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24 Sepdraconian
  • 1. Pertaining to Draco, a lawgiver of Athens, 621 B.C.
    2. Excessively harsh; severe.

23 Sepfrangible
  • Capable of being broken; brittle; fragile; easily broken.

22 Sepcacophony
  • 1. Harsh or discordant sound; dissonance.
    2. The use of harsh or discordant sounds in literary composition.

21 Sepdishabille
  • 1. The state of being carelessly or partially dressed.
    2. Casual or lounging attire.
    3. An intentionally careless or casual manner.

20 Separtifice
  • 1. Cleverness or skill; ingenuity; inventiveness.
    2. An ingenious or artful device or expedient.
    3. An artful trick or stratagem.
    4. Trickery; craftiness; insincere or deceptive behavior.

19 Sepperspicacity
  • Clearness of understanding or insight; penetration, discernment.

18 Seprapprochement
  • The establishment or state of cordial relations.

17 Sepmendicant
  • 1. A beggar; especially, one who makes a business of begging.
    2. A member of an order of friars forbidden to acquire landed property and required to be supported by alms.

    1. Practicing beggary; begging; living on alms; as, mendicant friars.

16 Sepsurly
  • 1. Ill-humored; churlish in manner or mood; sullen and gruff.
    2. Menacing or threatening in appearance, as of weather conditions; ominous.

15 Sepderacinate
  • 1. To pluck up by the roots; to uproot.
    2. To displace from one's native or accustomed environment.

14 Septarradiddle
  • 1. A petty falsehood; a fib.
    2. Pretentious nonsense.

13 Sepprofuse
  • 1. Pouring forth with fullness or exuberance; giving or given liberally and abundantly; extravagant.
    2. Exhibiting great abundance; plentiful; copious; bountiful.

12 Sepsoporific
  • 1. Causing sleep; tending to cause sleep.
    2. Of, relating to, or characterized by sleepiness or lethargy.

    1. A medicine, drug, plant, or other agent that has the quality of inducing sleep; a narcotic.

11 Sepvicissitude
  • 1. Regular change or succession from one thing to another; alternation; mutual succession; interchange.
    2. Irregular change; revolution; mutation.
    3. A change in condition or fortune; an instance of mutability in life or nature (especially successive alternation from one condition to another).

10 Sepcavalcade
  • 1. A procession of riders or horse-drawn carriages.
    2. Any procession.
    3. A sequence; a series.

9 Sepmalapropos
  • 1. Unseasonable; unsuitable; inappropriate.

    1. In an inappropriate or inopportune manner; unseasonably.

8 Sephirsute
  • Covered with hair; set with bristles; shaggy; hairy.

7 Sepincongruous
  • 1. Lacking in harmony, compatibility, or appropriateness.
    2. Inconsistent with reason, logic, or common sense.

6 Sepkvetch
  • 1. To complain habitually.

    1. A complaint.
    2. A habitual complainer.

5 Sepfoundling
  • A deserted or abandoned infant; a child found without a parent or caretaker.

4 Seprecumbent
  • 1. Reclining; lying down.
    2. Resting; inactive; idle.

3 Sepsomniferous
  • Causing or inducing sleep.

2 Seppostprandial
  • Happening or done after a meal.

1 Sepdeipnosophist
  • Someone who is skilled in table talk.

31 Augwiseacre
  • One who pretends to knowledge or cleverness; a would-be wise person; a smart aleck.

30 Augextirpate
  • 1. To pull up by the stem or root.
    2. To destroy completely.
    3. To remove by surgery.

29 Augflout
  • 1. To treat with contempt and disregard; to show contempt for.

    intransitive verb:
    1. To mock, to scoff.

    1. Mockery, scoffing.

28 Augcomport
  • 1. To conduct or behave (oneself) in a particular manner.

    intransitive verb:
    1. To be fitting; to accord; to agree -- usually followed by 'with'.

27 Augrestive
  • 1. Impatient under restriction, delay, coercion, or opposition; resisting control.
    2. Unwilling to go on; obstinate in refusing to move forward; stubborn.

26 Augaggrandize
  • 1. To make great or greater; to enlarge; to increase.
    2. To make great or greater in power, rank, reputation, or wealth; -- applied to persons, countries, etc.
    3. To make appear great or greater; to exalt.

25 Aughector
  • 1. A bully.

    transitive verb:
    1. To intimidate or harass in a blustering way; to bully.

    intransitive verb:
    1. To play the bully; to bluster.

24 Augflaneur
  • One who strolls about aimlessly; a lounger; a loafer.

23 Augperfervid
  • Ardent; impassioned; marked by exaggerated or overwrought emotion.

22 Auggesticulate
  • 1. To make gestures or motions, especially while speaking or instead of speaking.

    transitive verb:
    1. To indicate or express by gestures.

21 Augmercurial
  • 1. [Often capitalized] Of or pertaining to the god Mercury.
    2. [Often capitalized] Of or pertaining to the planet Mercury.
    3. Having the qualities of shrewdness, eloquence, or thievishness attributed to the god Mercury.
    4. Changeable in temperament or mood; temperamental; volatile.
    5. Of, pertaining to, or containing mercury.
    6. Caused by the use of mercury.

20 Augdeleterious
  • Harmful; destructive; pernicious.

19 Augpolyglot
  • 1. Containing or made up of several languages.
    2. Writing, speaking, or versed in many languages.

    1. One who speaks several languages.

18 Augameliorate
  • 1. To make better; to improve.

    intransitive verb:
    1. To grow better.

17 Augfealty
  • 1. Fidelity to one's lord; the feudal obligation by which the tenant or vassal was bound to be faithful to his lord.
    2. The oath by which this obligation was assumed.
    3. Fidelity; allegiance; faithfulness.

16 Augbete noire
  • Something or someone particularly detested or avoided; a bugbear.

15 Augwoolgathering
  • Indulgence in idle daydreaming.

14 Augsciolism
  • Superficial knowledge; a superficial show of learning.

13 Augpolitic
  • 1. Of or pertaining to polity, or civil government; political (as in the phrase "the body politic").
    2. (Of persons): Sagacious in promoting a policy; ingenious in devising and advancing a system of management; characterized by political skill and ingenuity; hence, shrewdly tactful, cunning.
    3. (Of actions or things): Pertaining to or promoting a policy; hence, judicious; expedient; as, "a politic decision."

12 Augmyrmidon
  • 1. (Capitalized) A member of a warlike Thessalian people who followed Achilles on the expedition against Troy.
    2. A loyal follower, especially one who executes orders without question, protest, or pity.

11 Augforcible
  • 1. Using force against opposition or resistance; effected or accomplished by force; as, "forcible entry or abduction."
    2. Characterized by force, efficiency, or energy; powerful.

10 Augensorcell
  • To enchant; to bewitch.

9 Augsoi-disant
  • Self-styled; so-called.

8 Augterminus
  • 1. The finishing point; the end.
    2. A boundary; a border; a limit.
    3. A post or stone marking a boundary.
    4. Either end of a railroad or other transportation line; also, the station house, town, or city at that place.

7 Augvaletudinarian
  • 1. A weak or sickly person, especially one morbidly concerned with his or her health.

    1. Sickly; weak; infirm.
    2. Morbidly concerned with one's health.

6 Augimpecunious
  • Not having money; habitually without money; poor.

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