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17 May 2015contumacious
  • Exhibiting contempt for authority; obstinate; stubbornly disobedient.
  • (Law) Willfully disobedient to the summons or orders of a court.
16 May 2015bifurcate
  • To divide into two branches or parts.
15 May 2015bedaub
  • To daub over; to besmear or soil with anything thick and dirty.
  • To overdecorate; to ornament showily.
14 May 2015profligate
  • Openly and shamelessly immoral; dissipated; dissolute.
  • Recklessly wasteful.
13 May 2015factitious
  • Produced artificially, in distinction from what is produced by nature; artificial; sham; not natural.
12 May 2015buss
  • A kiss; a playful kiss; a smack.
11 May 2015habitué
  • One who habitually frequents a place.
10 May 2015chicanery
  • The use of trickery to deceive (especially in matters of law).
  • A trick or quibble.
9 May 2015coxcomb
  • obsolete. A cap worn by court jesters; adorned with a strip of red. (Now cockscomb).
  • archaic. The top of the head, or the head itself.
  • obsolete. A fool.
  • A vain, showy fellow; a conceited, silly man, fond of display; a superficial pretender to knowledge or accomplishments; a dandy; a fop.
8 May 2015quiescent
  • Being in a state of repose; at rest; still; not moving; as, a quiescent body or fluid.
  • Not ruffed with passion; unagitated; not excited.
7 May 2015factious
  • Given to faction; addicted to form parties and raise dissensions, in opposition to government or the common good; turbulent; seditious; prone to clamor against public measures or men; -- said of persons.
  • Pertaining to faction; proceeding from faction; indicating, or characterized by, faction; -- said of acts or expressions; as, factious quarrels.
6 May 2015vitiate
  • To make faulty, or imperfect; to render defective; to impair; as, exaggeration vitiates a style of writing.
  • To corrupt morally.
  • To render ineffective; as, fraud vitiates a contract.
5 May 2015sycophant
  • A person who seeks favor by flattering people of wealth or influence; a parasite; a toady.
4 May 2015Elysium
  • A dwelling place assigned to happy souls after death; the seat of future happiness; Paradise.
  • Hence, any place or condition of ideal bliss or complete happiness.
3 May 2015adumbrate
  • To give a faint shadow or slight representation of; to outline.
  • To foreshadow; to intimate.
  • To overshadow; to shade.
2 May 2015surcease
  • Cessation; stop; end.
1 May 2015risible
  • Having the faculty or power of laughing; disposed to laugh.
  • Exciting laughter; worthy to be laughed at; amusing.
  • Used in, or expressing, laughter; as, risible muscles.
30 Apr 2015emblazon
  • To deck in glaring colors; to set off conspicuously; to display pompously; to decorate.
29 Apr 2015verdure
  • Green; greenness; freshness of vegetation; as, the verdure of the meadows in June.
28 Apr 2015Ides
  • In the ancient Roman calendar the fifteenth day of March, May, July, and October, and the thirteenth day of the other months.
27 Apr 2015augury
  • The art or practice of foretelling events; divination.
  • An omen; prediction; prognostication; indication of the future.
26 Apr 2015abstemious
  • Sparing in diet; refraining from a free use of food and strong drinks; temperate; abstinent; sparing in the indulgence of the appetite or passions.
  • Sparingly used; used with temperance or moderation; as, an abstemious diet.
  • Marked by, or spent in, abstinence; as, an abstemious life.
25 Apr 2015elucidate
  • To make clear or manifest; to render more intelligible; to illustrate; as, an example will elucidate the subject.
24 Apr 2015acquiesce
  • To rest satisfied, or apparently satisfied, or to rest without opposition and discontent (usually implying previous opposition or discontent); to accept or consent by silence or by omitting to object; -- usually followed by in, sometimes by to.
  • To concur upon conviction; to assent to; usually, to concur, not heartily but so far as to forbear opposition.
23 Apr 2015travail
  • Very hard work; toil.
