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 Things I Learned From Writing A Series -- by J.C. Nelson
Monday, Yesterday at 07:58

It's been a busy year. The third book in the Grimm Agency series "Wish Bound" is off getting typeset, which means ARCs will arrive in the near future. The second book, "Armageddon Rules" is launched, the first book, "Free Agent" has been out in the wild for 8 months, and now I?m thinking about what I learned from writing a series.

I learned that writing a series requires more planning than writing a one off. When I started the Grimm Agency series, I kept everything in my head. This didn't work out well, as my head can be a confusing and crowded place. I eventually produced a world bible, and I'm so happy I did. Keeping track of what happened to everyone, when, and why is too much for my brain, but my world bible is patient.  [more...]
Response from Lexicon Today at 10:20
I find it fascinating that you've moved from being a pantser to a plotter and now have a world bi...  [read all 4 responses...]

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