generations of absence.
  • One that exhibits atavism; a throwback.
  • Reversion to an earlier behavior, outlook, or approach.
9 Mar 2017supplicate
  • To seek or ask for humbly and earnestly.
  • To make a humble petition to; to beseech.
10 Mar 2017labile
  • Open to change; apt or likely to change; adaptable.
  • Constantly or readily undergoing chemical, physical, or biological change or breakdown; unstable.
11 Mar 2017untoward
  • Not favorable or fortunate; adverse.
  • Improper; unseemly.
  • Hard to guide, work with, or control; unruly.
12 Mar 2017menagerie
  • A collection of wild or unusual animals, especially for exhibition.
  • An enclosure where wild or unusual animals are kept or exhibited.
  • A diverse or varied group.
13 Mar 2017presage
  • An indication or warning of a future event; an omen.
  • A feeling or intuition of what the future holds.
  • Prophetic significance.
  • [Archaic] A prediction; a prognostication.
14 Mar 2017abnegate
  • To refuse or deny oneself; to reject; to renounce.
  • To give up (rights, claims, etc.); to surrender; to relinquish.
15 Mar 2017faction
  • A usually contentious or self-seeking group within a larger group, party, government, etc.
  • Party strife and intrigue; internal dissension.
16 Mar 2017pallor
  • Unusual or extreme paleness.
17 Mar 2017suffuse
  • To spread through or over in the manner of fluid or light; to flush.
18 Mar 2017artifice
  • Cleverness or skill; ingenuity; inventiveness.
  • An ingenious or artful device or expedient.
  • An artful trick or stratagem.
  • Trickery; craftiness; insincere or deceptive behavior.
19 Mar 2017saturnine
  • Born under or being under the astrological influence of the planet Saturn.
  • Gloomy or sullen in disposition.
  • Having a sardonic or bitter aspect.
20 Mar 2017lionize
  • To treat or regard as an object of great interest or importance.
21 Mar 2017finical
  • Extremely or unduly particular in standards or taste; fastidious; finicky.
22 Mar 2017pliant
  • Easily bent or flexed; supple; pliable; adaptable.
  • Easily influenced; yielding readily to others.
23 Mar 2017dissemble
  • To hide under a false appearance; to hide the truth or true nature of.
  • To put on the appearance of; to feign.
24 Mar 2017recreant
  • Cowardly; craven.
  • Unfaithful; disloyal.
25 Mar 2017fetter
  • A chain or shackle for the feet; a bond; a shackle.
  • Anything that confines or restrains; a restraint.
26 Mar 2017tumid
  • Swollen, enlarged, or distended; as, "a tumid leg."
  • Bulging; protuberant.
  • Swelling in sound or sense; pompous; inflated; bombastic.
27 Mar 2017agglomeration
  • The act or process of collecting in a mass; a heaping together.
  • A jumbled cluster or mass of usually varied elements.
28 Mar 2017odium
  • Intense hatred or dislike; loathing; abhorrence.
  • The state or fact of being intensely hated as the result of some despicable action.
  • Disgrace or discredit attaching to something hated or repugnant.
29 Mar 2017unfledged
  • Lacking the feathers necessary for flight.
  • Not fully developed; immature.
30 Mar 2017betimes
  • Early; in good time; before it is late.
  • At times; on occasion.
  • [Archaic] Soon; in a short time.
31 Mar 2017glutinous
  • Of the nature of glue; resembling glue; sticky.
1 Apr 2017durance
  • Imprisonment; confinement or restraint by or as if by force (usually used in the phrase "durance vile").
  • [Archaic] Endurance.
2 Apr 2017ingenuous
  • Demonstrating childlike simplicity; innocent; naive.
  • Free from reserve, restraint, or guile; open; frank.
  • [Obsolete] Noble; honorable.
3 Apr 2017manumit
  • To free from slavery or servitude.
4 Apr 2017hermitage
  • The habitation of a hermit or group of hermits.
  • A monastery or abbey.
  • A secluded residence; a retreat; a hideaway.
  • [Capitalized] A palace in St. Petersburg, now an art museum.
5 Apr 2017peradventure
  • [Archaic] Possibly; perhaps.
6 Apr 2017antiquarian
  • Of or pertaining to antiquarians or objects or relics from the past.
  • Dealing in or concerned with old or rare books.
7 Apr 2017naif
  • Naive.
8 Apr 2017altercation
  • A heated, noisy, or angry dispute; noisy controversy or argument.
9 Apr 2017commination
  • A denunciation.
  • A threat of punishment.
10 Apr 2017amative
  • Pertaining to or disposed to love, especially sexual love; full of love; amorous.
11 Apr 2017garrulous
  • 1. Talking much, especially about commonplace or trivial things; talkative.
    2. Wordy.

12 Apr 2017acumen
  • Quickness of perception or discernment; shrewdness shown by keen insight.

13 Apr 2017sentient
  • 1. Capable of perceiving by the senses; conscious.
    2. Experiencing sensation or feeling.

14 Apr 2017varicolored
  • Having a variety of colors; of various colors.

15 Apr 2017nostrum
  • 1. A medicine of secret composition and unproven or dubious effectiveness; a quack medicine.
    2. A usually questionable remedy or scheme; a cure-all.

16 Apr 2017rictus
  • 1. The gape of the mouth, as of birds.
    2. A gaping grin or grimace.

17 Apr 2017ameliorate
  • 1. To make better; to improve.

    intransitive verb:
    1. To grow better.

18 Apr 2017somnolent
  • 1. Sleepy; drowsy; inclined to sleep.
    2. Tending to cause sleepiness or drowsiness.

19 Apr 2017mien
  • 1. Manner or bearing, especially as expressive of mood, attitude, or personality; demeanor.
    2. Aspect; appearance.

20 Apr 2017potable
  • 1. Fit to drink; suitable for drinking; drinkable.

    1. A potable liquid; a beverage, especially an alcoholic beverage.

21 Apr 2017temerarious
  • Recklessly or presumptuously daring; rash.

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