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29 Julbeholden
  • Obliged; bound in gratitude; indebted.

28 Julabscond
  • To depart secretly; to steal away and hide oneself -- used especially of persons who withdraw to avoid arrest or prosecution.

27 Julextant
  • Still existing; not destroyed, lost, or extinct.

26 Julquotidian
  • 1. Occurring or returning daily; as, a quotidian fever.
    2. Of an everyday character; ordinary; commonplace.

25 Julpurblind
  • 1. Having greatly reduced vision.
    2. Lacking in insight or discernment.

24 Julimpervious
  • 1. Not admitting of entrance or passage through; impenetrable.
    2. Not capable of being harmed or damaged.
    3. Not capable of being affected.

23 Julagglomeration
  • 1. The act or process of collecting in a mass; a heaping together.
    2. A jumbled cluster or mass of usually varied elements.

22 Jultruckle
  • To yield or bend obsequiously to the will of another; to act in a subservient manner.

21 Julpalindrome
  • A word, phrase, sentence, or verse that reads the same backward or forward.

20 Julslake
  • 1. To satisfy; to quench; to extinguish; as, to slake thirst.
    2. To cause to lessen; to make less active or intense; to moderate; as, slaking his anger.
    3. To cause (as lime) to heat and crumble by treatment with water.

    intransitive verb:
    1. To become slaked; to crumble or disintegrate, as lime.

19 Julphysiognomy
  • 1. The art of discovering temperament and other characteristic qualities of the mind from the outward appearance, especially by the features of the face.
    2. The face or facial features, especially when regarded as indicating character.
    3. The general appearance or aspect of a thing.

18 Julmaladroit
  • Lacking adroitness; clumsy; awkward; unskillful; inept.

17 Julfacetious
  • 1. Given to jesting; playfully jocular.
    2. Amusing; intended to be humorous; not serious.

16 Julexiguous
  • Extremely scanty; meager.

15 Julparoxysm
  • 1. (Medicine) A sudden attack, intensification, or recurrence of a disease.
    2. Any sudden and violent emotion or action; an outburst; a fit.

14 Julredoubtable
  • 1. Arousing fear or alarm; formidable.
    2. Illustrious; eminent; worthy of respect or honor.

13 Juldistrait
  • Divided or withdrawn in attention, especially because of anxiety.

12 Julsupervene
  • 1. To take place or occur as something additional, extraneous, or unexpected (sometimes followed by 'on' or 'upon').
    2. To follow immediately after; to ensue.

11 Julbouleversement
  • Complete overthrow; a reversal; a turning upside down.

10 Julprecipice
  • 1. A very steep, perpendicular, or overhanging place; a cliff.
    2. The brink of a hazardous situation.

9 Juldoff
  • 1. To take off, as an article of clothing.
    2. To tip or remove (one's hat).
    3. To put aside; to rid oneself of.

8 Julmendacious
  • 1. Given to deception or falsehood; lying; untruthful; as, a mendacious person.
    2. False; untrue; as, a mendacious statement.

7 Julpronunciamento
  • 1. A proclamation or manifesto; a formal announcement or declaration.
    2. A pronouncement.

6 Julfactotum
  • A person employed to do all kinds of work or business.

5 Julnoisome
  • 1. Noxious; harmful; unwholesome.
    2. Offensive to the smell or other senses; disgusting.

4 Julpanacea
  • A remedy for all diseases, problems, or evils; a universal medicine; a cure-all.

3 Julabrogate
  • 1. To annul or abolish by an authoritative act.
    2. To put an end to; to do away with.

2 Julembonpoint
  • Plumpness of person; stoutness.

1 Julintrepid
  • Fearless; bold; brave; undaunted; courageous; as, an intrepid soldier; intrepid spirit.

30 Junrecreant
  • 1. Cowardly; craven.
    2. Unfaithful; disloyal.

    1. A coward.
    2. An unfaithful or disloyal person.

29 Junvaricolored
  • Having a variety of colors; of various colors.

28 Junpotboiler
  • A usually inferior literary or artistic work, produced quickly for the purpose of making money.

27 Junne plus ultra
  • 1. The highest point, as of excellence or achievement; the acme; the pinnacle; the ultimate.
    2. The most profound degree of a quality or condition.

26 Junturpitude
  • 1. Inherent baseness or vileness of principle, words, or actions; depravity.
    2. A base act.

25 Junpanjandrum
  • An important personage or pretentious official.

24 Junignoble
  • 1. Of low birth or family; not noble; not illustrious; plebeian; common; humble.
    2. Not noble in quality, character, or purpose; characterized by baseness, lowness, or meanness.

23 Junroue
  • A man devoted to a life of sensual pleasure; a debauchee; a rake.

22 Junimpassible
  • 1. Incapable of suffering; not subject to harm or pain.
    2. Unfeeling or not showing feeling.

21 Junplangent
  • 1. Beating with a loud or deep sound, as, "the plangent wave."
    2. Expressing sadness; plaintive.

20 Juncozen
  • 1. To cheat; to defraud; to deceive, usually by petty tricks.
    2. To obtain by deceit.

    intransitive verb:
    1. To act deceitfully.

19 Junyen
  • 1. A strong desire or inclination; a longing.

    intransitive verb:
    1. To have a strong desire or inclination; to long.

18 Junfungible
  • 1. (Law) Freely exchangeable for or replaceable by another of like nature or kind in the satisfaction of an obligation.
    2. Interchangeable.

    1. Something that is exchangeable or substitutable. Usually used in the plural.

17 Junsalient
  • 1. Shooting out or up; projecting.
    2. Forcing itself on the attention; prominent; conspicuous; noticeable.
    3. Leaping; springing; jumping.

    1. An outwardly projecting part of a fortification, trench system, or line of defense.
    2. A projecting angle or part.

16 Junevince
  • To show in a clear manner; to manifest; to make evident; to bring to light.

15 Junantiquarian
  • 1. One who collects, studies, or deals in objects or relics from the past.

    1. Of or pertaining to antiquarians or objects or relics from the past.
    2. Dealing in or concerned with old or rare books.

14 Juncommination
  • 1. A denunciation.
    2. A threat of punishment.

13 Junmaudlin
  • Tearfully or excessively sentimental.

12 Junsolecism
  • 1. A nonstandard usage or grammatical construction; also, a minor blunder in speech.
    2. A breach of good manners or etiquette.
    3. Any inconsistency, mistake, or impropriety.

11 Junpropitiate
  • To render favorably inclined; to appease; to conciliate (one offended).

10 Junegregious
  • Conspicuously and outrageously bad or reprehensible.

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