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28 Dec 2017dudgeon
  • A state or fit of intense indignation; resentment; ill humor -- often used in the phrase "in high dudgeon."

29 Dec 2017paragon
  • A model of excellence or perfection; as, "a paragon of beauty; a paragon of eloquence."

30 Dec 2017aubade
  • A song or poem greeting the dawn; also, a composition suggestive of morning.

31 Dec 2017succor
  • 1. Aid; help; assistance; especially, assistance that relieves and delivers from difficulty, want, or distress.
    2. The person or thing that brings relief.

    transitive verb:
    1. To help or relieve when in difficulty, want, or distress; to assist and deliver from suffering; to relieve.

1 Janpaterfamilias
  • The male head of a household or the father of a family.

2 Janstolid
  • Having or revealing little emotion or sensibility; not easily excited.
3 Janmetier
  • 1. An occupation; a profession.
    2. An area in which one excels; an occupation for which one is especially well suited.

4 Janbellwether
  • A leader of a movement or activity; also, a leading indicator of future trends.

5 Janconfluence
  • 1. A flowing or coming together; junction.
    2. The place where two rivers, streams, etc. meet.
    3. A flocking or assemblage of a multitude in one place; a large collection or assemblage.

6 Jansuperfluous
  • More than is wanted or is sufficient; rendered unnecessary by superabundance; unnecessary; useless; excessive.
    -- SUPERFLUOUSLY, adverb

7 Janinvidious
  • 1. Tending to provoke envy, resentment, or ill will.
    2. Containing or implying a slight.
    3. Envious.

8 Janbenignant
  • 1. Kind; gracious.
    2. Beneficial; favorable.

9 Janedacious
  • Given to eating; voracious; devouring.

10 Janchicanery
  • 1. The use of trickery or sophistry to deceive (as in matters of law).
    2. A trick; a subterfuge.

11 Jandefenestrate
  • To throw out of a window.

12 Janmartinet
  • 1. A strict disciplinarian.
    2. One who lays stress on a rigid adherence to the details of forms and methods.

13 Janbrummagem
  • Cheap and showy, tawdry; also, spurious, counterfeit.

14 Jancum
  • With; along with; combined with; -- often used in combination.

15 Janhobbledehoy
  • An awkward, gawky young fellow.

16 Janfustian
  • 1. A kind of coarse twilled cotton or cotton and linen stuff, including corduroy, velveteen, etc.
    2. An inflated style of writing or speech; pompous or pretentious language.

    1. Made of fustian.
    2. Pompous; ridiculously inflated; bombastic.

17 Janbonhomie
  • Good nature; pleasant and easy manner.

18 Janrusticate
  • 1. To go into or reside in the country; to pursue a rustic life.

    transitive verb:
    1. To require or compel to reside in the country; to banish or send away temporarily.
    2. (Chiefly British). To suspend from school or college.
    3. To build with usually rough-surfaced masonry blocks having beveled or rebated edges producing pronounced joints.
    4. To lend a rustic character to; to cause to become rustic.

19 Janstripling
  • A youth in the state of adolescence, or just passing from boyhood to manhood; a lad.

20 Janpanoply
  • 1. A splendid or impressive array.
    2. Ceremonial attire.
    3. A full suit of armor; a complete defense or covering.

21 Jancoeval
  • 1. Of the same age; originating or existing during the same period of time -- usually followed by 'with'.

    1. One of the same age; a contemporary.

22 Jansalmagundi
  • 1. A salad plate usually consisting of chopped meat, anchovies, eggs, and onions, served with oil and vinegar.
    2. Any mixture or assortment; a medley; a potpourri; a miscellany.
  • The cessation of use; discontinuance of practice or custom; disuse.

Todayland of Nod
  • sleep

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