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26 Janroister
  • 1. To engage in boisterous merrymaking; to revel; to carouse.
    2. To bluster; to swagger.

25 Janobjurgate
  • To express strong disapproval of; to criticize severely.

24 Janmiasma
  • 1. A vaporous exhalation (as of marshes or putrid matter) formerly thought to cause disease; broadly, a thick vaporous atmosphere or emanation.
    2. A harmful or corrupting atmosphere or influence; also, an atmosphere that obscures; a fog.

23 Janpin money
  • 1. An allowance of money given by a husband to his wife for private and personal expenditures.
    2. Money for incidental expenses.
    3. A trivial sum.

22 Janabulia
  • Loss or impairment of the ability to act or to make decisions.

21 Jansalubrious
  • Favorable to health; promoting health; healthful.

20 Jancaesura
  • 1. A break or pause in a line of verse, usually occurring in the middle of a line, and indicated in scanning by a double vertical line; for example, "The proper study || of mankind is man" [Alexander Pope, An Essay on Man].
    2. Any break, pause, or interruption.

19 Janpugnacious
  • Inclined to fight; combative; quarrelsome.

18 Janafflatus
  • A divine imparting of knowledge; inspiration.

17 Janvoluble
  • 1. Characterized by a ready flow of speech.
    2. Easily rolling or turning; rotating.
    3. (Botany) Having the power or habit of turning or twining.

16 Janwoebegone
  • 1. Beset or overwhelmed with woe; immersed in grief or sorrow; woeful.
    2. Being in a sorry condition; dismal-looking; dilapidated; run-down.

15 Janimportunate
  • Troublesomely urgent; overly persistent in request or demand; unreasonably solicitous.

14 Jancamarilla
  • A group of secret and often scheming advisers, as of a king; a cabal or clique.

13 Janostentation
  • Excessive or pretentious display; boastful showiness.

12 Janbellwether
  • A leader of a movement or activity; also, a leading indicator of future trends.

11 Jandeus ex machina
  • 1. In ancient Greek and Roman drama, a god introduced by means of a crane to unravel and resolve the plot.
    2. Any active agent who appears unexpectedly to solve an apparently insoluble difficulty.

10 Janjollification
  • Merrymaking; festivity; revelry.

9 Janxenophobia
  • Fear or hatred of strangers, people from other countries, or of anything that is strange or foreign.

8 Janobsequious
  • Servilely attentive; compliant to excess; fawning.

7 Janexcrescence
  • 1. Something (especially something abnormal) growing out from something else.
    2. A disfiguring or unwanted mark, part, or addition.

6 Janhullabaloo
  • A confused noise; uproar; tumult.

5 Janacrid
  • 1. Sharp and harsh, or bitter to the taste or smell; pungent.
    2. Caustic in language or tone; bitter.

4 Janmisnomer
  • 1. The misnaming of a person in a legal instrument, as in a complaint or indictment.
    2. Any misnaming of a person or thing; also, a wrong or inapplicable name or designation.

3 Janrepine
  • 1. To feel or express discontent.
    2. To long for something.

2 Janplethora
  • 1. An abnormal bodily condition characterized by an excessive amount of blood in the system.
    2. Excess; superabundance.

1 Jananathema
  • 1. A ban or curse pronounced with religious solemnity by ecclesiastical authority, and accompanied by excommunication. Hence: Denunciation of anything as accursed.
    2. An imprecation; a curse; a malediction.
    3. Any person or thing anathematized, or cursed by ecclesiastical authority.
    4. Any person or thing that is intensely disliked.

31 Dec 2019remunerate
  • 1. To pay an equivalent to for any service, loss, or expense; to recompense.
    2. To compensate for; to make payment for.

30 Dec 2019myriad
  • 1. Consisting of a very great, but indefinite, number; as, myriad stars.
    2. Composed of numerous diverse elements or aspects.

    1. The number of ten thousand; ten thousand persons or things. (Chiefly in reference to the Greek numeral system, or in translations from Greek or Latin).
    2. An immense number; a very great many; an indefinitely large number.

29 Dec 2019acerbic
  • Sharp, biting, or acid in temper, expression, or tone.

28 Dec 2019transmute
  • 1. To change from one nature, form, substance, or state into another; to transform.

    intransitive verb:
    1. To undergo transmutation.

27 Dec 2019nefarious
  • Wicked in the extreme; iniquitous.

26 Dec 2019indolent
  • 1. Avoiding labor and exertion; habitually idle; lazy; inactive.
    2. Conducive to or encouraging laziness or inactivity.
    3. Causing little or no pain.
    4. Slow to heal, develop, or grow.

25 Dec 2019chagrin
  • 1. Acute vexation, annoyance, or embarrassment, arising from disappointment or failure.

    transitive verb:
    1. To unsettle or vex by disappointment or humiliation; to mortify.

24 Dec 2019sojourn
  • 1. To stay as a temporary resident; to dwell for a time.

    1. A temporary stay.

23 Dec 2019bedizen
  • To dress or adorn in gaudy manner.

22 Dec 2019rodomontade
  • Vain boasting; empty bluster; pretentious, bragging speech; rant.

21 Dec 2019diffident
  • 1. Lacking self-confidence; distrustful of one's own powers; timid; bashful.
    2. Characterized by modest reserve; unassertive.

20 Dec 2019assuage
  • 1. To make milder or less severe; to reduce the intensity of; to ease; to relieve.
    2. To appease; to satisfy.
    3. To soothe or calm; to pacify.

19 Dec 2019inchoate
  • 1. In an initial or early stage; just begun.
    2. Imperfectly formed or formulated.

18 Dec 2019gewgaw
  • A showy trifle; a trinket; a bauble.

17 Dec 2019kismet
  • Destiny; fate.

16 Dec 2019cabal
  • 1. A secret, conspiratorial association of plotters or intriguers whose purpose is usually to bring about an overturn especially in public affairs.
    2. The schemes or plots of such an association.

    intransitive verb:
    1. To form a cabal; to conspire; to intrigue; to plot.

15 Dec 2019rara avis
  • A rare or unique person or thing.

14 Dec 2019busker
  • A person who entertains (as by playing music) in public places.

13 Dec 2019probity
  • Complete and confirmed integrity; uprightness.

12 Dec 2019recherche
  • 1. Uncommon; exotic; rare.
    2. Exquisite; choice.
    3. Excessively refined; affected.
    4. Pretentious; overblown.

11 Dec 2019garrulous
  • 1. Talking much, especially about commonplace or trivial things; talkative.
    2. Wordy.

10 Dec 2019amanuensis
  • A person employed to take dictation or to copy manuscripts.

9 Dec 2019supererogatory
  • 1. Going beyond what is required or expected.
    2. Superfluous; unnecessary.

8 Dec 2019fallible
  • 1. Liable to make a mistake.
    2. Liable to be inaccurate or erroneous.

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