  • Intense pains; agony; anguish.
  • Parturition; labor; as, an easy travail.
22 Apr 2015atrabilious
  • Melancholic; gloomy.
  • Irritable; ill-natured; peevish.
21 Apr 2015parsimony
  • Closeness or sparingness in the expenditure of money; -- generally in a bad sense; excessive frugality.
20 Apr 2015lascivious
  • Wanton; lewd; as, lascivious men; lascivious desires.
  • Tending to produce voluptuous or lewd emotions.
19 Apr 2015impugn
  • To attack as false; to challenge in argument; to contradict; to assail; to call in question; to make insinuations against; to gainsay; to oppose.
18 Apr 2015argot
  • A specialized and often secret vocabulary and idiom peculiar to a particular group.
  • A secret language or conventional slang peculiar to thieves, tramps, and vagabonds.
17 Apr 2015supernumerary
  • Exceeding the number stated or prescribed; as, a supernumerary officer in a regiment.
  • Exceeding a necessary, usual, or required number or quality; superfluous; as, supernumerary addresses; supernumerary expense.
16 Apr 2015prestidigitation
  • Manual dexterity in the execution of tricks; sleight of hand; legerdemain.
15 Apr 2015obviate
  • To anticipate; to prevent by interception; to remove from the way or path; to make unnecessary; as, to obviate the necessity of going.
14 Apr 2015venal
  • Capable of being bought or obtained for money or other valuable consideration; held for sale; salable; purchasable.
  • Capable of being corrupted.
13 Apr 2015ubiquitous
  • Existing or being everywhere, or in all places, at the same time; omnipresent.
12 Apr 2015redress
  • To put in order again; to set right; to emend; to revise.
  • To set right, as a wrong; to repair, as an injury; to make amends for; to remedy; to relieve from.
  • To make amends or compensation to; to relieve of anything unjust or oppressive; to bestow relief upon.
11 Apr 2015vicissitude
  • Regular change or succession from one thing to another; alternation; mutual succession; interchange.
  • Irregular change; revolution; mutation.
  • A change in condition or fortune; an instance of mutability in life or nature (especially successive alternation from one condition to another).
10 Apr 2015stolid
  • Having or revealing little emotion or sensibility; not easily aroused or excited; dull; impassive.
9 Apr 2015wheedle
  • to entice by soft words; to cajole; to flatter; to coax
  • to gain or get by flattery or guile
8 Apr 2015putative
  • Commonly thought or deemed; supposed; reputed; as, the putative father of a child.
7 Apr 2015vehement
  • Marked by extreme intensity of emotions or convictions; fervid
  • Characterized by great force or energy; strong
6 Apr 2015truculent
  • Fierce; savage; ferocious; barbarous.
  • Cruel; destructive; ruthless.
5 Apr 2015compunction
  • A picking of heart; poignant grief proceeding from a sense of guilt or consciousness of causing pain; the sting of conscience.
4 Apr 2015espy
  • To catch sight of; to perceive with the eyes; to discover, as a distant object partly concealed, or not obvious to notice; to see at a glance; to discern unexpectedly; to spy; as, to espy land; to espy a man in a crowd.
3 Apr 2015rebarbative
  • Repellent; irritating; unpleasant, objectionable.
2 Apr 2015Hobson's choice
  • A choice without an alternative; the thing offered or nothing.
1 Apr 2015inveterate
  • Firmly established by long continuance; obstinate; deep-rooted; of long standing; as, an inveterate disease; an inveterate abuse.
  • Having habits fixed by long continuance; confirmed; habitual; as, an inveterate idler or smoker.
31 Mar 2015supercilious
  • Lofty with pride; haughty; dictatorial; overbearing; arrogant; as, a supercilious officer; a supercilious air; supercilious behavior.
30 Mar 2015defenestrate
  • To throw out of a window.
29 Mar 2015gesticulate
  • To make gestures or motions, especially while speaking or instead of speaking.
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