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 Trailer Trash, Making A High Quality Book Trailer On A Budget -- by Jon Goff
Monday, 18 May at 03:18

When I sat down to create a book trailer I hadn't realized how difficult it would be. I'd cobbled together a book trailer that was pretty to look at, had rousing music, but was ineffectual. It was boring. I played with different takes as I learned how to create something visually interesting that would pique interest in my book. And while it was fun and I enjoyed the creative process, I was a beginner and had no idea how to begin.

To do this right I knew I needed more than the preinstalled software on my pc. It's tempting because it's free, I know, but don't even click on that icon. You don't want to use it, trust me. It's for making simple, cheesy home videos. The kind you invite friends and family to watch on YouTube and Facebook, and which they noncommittally "like" without ever watching.   [more...]
Response from Jenstra Today at 14:40
This is amazing!! Thanks for posting Really informative. Jenny  [read all 3 responses...]

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